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Germania Mint Silver Rounds

.9999 fine silver rounds from Germania Mint

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The figure of Germania first appeared in Roman times, as noted on coins discovered from that era. During the Middle Ages, she arose in homages to the Holy Roman Empire.

During the 17th century, she transformed into a patriotic nationalistic warrior throughout literature, poetry and artwork.

The artwork on obverse of these modern coins depicts her as a brave and powerful woman who is the guardian and protector of the nation.

The bullion coins are minted from .9999 fine silver available in four distinct weights, each one displaying a different part of the legend:

  • 1 oz - 38.61mm diameter, 25,000 piece mintage
  • 2 oz - 50mm diameter, 2,500 piece mintage
  • 10 oz - 70mm diameter, 1000 piece mintage
  • 1 kilogram - 100mm diameter, extremely limited to just 100 pieces

This is the fifth edition of the annual silver round series in the Germania Series from the Germania Mint.

The Germania Mint is a boutique private mint based on Poland.