Gold: $1886.58  Silver: $23.74  Platinum: $855.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.97  Gold/Silver Ratio: 79.47

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree shipping on orders over $99, $7.77 shipping on other orders
Mailing Address
Ottawa Lake, MI
Phone(800) 294-8732
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Wire Transfer, Paypal, Bitcoin, Bitcoin (via Bitpay)
SD Bullion debuted in March of 2012 as a service to their readers with the goal of providing the lowest cost bullion available. All sales were completed via telephone with the motto, “Nothing Fancy. Just a Telephone and Low Prices.” More importantly, buyers were 100% satisfied with their bullion transactions according to a post purchasing survey. An online website purchasing option was added in the later part of 2012 and SD Bullion has continued to gain industry market share to where they stand today as one of the premier, low-cost online bullion establishments in the country.

SD Bullion Reviews

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These reviews have been submitted by SD Bullion customers

Review Date : September 29, 2020 Review Rating :
Ordered 50 coins. They sent me 48. Told me the mailman must have stole them. The two 25 coin tubes were totally sealed. Thank you SDBullion!

Review Date : September 24, 2020 Review Rating :
They falsely advertise that they have the lowest prices guaranteed, but never have any for sale or that they have is in stock. In other words they're showing prices from months, maybe years ago but not anything that is actually for sale in present time. It's a lie and accept it.
Dr. O

Review Date : August 13, 2020 Review Rating :
Great prices. Fast delivery

Review Date : August 4, 2020 Review Rating :
SD has been great. I am getting the best prices online there. They also ship faster than the other dealers I’ve dealt with.

Review Date : June 23, 2020 Review Rating :
I've made a few purchases with them. I've had no problems. They've had the best prices and ship fast. I'll buy more in the future here.

Review Date : June 8, 2020 Review Rating :
I've been purchasing from SD Bullion for more than four years now. I have loved my dealings with them. They always offer the lowest prices on the bullion products that I like to purchase and stack. Plus they helped guide me on setting up a gold ira so now I'm out of the rigged stock market.

Review Date : June 1, 2020 Review Rating :
I used to do business with SD with no problem. That is until I by mistake clicked "money order" instead of ACH. The two options are very easy to confuse as they are right next to each other. Unfortunately, I did not notice until I had already place my order, after I placed it I noticed my mistake and immediately placed the correct order. Now SD is holding my payment hostage and is claiming I must pay $40 for cancellation fee + $300 for market loss, even though I contacted them immediately after I realized what I had done. So no gold and no money. The CS representative is rude and angry, she threatened to sue me and ruin my credit. DONT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM.

Review Date : April 13, 2020 Review Rating :
Purchased Silver American Eagles and paid via Pay Pal. Got a great deal just before they raised premiums to insane levels. They said it was a 15 day delay so I waited and waited. I emailed them and they said that pay pal had a problem. I called Pay pal and they said the money was sent immediatley and SDBullion was not claiming it. I emailed SdBullion back and told them pay pal said they had to claim the payment. Today I noticed they cancelled my order so I called them and and tried to explain it. They said they looked at everything and he IS NOT going over it again. I ask if they would reorder it at the locked in price we BOTH agreed to and they said no. I can reorder if I like at todays price. He kept insisting I was wrong and they would not do that for a couple dollars and saying he is not going over it again. Then he got Pissed off at me I guess because he hung up on me. You earned this rating. I hope everyone reads it !!!!!

Review Date : April 1, 2020 Review Rating :
Have not had an issue even though they were busy as f..k. Always were courteous and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommend. WWG1WGA
Q sent me

Review Date : March 27, 2020 Review Rating :
I purchased $2600 worth of silver before the price bottomed out they charged my credit card and it went through, but never received the order and when I fot a reply 3 weeks later the said that they have canceled my order but still have not received any money back on my account. This is extremely frustrating, the least they could have done is told me that 2 and a half week ago.
Dan C

Review Date : October 29, 2019 Review Rating :
Very bad customer service. One of them actually cursed at me, flat out lied to me twice, and hung up on me. Smoking Lamp is Out on SD Bullion...
G I Joe

Review Date : September 10, 2019 Review Rating :
I have made several purchases and always with very good results. Silver gold and supplies. Absolutely no issues thus far.

Review Date : August 29, 2019 Review Rating :
I placed an order with them for a special they were running. They advertised a Gold Eagle at $17 premium over spot. Not only didn't I get their offered price but they charged me 4% for buying it with my credit card. Though the terms were buried in their fine print, I feel that their offer was very deceptive.

Review Date : August 11, 2019 Review Rating :
I ordered some bullion from this company and everything worked out fine. You only really get to know a company when you have a problem, so this is not a blanket endorsement.

Review Date : June 22, 2019 Review Rating :
I have made multiple purchases with SD bullion and for the most part I have been pleased. However, my last order was a different experience. I was not pleased with some coins that I received which is no big deal. However, the return experience was not impressive. I had to pay the shipping and a restocking fee to return the coins because they could not exchange them. If the coins had be listed as cull or damaged I could understand paying for the return. However, the description of the coins said BU. SD says they believe in doing business the old fashion way with industry-top customer service. Unfortunately, I did not get this feeling in my first experience with their customer service.

Review Date : January 30, 2019 Review Rating :
Actually a fairly decent brokerage. Interactions with them have been smooth and fair. I’ll purchase here again.

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