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40 Francs Gold Coins

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Quick Facts About 40 Francs Gold Coins

The 40 Francs gold coin is a French coin that was minted in the 19th and early 20th centuries, during the reigns of Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Louis Philippe I, and Napoleon III.

These coins are composed of .900 fine gold, weigh around 12.90 grams, and have a diameter of 26 millimeters. This makes them slightly smaller and lighter than a U.S. half dollar coin.

The gold and copper alloy composition for the planchets met the same standards within the Latin Monetary Union as the smaller 20 francs denomination. These coins were minted during a period of history when many countries agreed to trade with a unified currency based on a common gold standard. The 40 francs was simply a larger size denomination, minted with the same design as smaller denominations, that were primarily used in merchant trade and for larger transactions requiring greater amounts of gold.

The 40 francs gold coins were minted in irregular numbers spanning a period of more than 100 years. In some years, millions of coins were issued by various countries including Belgium, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.

Though there are many years during this era when the minting of newer coins was not necessary, particularly during periods of economic hardship in Europe, and larger denominations like the 40 francs gold coin can be extremely rare in certain mintage years and is a prize to some collectors.

French 40 Francs gold coins are often sought after by collectors with an understanding of the underlying intrinsic value, but also appreciate them for their historical significance and design variety.

Oftentimes, random year 40 francs gold coins can be purchased for much lower premiums than modern investment grade bullion coins. They are also a naturally fractional option for preppers looking to add larger denominations to their existing preps.

While mainly traded for their intrinsic value as a bullion coin, many 40 francs coins have the potential for numismatic premiums due to the many variations of countries and rarities in mintage years, unique mint marks, die differences, and other characteristics.

Vintage gold coins can carry some numismatic premium because of their age even in circulated condition, since they are from an era when the world economy was based on the gold standard.

The design of the 40 Francs gold coin varies by country of origin, era and the reigning emperor, monarch or leader at the time of minting.

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