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Gold Kilo Bars

Kilo gold bars are in an asset class all to themselves and are a popular choice amongst high-net worth investors looking for a stable store of value to add to their portfolio.

Gold Kilo Bars Quick Facts

Gold has historically been a store of value that is considered a safe-haven asset because it tends to retain or increase in value during periods of geopolitical instability. Especially in the face of inflation, currency devaluation, de-dollarization and economic instability, gold retains its value over time as a hedge against such uncertainties.

Kilogram bars offer an efficient way to store a significant amount of gold in a compact form. Investors looking to buy kilo gold bars expect the highest in quality. With current economic indicators showing signs that indicate we are in a period of uncertain economic times. Having several gold kilos in your vault can help provide extra assurance through these awkward and variable economic trials and tribulations.

Unlike paper assets, gold carries no credit risk. It does not rely on a government's promise to pay, making it a secure asset in times of crisis. Buying gold kilo bars generally involves a lower premium over the spot price of gold compared to smaller bars or coins, giving you more gold for your money.

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