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British Gold Sovereigns

The Gold Sovereign played a crucial role in the British gold standard and facilitated international trade by providing a fixed gold value for the British pound, making the sovereign a universally accepted and trusted coin around the world. Its consistent gold content and reputation of the Royal Mint made it a preferred coin for global commerce. These same characteristics make it an excellent choice for investors.

While the modern gold sovereign originated in 1817, the first British Gold Sovereign was struck in October 1489 under the reign of King Henry VII. The early coins were the largest and most valuable gold coins circulating in England at the time.

The current design and likeness of the British Gold Sovereign was introduced following the defeat of Napoleon at Waterloo. The reverse features a notable depiction of St George on Horseback Slaying a Dragon by artist Benedetto Pistrucci. However, during the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 until 1901, the portrait of Saint George and the Dragon was replaced with the Victorian Shield Coat of Arms.

Each gold sovereign is minted with .2354 troy ounces of pure gold in an 22k alloy that provides the durability that allows these coins to circulated for hundreds of years. During colonial expansion, the Royal Mint opened satellite locations close to where the gold was being mined. Some coins may include mint marks in Canada, India or Australia!

The obverse design features a portrait of the reining monarch from the year of minting, as is the tradition of the British Royal Family.

Vintage Sovereign Gold Coins each contain almost 1/4 oz of pure gold and make an excellent choice for stacking away as a store of value. The coins are also a piece of history, symbolizing the era of the gold standard and the height of British economic influence. For stacking, Gold Sovereigns are often amongst the cheapest and lowest premium coins. These coins were mass produced for everyday circulation, with millions having survived throughout 200 years of use.

While many of the coins are minted by the Royal Mint in London, the coins have been minted in other locations that were part of the British Empire. Investors who buy secondary market gold sovereign coins might be surprised to find some with mint marks that could include "C" for Canada, "M" for Melbourne, "S" for Sydney, "P" for Perth and "I" for India. The location of the mint mark will vary depending on the year of mintage. In some years it can be found on the obverse at the base of the effigy. However, it is more commonly found at the bottom of the reverse design. Coins that are missing a mint mark are from London.

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