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Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar

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Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar Melt Value

This silver bar contains 10.00 troy ounces of bullion. The melt value of one Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar is $238.80 based on the current silver spot price.

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Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar

The Johnson Matthey name is a legendary in the bullion industry. The history of the company dates back to 1851 when two assayers from London formed their partnership.


The Johnson Matthey company was appointed the official assayer and refining for the Bank of England in 1852, establishing a long lasting position in the banking and bullion industry that the company has maintained for over 170 years.


During the late 20th century, Johnson Matthey developed a reputation as one of the leading industrial refiners and suppliers of precious metals to a variety of industries.


The spot price of silver skyrocketed along with investor demand for silver bar grew in the early 1980s. The Johnson Matthey company began to mint various sizes of silver bullion bars that were sold to investors.


Many of the silver bars that Johnson Matthey produced in the 1980s have survived and can often be found in secondary market product listings.

These bars are a part of banking, financial and bullion history. Collectors eagerly buy Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bars at a higher premium over spot price than similar bars. This can make for a nice opportunity to flip silver bars for a profit with the right collector.


It is very common at auction for rare Johnson Matthey 10 oz silver bars to sell at a price that is up a 50% premium over silver spot price.

Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar Highlights: 

  • Bars are from the secondary market, meaning flaws, scratches, dings, dents and tarnish are likely. 

  • Contains 10 troy oz of .999 pure silver. 

  • Obverse features the Johnson Matthey logo. 

  • Reverse features the logo in a repeating pattern. 

  • Silver content guaranteed by Johnson Matthey. 


These 10 oz Johnson Matthey Silver Bars typically come from the secondary market. Bars from the secondary market may or may not ship in their sealed, original packaging. It is also possible that the bars display differing levels of toning than a new bar or feature light contact marks.

Some rare bars have been found still wrapped in their original plastic packaging.

Counterfeit JM silver bars have been commonly reported due to their popularity and rarity.

It is a good to have your precious metals tested by a dealer with a Sigma Detector or similar authentication device if you suspect that you may have encountered counterfeit bullion.

Johnson Matthey 10 oz Silver Bar Specifications

Weight 10 oz
Country United States
Type Silver Bar
Mint Johnson Matthey
Year Various
Classification Modern
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