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1 oz Silver Rounds

Silver Rounds For Sale - Best Prices

1 oz silver rounds are often a foundation of any silver investment portfolio, along with 1 oz silver bars. 1 oz Silver Rounds are an affordable and easy way to get started with stacking and...

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Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are a common variation of silver bars. Silver rounds resemble coins in their appearance. The designs sometimes mimic those of popular silver coins. The most common weight for silver rounds is 1 troy ounce. Rounds are also found in sizes that are fractions of the one ounce size. Stacking and investing in silver rounds allows for smaller quantities to be ordered.

Sizes of Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are most common in 1 troy ounce denominations. They are similar to a silver coin in design and shape. However, rounds are produced by private mints and not governments and are not legal tender. Rounds can feature many unique designs but many are also minted with nothing more than the brand of the mint and weight.

Cost of Silver Rounds

For 1 oz silver rounds, the cost will usually be few dollars over spot per ounce. The smaller you go, the higher the premium price over spot. Some dealers will frequently put generic silver rounds on sale at huge discounts over spot price. The prices we display update automatically as dealers change the prices on their websites. Silver rounds are the best selling silver bullion item.

There are many private mints making silver rounds. In addition to the mint hallmark, pure silver round will also be stamped with the weight and purity. Like other bullion and bars, a silver round should have .999 or better purity.

Silver rounds are most commonly available in 1 oz sizes. Purchasing them in tubes provides the opportunity for greater discounts and better pricing. Dealers will sometimes offer generic silver rounds on sale at or slightly above spot price. Oftentimes these are random silver rounds that the dealer may have purchased from the secondary silver market.

Why are Silver Rounds popular with investors?

Silver rounds are increasingly popular with casual investors and collectors looking for stable store of wealth. Silver rounds from private mints have unique designs that change frequently, creating interest amongst collectors looking to stack a wide variety of silver bullion.

For investors, silver rounds represent a way to increase their precious metals holdings while paying a lower premium per ounce. 1 oz silver rounds contain the same amount of silver as sovereign government coins of the same weight. Paying a lower premium for the same amount of silver allows investors to buy more silver and reduce the dollar cost average of the investment.

Benefits of Investing in Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are compact and easy to store. Many private mints in the United States create silver rounds. Most are uniform in size and dimensions. They are common, carry a low premium and are readily available from online dealers and local coin shops. Silver rounds are also easy to liquidate.

Keeping a lower dollar cost average of your silver bullion investment makes allows the purchase of greater quantities of silver to hold for the long-term goal when the price of silver spot price rises.

Silver rounds cost less than sovereign coins. Having a lower cost allows investors to buy silver rounds in smaller quantities at a time. This allows people with limited capital the ability to hedge against inflation with stable investment.