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1 oz Silver Bars

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Silver Bars are a foundation of most silver stacks. Silver bars of any size make a great investment. Silver bars that weigh 1 troy ounce are an affordable way to buy silver bars on a regular basis. One ounce silver bars make a great...

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Quick Facts About 1 oz Silver Bars

Silver Bars

Silver bars are the most common type of silver bullion investment. Silver bars come in a variety of weights. The most common weight is the 1 oz silver bar. 1 oz silver bars are very easy to stack and they are affordable even for beginning silver stackers

Silver bars will often have the lowest premium over spot price. They will cost less than other variations of silver bullion, including silver rounds and silver coins. Silver bars most often are manufactured and minted by private mints and are not issued or backed by governments.

Sizes of Silver Bars

Silver bars are commonly available in 1 oz denominations. They are usually rectangular in shape. They are the product of private mints. Other common sizes include 5 oz bars, 10 oz bars, kilogram (kilo) bars and 100 oz bars.

If you are not buying 1 oz bars, there are some other options available. Although less common, fractional bars have gained in popularity with both stackers and preppers interested in having smaller denominations. These types of bars weigh less than 1 oz and are an affordable choice for those looking to start investing in silver bullion. Fractional bars can often be found in 1/10th, 1/4 and 1/2 oz sizes. The smaller the size of the bar, the higher the premium, which is the price over spot that dealers charge.

Medium sized bars, such as those that contain 5 oz or 10 oz of fine silver are very common and easy to stack. 5 oz and 10 oz bars offer similar convenience of stacking smaller 1 oz bars, but because they contain more silver per ounce, the premium on these bars is often times lower than buying individual bars. Medium sized 5 oz and 10 oz bars are popular with investors, silverbugs and preppers because they can add substantial weight to your stack without additional premiums.

Larger bars, such as the Kilo (32.15 troy ounces) and 100 oz silver bars will usually have the lowest premium per ounce. The larger sized bars make for a solid long-term investment. Their larger size does make them a little more difficult to sell.

Cost of Silver Bars

For 1 oz silver bars, the cost will usually be less than a few dollars over spot per ounce. The smaller you go, the higher the premium price over spot.

There are many private companies that manufacture and mint silver bars. Companies such as Sunshine Minting, Silvertowne, and Republic Metals Corporation (RMC) all manufacture silver bullion bars.

In addition to the mint and any other images or writing, a silver bar should also include the weight and purity of the item. Like other silver bullion and rounds, a bar should have .999 or better purity.

Silver bars are comparable to silver rounds. Silver bars will be available in a variety of sizes and can often be purchased in bulk for greater discounts. Dealers will sometimes offer 1 oz silver bars on sale at or slightly above spot price. Oftentimes these are random silver bars that the dealer may have purchased from the secondary silver market.

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