Gold: $1808.57  Silver: $24.54  Platinum: $1057.29  90% Junk $1 FV: $17.55  Gold/Silver Ratio: 73.70

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree shipping on orders over $99
Mailing Address5100 Buckeyestown Pike Suite 250
Frederick, MD 21704
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Wire Transfer, Paypal,
Monument Metals is a family-owned business headquartered in Frederick, MD. The firm's owners are veterans of the numismatic and bullion business, with nearly three decades of combined industry experience. After trading exclusively in the wholesale end of the marketplace, the principals of Monument Metals began selling to the general public in 2014. We pride ourselves in buying effectively, operating efficiently and maintaining low overhead. The result is our ability to offer excellent pricing--almost always better than the largest online retailers or local coin shops. Our industry experience and connections allow us to deliver high-quality coin and bullion products at ultra-competitive prices.

Monument Metals Reviews

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Review Date : September 28, 2021 Review Rating :
All good things to this point! Hope it continually becomes even better! Sales and giveaways and all the spot silver and more than anyone needs
Hoagies mine

Review Date : August 28, 2021 Review Rating :
I placed a silver and gold coin order with Monument Metals, LLC on Aug 27, 2018. There were 3 items on the order. 2 items were silver and 1 item was gold. The silver items are correct. The gold item is incorrect. The item I ordered was a 50 Pessos gold coin weighing 1.2oz. What I received is a gold coin of 1 oz which looks similar to the 50 Pessos coin. So there is a 0.2 oz difference. At the time I paid 1534.06 for 1.2 oz. I was cheated out of $255.68 (now worth $300) for the missing 0.2 oz. I spoke to the business on 8/23/2021 and they said there is nothing they can do. They did not have records going back 3 years and were not interested in trying to resolve the issue in any way. The order number is 100009599. Terrible Business Practices, causing the error in the shipment, then an unwillingness to negotiate with a customer that spent and will spend thousands of dollars on metals. If the IRS requires tax payers to hold tax records for 5 years why would this business hold shipping records for only 6 months. Will never due business with this guy again. Proceed at your own risk.
Tamer ElSawah

Review Date : August 28, 2021 Review Rating :
I am a new customer and I ordered some war-nickels just to try MM out. Item was exactly as described and the transaction was also as described. No complaints. I will use them again.
Lawrence Sorace

Review Date : July 18, 2021 Review Rating :
Monument Metals places a really high value on its customer relations. They accepted a return order and replaced it with what I had intended to order. Very fine company and great to deal with.
Bill Goode

Review Date : June 25, 2021 Review Rating :
I recently purchased 10 Mexican 1 ounce 2021 Libertads that were BU. I paid 54.99 per coin. When I received them they were placed in hard clear coin plastic envelopes that did not protect the coins. They would slip out and contact each other. To get a BU coin and pay 54.99/coin care should be taken to protect the coin or coins from damage. All the coins were placed in a plastic bag that looked like it has been used before. As far as the service I am satisfied but more care should be taken with packaging.

Review Date : June 3, 2021 Review Rating :
A repeat customer for years. I do not use anyone else... ever! I have always been satisfied. I highly recommend this company especially if you are just starting and really do not know what you are doing.
Alan C.

Review Date : May 26, 2021 Review Rating :
First time ordering was great, no issues. Second time? Well forget it never again. I am still waiting delivery for an order that was placed nearly two months ago. The item "shipped" April 28th. It is now May 25th and I still don't have my order. I received an email that their local post office is having trouble delivering orders due to a staffing shortage. Seriously?? then how are you still in business if you can't deliver your product? I have sent several emails asking about my order but have had no replies. I used e-check and now will have to see how my bank can make a claim

Review Date : May 20, 2021 Review Rating :
Still waiting....Got an apology letter over two weeks ago that USPS is having trouble moving their merchandise out of Maryland. Asked for an update on my order last week and still have got no response from Monument. Definitely not going to order from them again.

