Gold: $1942.40  Silver: $23.52  Platinum: $1018.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.82  Gold/Silver Ratio: 82.59

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Spot Gold Price: $1942.40

1 oz Eagle 1/10 oz Eagle 1 oz Maple Leaf 1/10 oz Maple British Britannia 1/10 oz Britannia
SD Bullion   $2103.40 $290.46 $2049.38 $245.62 $2054.38 $229.93
eBay   $2071.57 $253.09 $237.22 $2048.24 $228.23
Silver Gold Bull   $277.68 $2034.86 $234.96 $236.04
APMEX   $2128.49 $328.19 $2069.59 $281.55 $265.28
Monument Metals   $2071.00 $2048.00 $242.12 $230.60
Bullion Exchanges   $2064.29 $2040.29
BGASC   $2097.94 $309.72 $2034.66 $253.75
Money Metals Exchange   $2119.60 $341.96 $2057.85 $275.29 $2096.20
Provident Metals   $2123.74 $264.08
JM Bullion   $2158.99 $329.95 $2066.15 $264.08
Hero Bullion   $2078.40 $268.33

Modern Investment Gold Coins

After the prohibition on gold ownership ended in the 1970s a variety of government mints produce gold bullion coins for investors. These modern gold coins are issued in various denominations, each with a legal tender denomination. Gold bullion investment coins are a trusted store of value and wealth and are eligible for inclusion in a precious metal IRA.

Prices for gold bullion coins are driven by commodities futures trading that happens in markets around the world. It's important to shop for the best gold prices when you're ready to buy as both prices and premiums can change often.

US Mint Eagle Gold Coins

Gold Eagle coins are legal tender in the United States which makes them a favorable choice. The face values of the coins are significantly less than the intrinsic value of the gold. Four denominations are available including 1 troy ounce, 1/2 oz, 1/4 and 1/10 oz.

American Eagle gold coins are minted with 22 karat gold. Easily compare online dealer prices to find the cheapest gold eagles.

Royal Canadian Mint Maple Leaf Gold Coins

The Maple Leaf gold coin was the first investment-grade bullion coin minted to .9999 purity standards. The series from the Royal Canadian Mint includes more denominations than any other which offers options that are budget friendly at all price points. Perfect for bullion investors.

Investors are drawn to gold maples for their purity and reputation, but find that the lower dealer premiums that are available online can help lower the dollar-cost average of their investment.

Royal Mint Britannia Gold Coins

The Britannia gold coin is minted with .9999 fine gold and includes the four standard weight denominations most common amongst sovereign mints.

The new 2023 Britannia gold coins feature a portrait of King Charles III. Some current year coins were released early in the year with Queen Elizabeth II.