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Silver Libertads

Mexican Silver Libertad Coins

Current and Previous Year Libertad Silver Coins that include some rare and historic mintages for this remarkable coin.

Silver Libertads Quick Facts

The Mexican Onza was the first one troy ounce bullion coin in North America. Originally minted and circulated in 1949 featuring a coin press on the obverse and a balance scales on the reverse. The Mexican mint began minting these coins again from 1978 until 1980. The 1 oz libertad silver coin was introduced in 1982. Its annual issue is one of the most sought after coin releases by collectors and investors.

Libertad Silver Coins

Silver is one of Mexico's greatest and most abundant natural resources and has a legacy of producing silver coins dating back hundreds of years. Today, Mexico is the largest producer of silver in the world, producing more than 6,300 metric tons in 2022.

The Libertad has been minted continuously since 1982 and is one of the most limited of all bullion coins. The Mexican Mint sporadically releases mintage figures and availability of coins can be limited outside of the country.

The design has remained largely unchanged in recent years, aside from some minor enhancements. The obverse shows the Mexican Coat of Arms. The seal includes a golden eagle resting on the branch of a cactus plant as it battles a serpent. This depiction is surrounded by ten historical depictions of the coat of arms. Libertad Coins that are smaller than 1 oz exclude the historical coats of arms design elements

The reverse of all Libertad silver coins features a depiction of the Winged Victory statue. She is one of the country's national symbols and represents the freedom won by the Mexican people during the revolution against Spanish colonial control. Winged Victory holds the wreath crown symbolizing independence in her right hand and the broken chains of colonialism in her left hand.

Libertad Silver Coin Denominations

The Libertad Silver Coin series is available in a variety of different denominations and finishes. For bullion coins, the available sizes can include coins as large as the Libertad Kilo Silver Coin, which is available in limited quantities each year and is minted with impeccable detail and precision.

The most common is the 1 oz Libertad Silver Coin which typically has the most availability, while the 5 oz Libertad is a favorite of collectors which offers investors an opportunity.

Fractional Libertad silver coins are available in limited quantities each year, typically in 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz and even 1/20 oz with both proof and bullion finishes.

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