Gold: $1982.20  Silver: $22.64  Platinum: $988.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.19  Gold/Silver Ratio: 87.55

Free ShippingYes
Shipping Info$7.99 Shipping for orders under $199
Mailing AddressP.O. Box 9119
Calabasas, CA 91372
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, Wire Transfer,
BGASC is based in Calabasas, CA. They have been in business since 2012 and are a reputable online bullion dealer, maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. The name is an abbreviation that stands for "Buy Gold and Silver Coins". BGASC ships for free over $199, and anything under that amount is $7.99.

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Review Date : November 25, 2022 Review Rating :
I've ordered from BGASC multiple times without any issues. Everything was discrete and done in a timely manner.

Review Date : October 10, 2022 Review Rating :
First time purchasing from BGASC. Everything went perfectly. Made my very large purchase online. I mailed them a check. They only took a couple days to let the check clear (faster than others where I paid with e-checks and still waiting after 9 days). They also notified me by email when the check arrived. and they mailed my purchase right away after calling me to ask a question during the Hurricane Ian in Florida. They answered promptly when I called on the phone with a different question. Communications A+. I will buy from them again.

Review Date : October 6, 2022 Review Rating :
I ordered 1 oz Rand bar and was Delivered a very well sealed EMPTY box-Martin at BGASC told me to bad.Said his liability ended with signature-I’m out $1,831

Review Date : August 15, 2022 Review Rating :
I have placed over a dozen orders this year, totalling in excess of $100k. BGASC has bee flawless. And their prices (on 1 oz Gold especially) are always either the lowest, or very close. Only thing that could improve them is to lower the free shipping hurdle to <$1k.

Review Date : July 25, 2022 Review Rating :
The price I found on this site was wrong ,call to make sure .
Billy Smith

Review Date : July 25, 2022 Review Rating :
7/2022 For the first time after several successful transactions with BGASC, my Driver’s license was scanned as a condition of accepting the package. I will not order online from any company again. LCS only.
Big Brother

Review Date : October 26, 2021 Review Rating :
Quick and fast shipping after check cleared, everything wrapped and double packaged. 4 star due to following Only issue is price of shipping free $5000 or more $7.95 plus tax on shipping under 5k where most companies have free shipping on $199

Review Date : September 29, 2021 Review Rating :
They sent me gold in a non insured package and someone followed the mail closely. Horrid company. I was out $1,800, and the CEO/Owner made sure to email me after I alerted USPS as to how/why I wasn't reguired for signature!! and say he wasn't claiming it on his insurance. Stay away from this fraud company or you will lose your shipment as well.

Review Date : July 19, 2021 Review Rating :
My first ever online order. It was $$$$ digits in rolls of 2021 American Silver 1 ounce. It arrived via USPS in one day!! Super fast! Well packaged...double packaged!! A repeat customer for sure!
California PlataStacker.

Review Date : March 31, 2021 Review Rating :
Smooth experience and accommodating. Placed several large orders. All shipped smoothly and securely. Had problem on my end with one, having to send another check and they were accommodating. Lowest price on what I got among all the major dealers. I bought years ago as well and everything was packed well, especially the airtites. I wouldn't hesitate buying again.

Review Date : February 5, 2021 Review Rating :
No longer below spot prices. Same average price as everyone else.
John porter

Review Date : February 4, 2021 Review Rating :
This was my first time purchasing from BGASC and everyone went perfect. Made my purchase. Mailed them a check. They notified me when the check arrived. Gave it 2 days to clear and they mailed my purchase right away. I would not hesitate to buy from them again.

Review Date : October 1, 2020 Review Rating :
I've bought from them a few times, and the only minor issue I had was quickly corrected. Great service. Highly recommend.

Review Date : May 17, 2020 Review Rating :
Cannot believe the mark ups!!!!!wasn't like this before Corona virus
Mike disapointed

Review Date : April 23, 2020 Review Rating :
Great dealer. Fast shipping and nice selection. Was my absolute go to until they started Charging tax Wish they would bring Echeck back
Silver Mike

Review Date : January 20, 2020 Review Rating :
Now charging sales tax ON shipping? No free shipping, but sales tax on shipping?
G Watson

Review Date : February 7, 2019 Review Rating :
Decent selection but I am still waiting to find a deal worth buying. I wanted to do a test buy as I do with all new business suppliers But I kept halting the process due to their uninviting pricing.