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Tuvalu Coins

Tuvalu Silver Coins from Perth Mint

Quick Facts About Tuvalu Coins

Silver coins from Tuvalu are coins minted by the Perth Mint on behalf of Tuvalu, a small island nation in the Pacific Ocean. The Perth Mint, located in Australia, is known for producing high-quality bullion coins for various countries, including Tuvalu. These coins are legal tender in Tuvalu, and they often feature unique designs that celebrate different themes, events, and pop cultural icons.

Many Tuvalu silver coins are released as limited editions, with relatively low mintage numbers. Limited edition coins can be particularly attractive to collectors due to their scarcity. While others feature colorized designs, where portions of the coin's surface are painted to enhance the visual appeal and capture intricate details of the design.

Tuvalu silver coins can also serve as a form of investment, offering exposure to the price movements of the silver market. The coins' collectible nature can potentially enhance their value over time.

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