Gold: $1874.63  Silver: $23.12  Platinum: $864.29  90% Junk $1 FV: $16.53  Gold/Silver Ratio: 81.08

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Silver Spot Price
$23.12 / oz

Random Year
Silver Eagle

American Silver Eagle Coins

Silver Eagle

2018 American Silver Eagle Coins

Generic Rounds

Generic 1 oz silver rounds

Random Year
Maple Leaf

Silver Canadian Maple Leaf coins

$10 FV

90% junk silver coinage

5 oz

5 oz silver bars

10 oz

10 oz silver bars

100 oz

100 oz silver bars
Silver Gold Bull
Free Shipping @ $99
$27.74 $30.88 $25.88 $27.44 $184.30 $127.23 $250.59 $2520.72
Bullion Exchanges
Free Shipping @ $75
$28.11 $26.77 $27.22 $2514.00
BGASC $28.09 $25.48 $208.28 $127.40 $254.80
Money Metals Exchange $29.99 $29.85 $26.93 $28.13 $269.10 $2639.00
APMEX $31.02 $31.19 $26.91 $29.71 $183.68 $143.65 $266.90 $2659.00
Provident Metals $265.10
JM Bullion $29.03 $29.33 $197.27 $2559.00
Monument Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
$28.22 $28.49 $25.12 $28.02 $188.90 $255.80 $2472.00
BOLD Precious Metals
Free Shipping @ $99
$28.21 $26.19 $200.66
Prices Last Updated: September 25, 2020 2:09 AM

Compare American Silver Eagle Prices

See the best and lowest prices for American Silver Eagle coins from some of the largest, reputable and most trusted online bullion dealers.

Buy American Silver Eagle coins to add the most popular silver bullion coins to your precious metals investment. American Silver Eagles are one of the most popular and widely recognized silver bullion coins worldwide. They make a suitable investment for precious metals investors of all types. Each Silver Eagle coin contains 1 troy ounce of fine .999 pure silver. They are guaranteed for their weight and purity by the US Mint. Investing in Silver Eagle coins is an excellent way to protect your wealth with a hedge against inflation.

Investing in Silver Eagles is a smart way to diversify your precious metals portfolio with something that has a strong secondary market. American Silver Eagle coins maintain their demand and can often be resold for a premium over spot price.

Pre-Order 2020 American Silver Eagle at the lowest premiums

Online bullion dealers are now pre-selling 2020 American Silver Eagle Coins. Expected delivery for the silver coins is in mid-January

Pre-ordering 2020 Silver Eagles allows you to lock in reduced prices and premiums now for delivery when the coins are released from the mint.

Some dealers are selling Silver Eagles for below mint costs.

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