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Quick Facts About 10 oz Silver Bars

Silver bars are the leading choice for investors because they cost less over spot price than coins. As the leading store of value and a perfect hedge against inflation, private mint 10 oz silver bars offer one of the cheapest per ounce options to keep a low dollar-cost average.

A large variety 10 oz silver bars are minted by trusted private mints having numerous industry certifications exceeding global industry standards. Options are available from leading manufacturers from around the world such as Switzerland

Compared to other precious metals, silver is a more affordable option when considering investments. Premiums on 10 oz silver bars are lower per ounce when compared to buying individual rounds or smaller bars. Most 10 oz silver bars are minted from .999 fine silver. This high level of purity ensures that the bar's value is closely tied to the current spot price of silver on the commodities market.

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Many newly minted bars are have a natural shine that is almost mirror-like. When exposed to air, silver will develop a natural patina or tarnish that is an indicator of age. Various conditions in the storage environment, such as high humidity or exposure to certain chemicals such as sulfur, can speed up the process. Some mints will package bars in clear, protective plastic sleeves in order to maintain their finish and reduce the chance of scratches or dings during shipping. Some investors prefer to remove the plastic which exposes the silver to the air to help it develop a natural patina.

While some 10 ounce silver bars may have a plain and simple design featuring the mint's logo and the bar's weight and purity, others may have more intricate designs and engravings. Some bars also include a unique serial number for security and authenticity purposes.

Many investors find that 10 oz silver bars make for a very liquid investment and are very easy to sell if necessary. Generic 10 oz silver bars are commonly found amongst secondary market inventory.

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Many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers have minimum order amount thresholds that will qualify an order for free shipping. When you buy a 10 oz silver bar, the price may exceeds the minimum threshold to qualify for free shipping. Many online bullion dealers offer free shipping on orders over $199. makes it easy to compare online dealer prices of 10 oz silver bars from leading mints.

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