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MintID NFC Bullion

NFC Enabled Silver Bars and Rounds

MintID differentiates their products from other private mints by embedding tamper-proof NFC (Near Field Communication) chips at the point of creation.

MintID silver bars and rounds are each minted with an AES-128-bit encrypted smart-tag chip.

Quick Facts About MintID NFC Bullion

The precious metals and investment industry continues to evolve and develop innovative ways to help authenticate and track their holdings.

MintID adds an extra layer of physical authenticity and security that enables investors to have more control of their holdings.

Like other industries adapting NFC technology for supply-chain tracking, MintID can also be tracked and authenticated along the blockchain, helping to ensure that your investment maintains free of discrepancies and has a clear, ethical and documented provenance from mining source and provides a link between your physical bullion products and cloud-based digital records.

The MintID NFC technology is a digital serial number that is unique to each minted piece.

MintID chips utilize encrypted microchips that are locked and cannot be copied or cloned. This adds an extra layer of protection on top of florescent inks, QR codes, and serial numbers typically found within the precious metals industry.

The current product line includes various silver bars and rounds in industry standard denominations that are popular with retail investors.

Mobile Applications are available for download for major devices from both the Apple and Android app store that allow for easy scanning of the attached NFC tag.

  • 100 oz MintID NFC enabled Silver Bar - Currently the largest size MintID silver bar available for investors.
  • Kilo (32.15 oz)
  • 10 oz - Perfect size for stacking
  • 5 oz - A small investment makes an excellent way to get introduced and experiment with NFC bullion technology
  • 2 oz silver rounds
  • 1 oz silver rounds - also available in tubes of 20

About MintID

Each NFC tag bears the MintID logo and includes the AES-128 encrypted NFC tag that gives each product its unique digital identity.

These products are currently minted at the Highland Mint, an ISO-9001 rated facility allowing MintID products to be included in your precious metals IRAs.

About Highland Mint

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