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Silvertowne Products

SilverTowne Mint

Many investors recognize SilverTowne products for their various silver bullion bars and rounds they began minting in 1973. SilverTowne produces silver bullion bars in sizes from 1 oz to 100 oz and silver bullion rounds in 1/2 oz, 1 oz and 5 oz sizes.

Quick Facts About Silvertowne Products

SilverTowne was founded in 1949 by Leon Hendrickson. It is one of the oldest dealers of coins and precious metals in the country. Since 1973, Silvertowne has been issuing unique designs of their creation directly onto minted silver rounds and bars. These designs include the trademark Prospector leading his donkey and the Stagecoach 1 oz divisible silver bar along other popular favorites.

The product line includes a diverse assortment of silver bars and rounds, some with familiar designs that have been produced for decades and are long considered generic silver, such as the morgan design, the buffalo design and others.

Other issues from the company include unique and compelling designs that are only available from Silvertowne that include some special editions and others have political themes.

Silvertowne has also developed some innovative and unique precious metals offerings that include stackable 1 oz silver round poker chips that include the reeded rim around the edge that allows the rounds to interlock securely. Silver poker chips make an awesome addition to your next game night, either as part of the pot or use them for the ante or blind.

All Silvertowne products are minted with .999 fine silver and are a solid choice for enjoying all of the benefits of owning silver.

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