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Mixed Lots Circulated Silver Coins

Mixed Lots of 90% Silver Coins, Quarters, Dimes and Half Dollars

Quick Facts About Mixed Lots Circulated Silver Coins

According to remarks made recently by Chairman Jerome Powell, the US economy is expected to see a softening of the labor market in the coming months as the Federal Reserve utilizes their ability to adjust interest rates in an attempt to slow inflation.

Prior to 1965, most of the coins that circulated throughout the United States were minted from an alloy that of .900 pure fine silver.

For many investors in precious metals, stackers and preppers, Junk Silver is a cornerstone component of a greater financial plan that includes multiple tactics and strategies to help keep your family on track and able to survive and thrive during an economic recession.

Junk silver is the simple term given to historic circulated silver coins that have little to no numismatic value to collectors.

These coins maintain their intrinsic value due to their silver content. "Junk Silver" is not junk at all and is very easy to identify and authenticate using basic knowledge.

Throughout the majority of the 20th century the US Mint minted various coin denominations in a 90% silver alloy.

Investors looking for the lowest premiums on junk silver are stacking large quantities of circulated coins.

Circulated 90% silver coins can be purchased at most local coin shops, pawn brokers and some antique stores.

Despite these coins being readily available from local suppliers, still the most popular option is to make regular purchases from the lowest priced online bullion dealers and having bags of coins shipped directly to your door or stash location.

Mixed lots of junk silver coins will usually contain a combination of silver dimes, silver quarters and silver half-dollars. However, the exact mix and ratio is up the dealers and may be all of a single type.

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