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Gold Rounds

Gold rounds are becoming increasingly popular with investors and stackers. As with other metals, the premiums per ounce over spot price for rounds are generally lower than those of coins as a result of being privately minted.

Privately minted gold rounds contain .999 or .9999 fine gold. The designs and dealer selections may vary. For those that are interested in acquiring gold as an investment, gold rounds are a prudent choice.

Compare Gold Round Prices

Gold Rounds are manufactured by a variety of private mints. Gold rounds are pure gold, either .999 or .9999 fine gold. Rounds made by private mints can be widely recognized and trusted in the bullion markets.

Gold Rounds are a great investment and make an excellent addition to any precious metals portfolio. Many gold rounds come with beautiful designs that are comparable to those found in gold coins. They will also be marked with their purity, weight and may also include a hallmark from the mint. Unlike coins, rounds are not legal tender and have no face value.

Probably the biggest difference between rounds and coins is the premium. Rounds cost significantly less than coins. Private mints charge a lower premium than sovereign mints. The savings in premiums charged from the mint is typically passed through to the buyer resulting in a lower price.

As the prices of gold coins increases, rounds are quickly gaining in popularity because of their lower cost over spot price. The number of private mints producing gold rounds continues to increase which leads to greater supply. Gold rounds are most often struck without any mintage limitations often imposed by sovereign mints.

The condition and design of the gold rounds varies from dealer to dealer. Each gold round will be tested for authenticity prior to being shipped by the dealer.