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2023 Government Bullion

For 2023, there are a many sovereign bullion coins to choose from, minted in silver, gold and platinum precious metals.

2023 Government Bullion Quick Facts

In general, precious metal coins produced by governments are eligible for inclusion in a precious metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Collectors of a specific coin series often lean towards buying current year coins because they are looking to complete a set or run-of-years.

The most popular current year government bullion coin series' that investors look to for secure investments include:

American Eagle

Produced annually by the US Mint since 1986, this coin series is one of the most popular and widely recognized in the world. Although there has been various design updates and improvements made to the coins anti-counterfeiting mechanisms, each coin feature a design that includes the statue of liberty on the obverse. While the reverse of each coin displays an image of an eagle. The series is minted in silver, gold, platinum and palladium.

Canadian Maple Leaf

The Maple Leaf series is produced by the Royal Canadian Mint. Introduced in 1979 with the original 1 oz gold maple leaf coin. The series was expanded in 1988 to include both the silver coin and platinum coin.

All of the coins in this series share the same design. The obverse shows an effigy portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. While the reverse shows a simple image of a Sugar Maple Leaf, one of the national symbols of Canada.

Great Britain Britannia

The Britannia coin series comes from the Royal Mint. The legend of Britannia, a female warrior of the sea, dates back to ancient times when the Roman Empire included the British Isles.

The obverse of these coins features an effigy portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on all coins up until 2022. The reverse shows the female personification of Britannia.

Following her death last year, the first batch of the current year coins includes the same Queen Elizabeth portrait as in previous years.

During the first part of the year, the Royal Mint released a new coin design for the current year that contain a portrait of His Majesty, King Charles III on the obverse.

Britannia coins are minted in silver, gold and platinum.

Austrian Philharmonic

The Philharmonic series is the denominated in the Euro currency. Backed and guaranteed by the government of Austria, the design of these coins is an homage to its namesake orchestra.

Available in gold, silver and platinum, the Philharmonic series is available in a multitude of fractional sizes as small as 1/25 oz.

South African Krugerrand

The Krugerrand is the original bullion coin that was created in 1967 by the South African government as a way to encourage investment in government backed gold bullion.

For 2023, the Krugerrand series is issued in both silver and gold 1 oz coins.

The iconic design of these coins has remained the same for more than 50 years.

Then Krugerrand gold coin is also available in fractional sizes of 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/2 oz.

Australian Perth Kangaroo

The Kangaroo coin series comes from the land Down Under. Australia is home of the Perth Mint, the largest refinery of newly mined gold in the world.

This series is minted in one troy ounce weight denominations in both silver and gold.

The current year 1 oz silver kangaroo bullion coin is continuing with the same design as in previous years, while the reverse of the gold coin is updated each year with a unique portrait of the national animal of Australia.

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