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Intaglio Mint

Collectible Silver Rounds from the Intaglio Mint

The Intaglio Mint is a boutique private mint that creates unique designs that inspire people to think. The mint is known for a variety of thought provoking designs that span a diversity of subjects and topics. The silver rounds that are available in 1 oz and 2 oz sizes include themes related to feline house cats, UFOs over cities and landmarks, mythical creatures from folklore and literature as well as patriotic and military themes derived from ancient latin philosophical proverbs.

Quick Facts About Intaglio Mint

Intaglio Mint is a boutique mint headquartered in Sedalia, Colorado that was established in 2010. They are a manufacturer of coins, tokens and medallions commemorating events, places and historic remembrances. They also mint silver rounds of their own creation that feature incredibly detailed and highly collectable designs.

These private mint silver rounds celebrate a variety of topics such as Greek Mythology, the warrior philosophies of ancient Rome, and fascinating takes on mythological creatures.

The Latin Allure silver rounds incorporate phrases and quotes from ancient philosophers into unique modern works of collectable art. This coin series is popular for its military and patriotic themes around honor, death and life. These include the Memento Mori Silver Round and the Morte Prima di Disonore Silver Round, which are popular amongst collectors and military enthusiasts.

The Crytozoology Series brings to life creatures and monsters from cultural folklore and unknown mystery animals derived from pseudoscience, hoaxes and legends. This includes popular designs like the Jersey Devil Silver Round and the The Kraken Silver Round.

The Sleeping Cat silver round collection features the lovable and adorable feline companion enjoying one of their favorite ways to pass time. When asleep, cats will tightly wind themselves into a ball as a way to conserve body heat and keep warm. You can often find them curled up and cuddled together.

All of the silver rounds from the Intaglio Mint are minted from .999 fine silver and are available in limited mintage amounts each weighing either 1 troy oz and 2 troy oz. The reverse contains the Intaglio Mint Logo Hallmark in the center and is surrounded by the weight, purity and year of minting.

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