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Germania Mint Cast Bars

Cast Silver Bars from the Germania Mint

Poured silver bars with a smooth, mirror-like finish issued in a variety of metric and troy ounce denominations.

Quick Facts About Germania Mint Cast Bars

The Germania Mint is a boutique private mint based on Poland that issues both modern collectible and investment products that has gained popularity among collectors and investors due to the intricate and detailed designs featured on their coins, which often depicted figures from Germanic and Norse mythology, as well as elements of Germanic culture and history. Some of their series included the "Germania" series, the "Rune" series, and the "Allegories" series.

These investment-grade poured silver bars are cast into an assortment of industry-standard weight denominations that are perfect for stacking.

Germania Cast Silver Bars are available in eight different sizes measured in either troy ounce or gram weights that are across a variety of price points that make them an affordable choice for investors.

The obverse of each bar is stamped with the Germania Mint double-eagle insignia hallmark and includes inscriptions for the weight and .9999 purity. Each bar is issued with two unique serial numbers that when mated together can be authenticated with a lookup from the Mint. The front is etched near the bottom with the first serial. The second is attached to the rear on a holographic sticker.

The Germania Mint Runes are based on an ancient language known as the Elder Futhark, which is the oldest runic alphabet. The Elder Futhark consists of 24 characters, each representing a different sound. These runes were used for writing, divination, and various symbolic purposes.These runes were not only used for practical writing but also held significance in divination, magic, and religious practices within Germanic cultures. The interpretation of runic inscriptions or the use of runes in divination often varied between different Germanic tribes and regions.

Germania Mint Runes are cast with 1 troy ounce of silver and each is stamped with the weight, purity and a unique serial number.

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