Gold: $1874.20  Silver: $22.58  Platinum: $989.80  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.14  Gold/Silver Ratio: 83.00

About Sunshine Minting 1 oz Silver Rounds

Sunshine Minting produces many of the finest quality 1 oz silver rounds available today. The variety of designs available includes contemporary reproductions of historic coins that many consider to generic that are very popular amongst investors due to their low premiums. SMI also creates numerous silver rounds with modern designs that are sought after by collectors because of the trust that the security Mint Mark SI provides. Sunshine Minting Inc produces silver rounds in three standard sizes and weights.
WeightDiameter (inches)Millimeters
1 troy ounce1.52"38.50 mm
5 troy ounces2.52"155.518 mm
10 troy ounces3.50"311.035 mm
The One Ounce silver rounds from SMI is one of the most popular amongst investors that are looking for low-premiums with a trusted name. Planchets blanks that are manufactured by Sunshine Minting have been known to have been utilized by the US Mint to produce American Eagle coins.

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