Gold: $1940.60  Silver: $23.51  Platinum: $1018.00  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.81  Gold/Silver Ratio: 82.54

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Silver Spot Price
$23.51 / oz

Random Year
Silver Eagle

Random Year American Silver Eagle Coins

American Silver Eagle

2023 American Silver Eagle Coins

Generic Rounds

Generic 1 oz silver rounds

Maple Leaf

2023 Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

$10 FV

90% junk silver coinage

5 oz

5 oz silver bars

10 oz

10 oz silver bars

100 oz

100 oz silver bars
Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $99
$36.17 $36.42 $27.43 $28.68 $268.45
Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping @ $199
$40.87 $42.32 $27.74 $29.86 $140.56 $278.90 $2603.54
Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$37.40 $37.38 $27.65 $228.09 $137.97 $265.52 $2579.00
SD Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$42.53 $38.62 $28.74 $30.42 $240.41 $140.23 $286.20 $2613.00
Free Shipping @ $199
$43.69 $38.69 $27.39 $31.69 $248.03 $145.95 $279.90 $2689.00
Free Shipping @ $199
$39.72 $38.86 $28.57 $28.14 $147.53 $301.02 $2695.65
JM Bullion
Free Shipping @ $199
$42.54 $41.54 $31.54 $268.41 $300.40 $2734.00
Provident Metals
Free Shipping @ $199
$42.54 $37.64 $29.24 $31.54 $268.41 $147.70 $290.40 $42.99 $41.54 $29.24 $31.54 $254.11 $290.40
Kitco $30.75
Scottsdale Mint $28.12 $146.88 $2834.56
Prices Last Updated: June 07, 2023 5:03 PM

Recent Precious Metals Investment News

Understanding Silver Eagle Premiums

The US Mint is one of the oldest continually operating minting operations in the world and all other mints use variants of the Mint’s processes. The Mint remains one of the world’s largest producer of coins today. Issues related to the production of bullion coins have led to huge increases in Silver Eagle premiums in recent years.

Many investors are looking to buy sovereign bullion coins from other mints. While many are still buying 1 oz silver eagles, some are concerned that the Mint suppliers are also making huge profits from the record high premiums caused by the shortages.

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HSBC, Bank of Nova Scotia & Deutsche Bank Win Dismissal of Silver Price Manipulation Litigation

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China Adds Gold to Reserves for Sixth Consecutive Month

China's central bank continues its buying spree that has so far spanning six months. In April, the bank added an additional 8.09 tons of gold to its reserves, now topping 2,076.47 tons.

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Russian Agents Detain Man Smuggling 25 kg of Gold Bars in Luggage

A video circulating on social media shows what appears to be a man in custody in an office with authorities photographing two LBMA-style 12.5 kg gold bars laying out on a desk.

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American Palladium Eagles Mintage Chart

The American Palladium Eagle is the United States Mint's official palladium bullion coin. The obverse contains a modernized design of Weitsman's famous Mercury Dime, with Liberty portrayed with her hair tucked back like wings

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Florida and Indiana Ban Use of CBDC

Both Florida and Indiana have recently passed laws banning the use of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) as money in those states.

These laws explicitly exclude a CBDC from the definition of money in Florida and Indiana, effectively banning its use as such in these states.

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Why Many Investors Prefer Silver Over Gold

More people are buying precious metals as a store of value to hold in lieu of cash.

There are a lot of reasons why silver is superior to gold, beyond the most obvious.

Although silver is up over 100% since the start of the pandemic, most believe there is much more upside potential with silver relative to it's current value.

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Zimbabwe Sells $14 Million in Gold-Backed Digital Tokens

The token's initial offering is backed by 140 kilogram gold bars that have been allocated from central bank reserves

The offering from Zimbabwe is causing a ruckus with the IMF that is reminiscent of the outrage posited against El Salvador when it established bitcoin as a legal currency and began issuing bitcoin bonds.

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Investors Losing Confidence in the US Mint, while Coin Minting Reports $171 Million Net Loss

Keeping up with investors demand has been a difficult task for the US Mint. The pandemic lockdowns caused a total shut down of mint operations, forced mine closures and caused other widespread disruptions throughout industrial supply chains.

Problems for the Mint only got worse as investor demand for bullion investment coins skyrocketed because of the pandemic. For a few months, the minting of Silver Eagle coins was secretly shifted to the Philadelphia Mint for the first time in history as backorders began to pile up.

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FBI Seizes $86 million in Cash from Customer Safe Deposit Boxes

Back in 2021, the federal agents raided U.S. Private Vaults, a private vaulting and safe deposit box company located in Beverly Hills, CA under the suspicion that the owners of the company were involved in money laundering.

