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Tenth Ounce Gold Coins

1/10 oz gold coins are among the most popular investment choices because they are the most affordable priced. These 1/10 oz gold coins each contain 3.11 grams of pure gold and are backed by trusted and reputable government mints. There's a wide assortment of coins minted each year providing investors with a larger variety from which to choose.

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1/10 oz gold coins are affordable, making them an ideal choice for new investors looking for diversity. They are one of the easiest and best ways for aspiring investors with a small budget to enjoy the benefits of owning gold.

Because these coins are all government backed legal tender currency in their origin country, most of these coins can be used in any gold IRA. These are coins that can easily be stored at home in a simple vault as a way to put aside a little wealth. Tenth oz gold coins are highly valued among many types of collectors which makes them very easy to liquidate when the time comes.

While the US Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and other large mints issue coins of this size, many investors find the best value 1/10 oz gold coins issued from countries such as Tokelau, Australia, South Africa and Tuvalu. Often times, the cheapest 1/10 oz gold coins will come from the random dealer's choice listings.