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Kangaroo Gold Coins

The Perth Mint Gold Kangaroo Coins

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Gold Kangaroo

The Perth Mint began producing the Kangaroo gold coin series in 1990. The gold coins are updated with a new design that pays homage and promotes the unique marsupial that is native to the outback.

The obverse of the coin features a familiar portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth. Different portraits have been featured throughout the life of the series. The mint has announced that future releases of the coin will include an effigy of King Charles III once a suitable portrait is obtained.

The reverse design highlights the national national with a different design featured each year. The annual mintages are unlimited making random year 1 oz kangaroo coins a reliable low premium option for 24k gold investors.

Gold Nugget

Western Australia is naturally abundant in gold. It was natural for the Perth Mint to produce their first pure gold coin to memorialize some of the mesmerizing discoveries in the design.

From 1987 through 1989 the obverse of the coins featured four of the most famous nuggets discovered in the country.

Each of the four denominations minted in those years featured a different notable gold nugget.

The 1 oz coin highlights the "Welcome Stranger" nugget which was discovered by prospectors in 1889. It is the largest alluvial gold nugget ever discovered. After smelting, it's calculated that the nugget yielded 72.04 kilograms of gold. Blacksmiths at the time had to split the nugget into three pieces in order to determine its weight.

The 1/2 oz coin featured the "Hand of Faith" nugget, was found by Kevin Hillier using a metal detector in September 1980. The 875 troy ounce nugget was found in the vertical position only twelve inches underground. The nugget was bought at auction by the Golden Nugget Casino Chain which has it displayed at in the lobby of their Las Vegas hotel.

The 1/4 oz coin showed the "Golden Eagle" nugget was found by Tim Larcombe in January 1931 while he was just 16 years old. The nugget sparked a gold rush in the locality of Larkinville following the discovery. The nugget had a weight of 35 kg! Today, the remarkable nugget is on display at the Widgiemooltha Tavern & Roadhouse in the front of the shop.

The 1/10 oz coin highlighted the "Little Hero" nugget was found in 1980 in the Coongan River and weighs 10.5 kg. The 333 troy ounce nugget caused by a public stir at the time it was discovered in 1890 near Marble Bar in Western Australia. The nugget was put on display for exhibition at the Union Bank office in Perth, Australia prior to being melted down.