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10 oz Silver Bar (Various)

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Bullion Dealer Price Each Dealer Premium Link
GoldClub Direct
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$245.78 $16.38
$1.64 per oz
Bullion Exchanges
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$249.10 $19.70
$1.97 per oz
Silver Gold Bull
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$251.07 $21.67
$2.17 per oz
BOLD Precious Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$251.30 $21.90
$2.19 per oz
Monument Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$252.62 $23.22
$2.32 per oz
eBay (bullion.exchanges)10 oz Heraeus Silver Bar .9999 Fine (w/COA)

See Listing for Shipping
$252.63 $23.23
$2.32 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $35
$254.30 $24.90
$2.49 per oz
SD Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$256.50 $27.10
$2.71 per oz
Dealer Rating:
$262.60 $33.20
$3.32 per oz
Money Metals Exchange
Dealer Rating:
$265.50 $36.10
$3.61 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$266.30 $36.90
$3.69 per oz
Provident Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$267.19 $37.79
$3.78 per oz
Prospectors Gold and Gems
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $50
$274.35 $44.95
$4.50 per oz
United States Gold Bureau
Dealer Rating:
$274.60 $45.20
$4.52 per oz
JM Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$281.70 $52.30
$5.23 per oz
Sprott Money
Dealer Rating:
$284.75 $55.35
$5.54 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$286.79 $57.39
$5.74 per oz
Dealer Rating:
$289.33 $59.93
$5.99 per oz
Coin Exchange NY
Dealer Rating:
$291.75 $62.35
$6.23 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $149
$349.00 $119.60
$11.96 per oz

Melt Value: 10 oz Silver Bar (Various)

This silver bar contains 10.00 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 10 oz Silver Bar (Various) is $229.40 based on today's silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023 04:05 pm

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10 oz Silver Bar (Various)

Premiums on silver bars get lower as the weight increases because larger bars offer a cheaper per ounce premium. You can buy the same amount of silver in a single 10 oz bar for much less than numerous small bars adding up to the same weight. At this price point, each 10 oz worth of silver is an affordable way to take advantage of bulk discounts offered by many online bullion dealers.

These 10 oz silver bars are one of the most cost effective ways of adding precious metals to your investment holdings. When shopping around you will often find that secondary market silver bars can purchased at a lower premium than newly minted bars. 

Each ten ounce silver bar is minted with 311.035 grams of pure, .999 fine silver. Secondary market 10 oz silver bars are the most popular choice amongst investors for a few reasons.

Silver is a very dense metal and the compact size of a ten ounce bar makes it easy for investors to buy and hold a decent size store of value in a relatively small unit.

Many of today's private mint 10 oz silver bars are roughly the same physical dimensions as a deck of playing cards. Bars of this size are very easy to organize and stack in a home vault or other secure location.

These silver bars are one of the most popular weights available from private refiners because they are compact size and shape. Buying generic 10 oz silver bars can be a part of a strategy that involves stacking and saving with silver for the future. 

Secondary market silver bars are tested by dealers to ensure the purity of each bar prior to sending them out. These silver bars are traded solely for the intrinsic value of the metal.

10 oz Silver Bar Details:

  • Bars are refined to a minimum of 999 purity.
  • Contains ten troy ounces of fine silver, roughly 311.035 grams.
  • Randomly selected dealer's choice from a variety of brands.
  • Designs will vary from a diverse mix of bars from notable private mints which may include Asahi, Silvertowne, Valcambi, Argor-Heraeus, Golden State Mint and many others.
  • Each Silver bar is tested for silver content and purity. provides investors with comparison tools to help assure that you're getting the best overall value when you buy 10 oz silver bars.

Why Buy 10 oz Silver Bars?

10 oz Silver bars are the leading investment bullion for many because they are affordable and cost less per ounce than many other sizes. They are a great investment for beginning and experienced stackers and offer diversity and extra value to your holdings at a price point that is accessible.

Silver is utilized as a components that is used to make countless products used by everyday consumers, including in solar panels, electronics, medical devices and other green energy initiatives. Precious metals demand continues with advanced industrial consumers driving the underlying silver price in commodities markets.

As an investment vehicle, many people hold the perception of silver as a long-term store of wealth driven by its intrinsic value. Stacking 10 oz silver bars provides the benefits of a physical asset that is held outside the formal banking and finance sectors.

These bars offer easy liquidity and gives you the versatility to be your own bank by hoarding precious metals like a long term savings account as a way to protect your savings from being eaten away by inflation. Owning physical silver bars can also offer a level of financial privacy, as they are not typically subject to the same reporting requirements as certain other forms of wealth.

As an asset, silver has a history as a safe-haven during turbulent economic times, providing some added financial security against inflation and uncertainty in other investments. Buying ten ounce ingots instead of smaller silver bars helps to keep the 'silver price per ounce' low versus investing in smaller increments.

There are many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers offering investment-grade bars at a low price per ounce over the silver spot price due to the large volume of trading activity in secondary market 10 oz silver bars. These are not newly minted bars, so dealers can offer them at a steep discount. Most will show some signs of age and may show signs of tarnish, handling and surface scratches. While it is possible that some dealers may have bars in their inventory that will still be in mint-state condition, many of these bars have been recycled by investors for decades.

While some investors prefer storing silver in a bank safe deposit box or with the added security of a third-party bullion depository, stacks of 10 oz silver bars can be easily, safely and securely stored at home alongside other valuables.

Ten ounce silver bars are available at a price point that is very affordable for buying on an ongoing schedule. Buying one or two at regular monthly intervals is a surefire way to preserve spending power as inflation continues to devalue the dollar.

10 oz Silver Bar (Various) Specifications

Weight 10 oz
Country United States
Type Bullion Ingot
Mint Various
Year Various
Bars Type Bullion Ingot
Purity .999 fineness
Length 76.2 mm
Width 38.1 mm
Thickness 11.11 mm tracks prices from some of the most trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to help find the lowest prices on 10 oz Silver Bar (Various).

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