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24k Gold Jewelry

Bullion Jewelry, Wearable Wealth

When traveling internationally, personal items such as gold jewelry that you are wearing or that are clearly for personal use are typically exempt from customs declaration.

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Some investors choose to stack a portion of their wealth in a format that is portable and discreet for travel. As the thirst for gold continues to consume central banks, gold stackers with international connections have an assortment of options that offer the peace of mind that only a physical store of value can bring.

Pure 24k gold jewelry is less common than alloyed jewelry and is substantially cheaper than paying the retail markups normally associated with jewelry. Pieces are available in a variety of styles that include pure 24k 1 oz gold bangle bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pendants and more.

Several online bullion dealers have partnered with international jewelry designers such as South Africa's Nebu Gold. Nebu Gold provides funding for wildlife causes throughout Africa. Nebu Gold's products are also sold directly from their website with a reasonable markup above the prevailing spot gold price. This makes their beautiful 24k gold jewelry products both affordable and perfect as an everyday store of wealth.

Some investors find that 24-karat gold jewelry can be easily stored at home in a good jewelry box with compartments to keep individual pieces separate to prevent them from scratching each other. Boxes with velvet lining can offer extra protection against scratches.

A growing number of investors eventually find it practical to invest in a high-quality home safe that is securely bolted to the floor or wall so prevent easy removal.

The value of 24k gold jewelry is largely determined gold spot price. However, the craftsmanship, design and brand can also contribute to its value unique pieces may even appreciate over time.

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24k Gold Investment Grade Jewelry

It is very common throughout Asia to own high karat gold jewelry as a store of wealth.

New bullion jewelry options are now available to 24k gold investors that go beyond your typical fashion accessory.

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Wearable Wealth

Buying and investing in wearable wealth follows the notion that if you don't hold it, you don't own it. It's a way of converting precious metals like gold, silver and platinum into something that is wearable, transportable and concealable.

It can take the form of jewelry or other fashion accessories that can easily be worn on the body.

Traditional 14k or 18k gold jewelry that is sold through retail jewelers at a high markup. This is not the case with 22k or 24k jewelry. High purity gold jewelry can be purchase through traditional bullion dealers at a much lower markup and at a low premium. The premium on 24 karat gold jewelry is often similar to those found on gold coins and gold bars.

Wearable wealth comes with a variety of benefits. When you buy wearable wealth you are taking fiat currency and putting it into a physical asset that has value in virtually any currency. Having wearable wealth in the form of jewelry allows you to easily travel with assets.

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Storing Wealth in 24k Gold Jewelry

Using 24k gold jewelry as a store of wealth has benefits over traditional precious metals investments such as coins and bars.

Customs and border agents receiving training in identifying gold coins and bars as a way of concealing wealth. Typically, gold jewelry can be worn or packed in a carry-on bag and goes largely unnoticed.

Because it's pure gold, 24 karat gold jewelry holds its value relative to gold spot price.

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Gold Jewelry as an Investment - 24k Gold Jewelry

Just as with other forms of precious metals, such as coins, bars and rounds, investing in 24k gold jewelry makes practical sense. Jewelry made from 24k gold makes an excellent store of wealth. The value of the jewelry is not diluted by outrageous retail markups and the use of alloys to reduce the purity.

Anyone crossing international borders is required to declare any financial instruments valued at over $10,000. Jewelry made from 24k gold isn't a financial instrument and in most cases does not need to be declared when traveling internationally. It's possible that an individual could carry more than $10,000 worth of 24k gold jewelry while traveling.

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