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Monster Boxes

500 oz Silver Monster Boxes

Monster Boxes are plastic boxes that are used to ship coins from the mint. Typically, each monster box contains 500 1 oz coins stacked in individual tubes. Buying a Monster Box is one of the cheapest ways to purchase with bulk discounts from trusted government mints and most dealers will ship them with mint seals intact.

Monster Boxes Quick Facts

A Monster Box is a bulk investment option for those looking to invest a significant amount in precious metals. It provides convenience, authenticity, and often a lower per-coin price compared to buying individual coins or smaller quantities. The mints use a specially designed plastic box to ship and store coins. The coins inside a monster box are stacked inside individuals tubes containing 20 to 25 coins each. These tubes or rolls are stacked securely, ensuring the coins remain in pristine condition.

The lid of the box features a raised seal with the logo of the mint issuing the coins. An untampered-with box is sealed with tape or straps also bearing official information from the issuing mint. Buying coins in monster boxes can result in lower premiums compared to buying individual coins making a monster box one of the cheapest ways to buy silver coins in bulk.

Monster Box Availability

Monster boxes offer investors a straightforward and cost-effective way to purchase large amounts of 1 oz silver bullion coins. Monster boxes are used by the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, The Royal Mint, the Austrian Mint, and the Perth Mint for the secure distribution of their coins to wholesale distributors and dealers. While many other mints around the world produce silver coins, the United States, Canada, Australia, England and Austria issue official silver bullion investment coins in monster boxes. Only authorized bullion wholesalers have access to buy monster boxes from the mint, which are then re-sold to the public.

  • American Silver Eagle monster boxes are constructed from durable, hard plastic designed to protect its valuable contents from physical damage, environmental contaminants, and moisture. 25 tubes are inside each monster box, with each tube containing a roll of twenty 1 oz silver coins. A sealed monster box assures buyers of the coins' authenticity. The unbroken seal indicates that the coins have not been tampered with since they left the mint.
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf monster box is designed to hold 500 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. Each box contains 20 tubes, with each tube holding 25 coins. Inside the monster box, the tubes are neatly arranged in rows, making it easy to access individual tubes without disturbing the others.
  • A standard Austrian Silver Philharmonic monster box is rectangular and measures roughly 14.75 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches. Being roughly the size of a shoebox, the inside contains 25 tubes, each holding twenty coins.
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo monster boxes hold 250 coins that are in 10 tubes, each holding twenty five coins.
  • British Silver Britannia monster boxes hold 500 coins and are in a similar configuration as those from Canada, with 20 tubes, each holding twenty five coins.

The primary purpose of a monster box is to protect the coins from damage, tarnishing, and environmental factors that could affect their condition. The materials used in monster box construction are chosen for their durability and ability to preserve the coins.

When the mint passes these coins off to distributors, they are often delivered in bulk on pallets. Monster boxes are designed to be stackable, allowing for efficient use of storage space, whether it's in a safe, vault, or other secure storage locations. This is especially important for investors who are looking to store larger quantities of silver.

In addition to the official bullion coins released from the government mint, special release coins, such as the Koala, are also released from the Perth Mint in Monster Boxes.

Why a Monster Box?

There are many advantages to bullion investors who purchase monster boxes in lieu of individual or groups of coins.

  • The hard, thick protective casing of the box protects its contents during shipment, preventing the coins from being scratched or damaged. These boxes also offer protection against physical damage and environmental factors that could affect the coins' condition.
  • The box is delivered unopened with the certificate from the issuing mint, reducing the possibility of a product mix-up during order processing and shipping.
  • Monster boxes are a great way to store bullion at home or in a safety deposit box or other secure environment. The boxes are designed for efficient storage and can be neatly stacked on shelves, in safes, or in secure storage facilities.
  • Buying a Monster Box will qualify for the best tier pricing of bulk quantity discounts with most online dealers, providing a good investment value. It is often cheaper to buy a monster box than individual coins. Many buyers of monster boxes are long-term investors who view silver as a store of value and a hedge against economic uncertainties.
  • Monster boxes are sealed and tamper-evident, which provides a high level of security and assurance regarding the authenticity of the coins.

An unsealed box could mean that the dealer may have gone through the box and cherry-picked the most pristine coins to have graded. Unsealed monster boxes tend to be less expensive than their sealed counterparts due to the likelihood that its 500 coins have been fully or partially replaced by coins that may not have been minted together. Monster boxes can be purchased sealed or unsealed. Should an investor decide to sell a monster box, having coins in sealed packaging can make the resale process smoother and some dealers may pay a premium to buy coins still sealed in original government packaging.

As far as quality and collectors are concerned, a sealed monster box always represents a homogenous group of 500 coins certified under one label. Unsealed boxes can contain coins mixed and matched from another set and therefore demand a lower premium. During a period when the West Point Mint was shutdown during the pandemic, the US Mint issued some coins from the Philadeliphia Mint. The only way NGC, PCGS and other third-party grading services were able to identify the coins was due to the tracking and routing stickers that were attached to the Monster Boxes at the mint.

When investors or collectors decide to sell coins stored in a monster box, they can do so with confidence as there are many buyers who prefer coins in original mint packaging, which helps maintain the coins' premium.

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