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10 oz Silver Bars

Online bullion dealers offer a diverse mix of newly minted 10 oz silver bars from high quality manufacturers such as Asahi, Sunshine Minting, Silvertowne, PAMP Suisse, Scottsdale and others. All are hallmark stamped with their exact purity silver. 10 oz Silver bullion bars are ideal for both...

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Quick Facts About 10 oz Silver Bars

10 ounce silver bar storage

10 oz silver bars are available in various sizes, shapes and unique designs. Stacking 10 oz silver bar takes up less space than tubes of smaller bars or rounds and is more cost effective than smaller bars and rounds.

Investors and stackers buy 10 ounce silver bars for their weight, purity and quality. The majority of these bars are minted by trusted private mints that are ISO certified and meet or exceed global standards. New bars are package in clear, protective plastic sleeves from their respective mints in order to maintain their finish and reduce the chance of tarnish.

Some investors prefer to remove bars from the package which allows them to breathe and develop a natural patina. Vintage and antique ten ounce bars with some tarnish are more commonly found when buying secondary market bars.

Investors choose 10 oz silver bars because of the convenient size and shape for stacking. They are also one of the lowest cost per ounce precious metals investments for retail buyers. These bars carry a lower premium per ounce compared to buying smaller 1 oz rounds or bars.

If you're stacking for weight while trying to keep the lowest dollar cost average, these bars are one of the best choices available from online bullion dealers. Many investors find that 10 oz silver bars are very easy to sell when needed and provide for a very liquid investment.

Generic 10 ounce silver bars

Secondary market 10 ounce bars are commonly sold by most dealers at a lower price per ounce than other bars. Most of these bars are purchased from private investors and collectors cheaper than purchasing new bars from the mint. Dealers pass the savings on to investors and stackers with a lower premium per ounce. Secondary market generic silver bars are from leading top manufacturers and mints and the selection will vary from dealer to dealer. These bars may be manufactured by companies such as Sunshine Mint, Silvertowne, Highland Mint and others.

Dealers verify and guarantee the authenticity (assay) of their secondary market bullion. Buying 10 ounce silver bars from reputable, well reviewed dealers ensures that you are getting the highest quality product that you should expect.

10 oz Government Mint Silver Bars

As precious metals investing has become more popular among everyday investors, more sovereign government mints are minting 10 oz silver bars for investors that are guaranteed for their weight and purity. Sovereign silver bars are an excellent option for investors that prefer government minted bullion. Some options include those from the Royal Canadian Mint, the Royal Mint and the Perth Mint.

Where to Buy 10 oz silver bars

Amongst the many options for investing in bullion, 10 oz silver bars are a great option for all investors. Silver bars of this size are affordable with some of the lowest premiums. The size and shape of 10 oz silver bars makes for convenient stacking and storing at home. When compared with other silver investment options many investors buy 10 oz silver bars because they are a store of wealth that is liquid and easy to sell if the need arises.

10 ounce silver bars at spot price

Ten ounce silver investor starter packs have been a popular way for investors to buy silver at spot price. There are several ongoing deals that are currently on hold due to supply chain issues that allow for buying silver bars at spot price. These "starter packs" designed to entice new customers to buy from reputable dealers. 10 ounce silver bars at spot price is the cheapest way to quickly grow a silver stack.

Premium 10 ounce silver bars

Silver bars manufactured by certain mints can command a higher premium. The higher premium is generally due to the reputation and guarantee of high quality provided by the mint. These can include 10 ounce silver bars that are minted by sovereign government mints such as those made by The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) or The Perth Mint. When buying bullion backed by a sovereign government guarantees that the quality and purity of the bullion will be what is expected.

When buying 10 ounce silver bars you will need to determine if it is important to get the lowest premium over spot to maintain a lower dollar cost average or if buying premium silver bars which may yield a higher premium when it comes to reselling is the right strategy for you needs.

In addition to those created by sovereign governments, hand poured 10 ounce silver bars will often command a higher premium for a variety of reasons. Some people purchase hand poured 10 oz silver bars because they want to recognize the artists and appreciate the labor that went into creating a unique product. Other investors flock to hand poured silver bars because each is unique. Some hand poured silver bars are highly sought after by both investors and collectors due to their rarity and uniqueness. Rare hand poured bars, particularly those by minted by companies that are no longer in operating or producing such as Engelhard or Johnson Matthey will often sell at a much higher premium over silver spot price than those from modern contemporaries.

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The cheapest 10 oz silver bars will be offered by dealers with silver at spot price deals. These can be the spot price "starter packs" offered by some dealers or when dealers will lower the premium on secondary market bars to liquidate excess inventory.

10 oz Silver Bars with Free Shipping

When you buy a 10 oz silver bar online the price often exceeds the minimum threshold to qualify for free shipping by many online bullion dealers. Many online bullion dealers offer free shipping on orders over $199. 10 oz silver bars will usually exceed the free shipping qualification threshold due to silver spot price.

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