More than $86 million dollars in cash and millions of dollars worth of jewelry and other valuable personal items were seized from the rightful owners, most who are innocent of any crimes or wrongdoing.

After two years of legal battles, some customers have managed to recover roughly $25 million in cash taken by the government.

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New and Featured Coins, Bars & Rounds

2023 Austrian Philharmonic 1/10 oz Gold Coin - $225.90 from eBay Free Shipping Available
1 oz Asahi Silver Bar - $28.08 from Bullion Exchanges Free Shipping @ $99
2023 1 oz Silver Krugerrand Coin - $27.93 from Bullion Exchanges Free Shipping @ $99
2023 King Charles Britannia 1 oz Silver Coin - $27.93 from Bullion Exchanges Free Shipping @ $99
2023 Britannia King Charles 1 oz Gold Coin - $2033.00 from Monument Metals Free Shipping @ $199
2023 1 oz Silver Kookaburra - $32.05 from BGASC Free Shipping @ $199
2023 Panda 30 gram Silver - $33.81 from Silver Gold Bull Free Shipping @ $199
2023 1 oz Gold Krugerrand - $2041.34 from Silver Gold Bull Free Shipping @ $199
2023 Panda 30 gram Gold - $2096.88 from BGASC Free Shipping @ $199
2023 Panda 3 gram Gold - $263.35 from APMEX Free Shipping @ $199
2023 1 oz Canadian Silver Maple Leaf - $28.14 from BGASC Free Shipping @ $199
2023 1/2 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf - $1091.93 from eBay Free Shipping Available
2023 1/4 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf - $556.31 from Silver Gold Bull Free Shipping @ $199
2023 1/10 oz Canadian Gold Maple Leaf - $233.93 from SD Bullion Free Shipping @ $199
2023 American Silver Eagle Tube of 20 - $720.40 from Bullion Exchanges Free Shipping @ $99
2023 American Gold Buffalo - $2055.99 from Monument Metals Free Shipping @ $199
Kilo Kookaburra Silver Coin Random Year - $985.00 from eBay Free Shipping Available
5 oz American Flag Silver Bar - $145.53 from eBay Free Shipping Available
2023 1 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin - $27.77 from Bullion Exchanges Free Shipping @ $99
2023 5 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin - $157.84 from Silver Gold Bull Free Shipping @ $199
2023 10 oz Armenian Noah's Ark Silver Coin - $293.09 from eBay Free Shipping Available

The Lowest Online Prices from Leading Online Bullion Dealers

Our price comparison engine helps find the cheapest prices for some of the most popular silver, gold and platinum bullion products. The majority of the prices shown on our website are pulled directly from each dealer's public facing websites and are otherwise not influenced by any dealers. Our pricing engine and product information is dealer agnostic.

The prices shown are equivalent to a dealer's "cash" price for a single quantity of a given item. This represents a reasonable fair and equal comparison of prices across online bullion dealers. Quantity discounts, sales tax, alternative payment methods and/or shipping charges may effect final price where applicable.

Where prices are missing may indicate an item is out of stock with that dealer or the pricing may not be available.

Comparing American Silver Eagle Prices

Amongst investors, the American Silver Eagle is the best-selling investment-grade coin amongst the leading pure silver investment coins.

See the best and lowest prices for American Silver Eagle coins from some of the largest, reputable and most trusted online bullion dealers.

Find Silver Eagles at the lowest premiums online

Buy American Silver Eagle coins to add the most popular silver bullion coins to your precious metals investment. American Silver Eagles are one of the most popular and widely recognized silver bullion coins worldwide. They make a suitable investment for precious metals investors of all types. Investing in Silver Eagle coins is an excellent way to protect your wealth with a proven hedge against inflation.

Buying Silver Eagles online adds trusted and assured value to your holdings and portfolio with something that has a strong resale market. American Silver Eagle coins maintain their demand and can often be resold for a premium over spot price later on.

Sales of Silver Eagles have been extremely popular so far this year. Current year Silver Eagle Mintage reports show that 8,242,000 coins have been produced during the first five months of the year. Current year mintage is comparatively lower year-over-year to the same period as last year.

Ordering 2023 Eagles from online dealers allows you to lock in the lowest prices and premiums.

Compare Prices of Silver Bars

Silver bars are a popular store of value. Modern designs add a lot of variety when shopping for precious metals online. The most popular sizes continue to be those that have ten or one hundred troy ounces.

Secondary market silver bars will typically be available with the lowest premiums over today's spot price of silver. This chart makes it easy to compare the price of 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars from many top bullion dealers.