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1 oz Silver Rounds

One ounce silver rounds are similar to a silver coin, primarily in design and shape. Silver rounds are produced by private mints, not governments, and are not legal tender. Rounds can feature many unique designs and are most often minted from .999 or higher and will be stamped with the mint hallmark, weight and purity.

Quick Facts About 1 oz Silver Rounds

Benefits of 1 oz Silver Rounds

Hands down, one ounce silver rounds are the best selling physical silver investment. They are popular because of the size, the weight, the intrinsic value and lower premiums over spot price.

Silver rounds are manufactured by private mints as a cheaper alternative to coins. The one significant difference between a round and a coin is the lack of legal tender status for rounds. The amount of precious metal in each silver round is identical to that of a coin of the same weight.

The most common is the buffalo silver round which is inspired by the design of the Indian Head nickel. These generic silver rounds are made by dozens of private mints, most with only subtle differences in design. They are minted from 99.9% pure silver or higher and are typically 39mm in diameter and around 3mm thick, slightly larger than an old silver dollar coin.

The affordable nature, intrinsic value and compact size of generic silver rounds makes them easy to buy at intervals to add to your stack on a regular basis.

Some of the lowest premium private mint silver rounds designs are inspired by early American coins.

Prices and premiums vary and some designs are highly collectable with limited mintages and uniqueness of the theme.

Highlights of Buying Silver Rounds

  • One ounce silver bullion rounds are most often minted in .999 or .9999 fine silver. The intrinsic value of a 1 oz silver round is exactly the same as an equal weight silver coin, typically with a lower premium over spot price.
  • They are easy to buy in small quantities when first getting familiar with precious metals. Plastic rolls or tubes that hold quantities of 20 are popular ways to store silver rounds at home or any other location.
  • There is a wide selection of creative and unique designs from private mints that are highly sought-after by collectors.
  • They are an excellent incremental store of value that can be bought in any quantity. The intrinsic value established by silver spot price.
  • When you buy 1 oz silver rounds you are making a solid physical investment in precious metals. If you don't hold it, you don't own. Silver is real money and has been recognized as money and as a store of value for hundreds of years.

Silver Round Prices tracks prices of silver rounds from online bullion dealers. This makes it simple and easy to compare prices from a variety of different websites to find the best prices on silver rounds.

Silver is a trusted hedge against the volatility in other investments. Having diversity with your precious metals investments is practical strategy to help survive the next recession.

One ounce silver rounds are a favorite of silver stackers and are pragmatic choice for barter because of the intrinsic value.