Review Date : February 17, 2021 Review Rating :
Jonathan has been excellent EVERY SINGLE TIME, I've purchased from him, price, speed of delivery, I have this as my number 1 place to buy precious Metals.Grade A+
Charles Stringer

Review Date : October 22, 2020 Review Rating :
Monster Box Silver Eagles arrived quickly even though I bought during a market dip. Price of silver went up but the order was sent after money cleared. I keep hearing about dealers how cancel orders if market goes up after order. This dealer did not do that for my order. Also, at the time it was the cheapest option which was nice. The reviews on this dealer seem to be legit too, I like that they care about their reputation by responding too all rankings on other sites.
-Crypto & Silver FTW-

Review Date : October 18, 2020 Review Rating :
ordered and recieved 200 1 ounce silver rounds, shipping, packaging, pricing all well done,have since ordered 300 more

Review Date : August 8, 2020 Review Rating :
Jonathan is VERY knowledgeable of precious metals and tried his best and accomplished my questions and inquiries, prices ARE the best(and I've searched) and the speed to my front door is unmatched w/other companies I've dealt with! 5 Star in my opinion, and won't buy anywhere else!
Charles Stringer

Review Date : June 1, 2020 Review Rating :
Been purchasing from Monument for several months now. They have the best deals I could find and better inventory than the online dealers I've purchased from in the past. I would highly recommend them
Joe A.

Review Date : May 22, 2020 Review Rating :
I purchased 10 of the Scottsdale "Omnia" rounds. The package arrived well-packaged with no issues.

Review Date : April 6, 2020 Review Rating :
Placed my second order in the middle of the Covid shut-down, and the processing time was a bit longer than normal, but I have my Royal Canadian Mint bars in hand 2 days after they shipped. Excellent dealer. I will continue to order from Monument Metals.
Steve B

Review Date : March 26, 2020 Review Rating :
I was in a situation where I needed to speak with someone for guidance and needed a quick turnaround on shipping. I dont buy bullion on a regular bases and I was spending a sizeable amount by my standards, I did not want to take chances. I called a few other dealers who were less than helpful or could not accomodate my needs. However, Monument was great! They took the time to help me and called me back with updates. Everything arrived exactly as promised and for a very fair price. Since then I've placed 2 additional orders and have been very pleased.

Review Date : March 23, 2019 Review Rating :
Had concerns when I could not track my order. The CEO promptly replied to my email and even followed up by checking with the local postal office. Just turned out to be a tracking issue. Received the package a few days later. It was packed very well and I was very happy about the quality of the coins. Even more so, I was impressed by their exemplary customer service and how they value their customer. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Review Date : March 20, 2019 Review Rating :
Avoid!!! I placed an order on 05 March 19 and received an email on 06 March 19 saying my order has shipped. I have been watching the USPS information and it is still showing pre-shipment as of 19 March 2019. My bank account was charged on 06 March 19. They also will not respond to the inquiry about what is going on. Have requested refund with no response. 100% Avoid find a better dealer this company is a joke. No customer service, no response, items have not been shipped but my account has been charged. Its 15 Days later and still no response. AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID!!!!!!!! Best advice I can give you AVOID!!!
Tim N

Review Date : February 7, 2019 Review Rating :
Great guy to work with here, prices are a bit steep but the customer service I have experienced is top notch.

Review Date : January 30, 2019 Review Rating :
All around really a good place to do business with. Good attitude, fair pricing and good business practices. Not perfect but very good. I am made to feel like a customer here not just a walking stack of money to be grabbed.

Review Date : November 28, 2018 Review Rating :
I have orderd from Monument Metals several times. They ship the same day when paying with credit card. Packages always seem to arrive within 2 days. Customer service is second to none. Monument Metals has quickly become my "go to" dealer.

Review Date : July 29, 2018 Review Rating :
Finally pulled the trigger on their 10 generic rounds silver at spot price deal. Spot price was down so I thought it would be the right time. Monument Metals did not disappoint. The rounds I received were new buffalo rounds manufactured by Republic Metals Corp (RMC). Package arrived two or three days after the order was placed. The rounds were packed in standard coin flips. Then wrapped tightly in a taped padded envelope. Then the envelope was folded tightly and placed into a small cardboard box. Overall good experience and I will order from them again.

Review Date : March 18, 2018 Review Rating :
Ordered some Mexican Gold Peso coins when they were running a special for $4.99 over melt per coin. Great deal. They shipped the same day. Package arrived two days later. Packed well and great customer service!

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