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Random Year Government Silver

Government Mint Coins - Various Countries, Random Years

It is very common for new and experienced precious metals investors and those just dabbling with precious metals to want to buy various types of 1 oz silver coins.

Buying random silver coins from a few different countries...

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Quick Facts About Random Year Government Silver

Government Silver Coins

While Silver Eagles are the most popular bullion coin in the US, there are other sovereign government coins that are imported annually. These coins eventually end up on the secondary market. Sometimes these coins are brand new and in uncirculated condition.

Most of them are unlikely to be in perfect condition though. It's common to get coins that have some minor scuffing or dings around the rims.

Pure silver is very dense, but very soft and easily malleable. Sometimes coins can show signs of being handled in bulk.

However, these random year government minted coins can offer tremendous savings.

These coins will be random year coins from various sovereign mints usually at a lower premium per ounce than buying current year coins.

Each coin still contains 1 troy ounce of silver. Dealers typically offer them at a lower price and are a great opportunity to buy government minted coins from previous years at a lower cost per ounce.

The coins listed on this page are listings for some of the random year 1 oz silver coin offerings commonly available from trusted and reputable online bullion dealers.

These can include:

  • Random Year Silver Eagles
  • Random Year Maple Leaf Coins
  • Random Year Libertads
  • Random Year Britannia Silver Coins
and other products backed by government mints.

These coins have become very popular in recent years with silver prices low despite the high levels of inflation and other economic worries.

More and more investors have started to buy silver 1 oz coins as a store of wealth. Almost analogous to a bank savings account. Instead of kept as cash, storing some wealth in precious metals is easy and simple. Keeping some of your hard earned money in precious metals, outside of the system, helps keep some of your money close by in a stable, physical form.

There are a variety of ways precious metals can be used in similar ways as cash in day to day life. Having a trusted stash of 1 oz silver coins might be helpful in the future when a sudden financial emergency occurs.

Oftentimes, buying the cheapest 1 oz government silver bullion coins is a great way to keep your dollar-cost average low while buying higher premium government minted bullion. This can also be important when choosing an investment strategy that incorporates trading based on the gold-to-silver ratio.