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1 oz Silver Bars

Silver bars of any size make a great investment and one ounce silver Bars are small, compact, easy to store and are a foundation for most silver stacks.Each of these silver bars has a weight of 1 troy ounce and are an affordable way to invest in silver on a regular basis. 1 oz silver bars make a great way for beginning investors to get started with precious metals. Silver bars will retain their value with silver spot price and are a great way to keep a store of wealth that is easily accessible and easy to liquidate.

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1 oz Silver Bars Quick Facts

Silver is the precious metal of the people, and silver bars are in high demand as a leading physical store of value and wealth. While silver bars come in various weights, the most common is the generic 1 oz silver bar. They are very easy to find at an affordable price and are an excellent choice for exploring and learning more about precious metals investing.

Most newly minted silver bars available in the marketplace are refined to a minimum of .999 fineness, with some of the more advanced refineries delivering silver bars refined to an even higher purity of 99.99%. The difference is negligible and makes absolutely no difference in the value, sales or buy back price.

1 oz Silver Bars

The majority of one ounce silver bars that are bought, sold and traded are manufactured by private mints. Though there are a several offerings from sovereign mints and backed by governments. At minimum, all 1 oz silver bars that you buy from a reputable dealer will be stamped with the weight, purity and makers mark.

The private mints that issue 1 oz silver bars include some well known names amongst investors and collectors alike that include Sunshine Minting, Scottsdale Mint, Golden State Mint, PAMP Suisse, Asahi Refining and others. These include a wide variety of designs, from simple and basic, to retro themes, poured silver bars and others.

Several sovereign mints also issue 1 oz silver bars, the most notable are the Perth Mint and the Royal Mint. The bars from these mints are government backed and guaranteed for weight and purity.

Prices of 1 oz Silver Bars

Like other precious metals, the price of 1 oz bars is based on the spot price of silver, with an additional premium that is added to cover the costs of manufacturing, storage, distribution and other costs. The premiums of silver bars vary according to size. Smaller size bars will typically have a slightly higher premium per ounce over spot price than larger size. When shopping for 1 oz silver bars, something to consider is whether to add newly minted or secondary market bars to your stack. Secondary market silver bars will most often have the lowest dealer premiums.

These are bars that were purchased by investors when they were newly minted. At some point they were sold back to a dealer and are being resold. Designs will vary based on the manufacturer and there are many choices for investors.

Silver Art Bars

What sets 1 oz silver art bars apart from standard silver bullion is the artistic designs that can range from commemorative themes, historical events, cultural icons, holidays, and more. These designs are often what attract collectors. A vast array of themes are regularly available, with new designs being frequently introduced to the market. While many people collect these bars for their artistic appeal, they are also a popular investment in physical silver. Investors often purchase silver art bars as a hedge against inflation or economic uncertainty.

Beyond the intrinsic value of the silver, art bars can have additional value based on their rarity, the popularity of the design, and their condition. Some limited edition or rare designs can fetch premium prices.

Genuine 1 oz Silver Bars

You can test 1 oz silver bars are home to provide reassurance for your investment. There are a variety of videos available that show step-by-step instructions on how to test silver at home.

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