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Austrian Silver Philharmonic Tube of 20 Coins

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Austrian Silver Philharmonic Tube of 20 Coins Melt Value

This silver coin contains 20.00 troy ounces of bullion. The melt value of one Austrian Silver Philharmonic Tube of 20 Coins is $475.00 based on the current silver spot price.

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Austrian Silver Philharmonic Coins (Tube of 20)

The Austrian Silver Philharmonic has become the most-popular silver bullion coin in Europe since the Austrian Mint introduced Philharmonic coin is 2008.

The Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz silver coin has a face value of 1.5 Euro and is backed in full faith by the Austrian Government. These are legal tender coins in Austria.

Random year tubes of Austria Philharmonic Silver coins come sealed from the mint in Monster Boxes. 

The obverse of the Silver Philharmonic coin has the same same as other coins in the Philharmonic Coin Series.

The obverse design of the coin shows a depiction of the Vienna Wiener Musikverein's Golden Hall.

The acoustics of the Symphony Hall have been widely recognized as superior despite having been built without the application of modern acoustical science.

Austrian Philharmonic 1 oz Silver Coins, Tube of 20 Coins Highlights:

  • Each coin in the tube is minted from one troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Each mint tube contains 20 coins.
  • Edge: Smooth
  • Bears a legal tender face value of 1.50 Euro backed by the federal government of Austria.
  • The obverse of the Philharmonic displays the Great Organ from the Golden Concert Hall in Vienna.
  • The reverse design includes a collection of musical instruments representing the Austrian Philharmonic.

The Austria Silver Philharmonic coin was the first silver bullion coin to be denominated in the Euro currency. 

Quantities of 20 and 500 often come sealed in the original mint packaging. 

Mint tubes contain 20 coins. Monster Boxes contain 500 coins. Each Monster Box contains a total of 25 individual tubes.

Austrian Silver Philharmonic Tube of 20 Coins Specifications

Weight 20 oz
Country Austria
Type Silver Coin
Mint Vienna Mint
Year Random Year
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