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Prospectors Gold and Gems Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by Prospectors Gold and Gems customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

Prospectors Gold and Gems Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by Prospectors Gold and Gems customers.
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Review Date : October 5, 2020 Reviewer : de-mole-ition
They may state that they have free shipping over $50, but the bill states that PAYPAL transaction charged me $2.99 on the last 2 orders i placed. So plan to add $2.99 to their advertised price. i called and asked about it and the woman said she didn't know anything about Paypal charging me any money.

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Review Date : May 12, 2020 Reviewer : Stew
I ordered their 1lb paydirt with a guaranteed gram. They give you the option to add extra gold and even pick the size of your gold! Shipping was fast, customer service was excellent and the product was high quality! Nothing about this company was a bad experience. If you question the purity of their product, check out their youtube channel and get your questions answered. This is a good company!

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Review Date : May 9, 2020 Reviewer : RN
first time ordering here, and it arrived very quickly. Compared to other sources they have the best price on fractional gold.

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Review Date : May 6, 2020 Reviewer : Gary Morris
I ordered their 5 oz and 10 oz poured silver bars on two separate orders and service and shipping was excellent! Both orders were placed on a separate Friday and I received the packages on the Monday after that weekend! Fast! Their poured silver bars are exceptional and I weigh each one. Their bars are always a decent amount over their weight! I got a 5 oz bar that weighs 5.095 oz!

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Review Date : April 9, 2020 Reviewer : David Emslie

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