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Britannia Silver Bars

The Britannia Silver Bars are perfect for those looking for a globally recognized sovereign government backed investment. Britannia Silver Bars are available in a variety of weight denominations that include 1 oz, 10 oz, Kilo and 100 troy ounces.

Britannia Silver Bars Quick Facts

Known for their high purity and iconic design, Britannia Silver Bars are a range of investment-grade silver bars produced by the Royal Mint. They feature Britannia, a symbol of British strength, determination and integrity.

Minted from .9999 fine silver, the most distinctive feature of these bars is the Britannia design. Britannia is a classical figure who has been a symbol of Britain's maritime dominance and resilience for centuries. The design shows her holding a trident and shield, evoking the nation's maritime history and strength.

These bars are available in standard sizes that include 1 oz, 10 oz, Kilogram and 100 oz bars, catering to different investment needs and budgets. As a product of the Royal Mint, these bars are known for their high-quality minting and finish.

As a government backed investment, Britannia Silver Bars carry a higher premium over the spot price of silver compared to generic silver bars. Britannia has been a symbol of Britain's strength since Roman times. Her image has appeared on British coinage for centuries, making her an icon of national identity. The use of the Britannia image is also a mark of quality and assurance, backed by the Royal Mint's long-standing reputation.

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