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100 oz Silver Bars

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eBay (liberty.coin)100 oz. Silver Bar - Random Brand - Secondary Market - 999 Fine

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$2,442.19 $144.19
$1.44 per oz
Monument Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,450.00 $152.00
$1.52 per oz
Silver Gold Bull
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,468.88 $170.88
$1.71 per oz
GoldClub Direct
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,478.95 $180.95
$1.81 per oz
SD Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,502.99 $204.99
$2.05 per oz
Provident Metals
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,541.59 $243.59
$2.44 per oz
Guidance Corporation
Dealer Rating:
$2,544.07 $246.07
$2.46 per oz
Money Metals Exchange
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $500
$2,545.00 $247.00
$2.47 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,578.00 $280.00
$2.80 per oz
JM Bullion
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,582.00 $284.00
$2.84 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $199
$2,618.09 $320.09
$3.20 per oz
Aydin Coins and Jewelry
Dealer Rating:
$2,638.59 $340.59
$3.41 per oz
Dealer Rating:
$2,694.00 $396.00
$3.96 per oz
Texas Precious Metals
Dealer Rating:
$2,800.72 $502.72
$5.03 per oz
Dealer Rating:

Free Shipping @ $149
$3,495.00 $1,197.00
$11.97 per oz

Melt Value: 100 oz Silver Bars

This silver bar contains 100.00 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 100 oz Silver Bars is $2298.00 based on today's silver spot price.

Prices Last Updated: Sep 26, 2023 02:04 pm

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100 oz Silver Bars

Cheap 100 oz Silver Bars

Demand for silver remains high with both investors and industry and silver bars are a proven and reliable way to set money aside as physical savings or investment vehicle. 100 oz Bars are often the best way to save money on premiums. 

Many of the most notable refiners have been reliable suppliers for manufactures and investors for decades. These secondary market silver bars will vary in design and brand based on available dealer inventory. Each is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 100 troy ounces of silver at a purity of .999 or more.

Secondary market one hundred ounce silver bars are priced at a lower premium than newly minted bars. This often provides significant savings on premiums. Some bars may have patina or may show signs of handling or scuffs from storage. Others have been recycled through the economy for decades.

Like other forms of precious metals, 100 oz silver bars can be used as a means of preserving wealth over time. They are tangible assets that retain value regardless of economic conditions.

All 100 oz silver bars will be stamped with the manufacturers hallmark, the weight and the purity. Some may include serial numbers.

100 oz Silver Bar Details:

  • Minted with one hundred troy ounces of .999 fine silver or greater.
  • Refinery and manufacturer will vary based on inventory at time of order.
  • Bullion bars show signs of age and handling and may have some scratches, dings or fingerprints.

More refineries have begun minting this size bullion bar due to demand fueled by worries of a recession which provides more options for investors buying cheap 100 oz silver bars.

One hundred ounce silver bars are roughly 5.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide and around 1 inch thick (5.5 × 2.5 × 1 in). They can be stacked and stashed in many discrete places.

Over time, many investors begin to realize the benefits of owning silver and gravitate towards stacking larger bars. Investing in 100 oz silver bars provides a tremendous amount of financial peace of mind.

Many investors purchase 100 oz silver bars as a way to diversify their portfolios, utilizing silver as a long term store of value and wealth. Silver has historically been considered a hedge against economic uncertainty and inflation. Owning larger bars can be a cost-effective way to acquire a significant amount of silver in a single purchase.

Compared with other precious metals, silver prices have tremendous upward potential and many speculate that it is set up to outperform other investments during the next bull market cycle.

Some prefer uniformity in their physical portfolio and these silver bars are available from a variety of mints that have been offering investors consistency for decades.

The secondary market inventory with each dealer will vary based on market availability. Some may include bars manufactured by these leading mints:

  • Germania 100 oz Bars

    Established in 1986 as a small coin shop in Poland, the Germania Mint has grown to become a company with a global reach and over 200 employees. These bars offer refined finishes that emphasize the uniqueness of the bars, making them more than just an investment.

  • Silvertowne 100 oz Bars

    Silvertowne is a well-established leading refiner and mint of precious metals and many local coin stores consider Silvertowne products to be standard generic bullion.

  • Nadir Refinery 100 oz Bars

    The Nadir Refinery is a leading refiner and manufacturer of investment-grade precious metals based in Turkey. Established in 1993, Nadir Refinery produces silver bars for investors across a variety of weights, sizes and shapes.

  • Sunshine Mint 100 oz Bars

    SMI is based in Idaho and is the only private mint to feature the MintMarkSI authentication system to verify genuine products.

  • Johnson Matthey 100 oz Bars

    As the largest manufacturer of minted bars in North America for nearly 30 years, JM bars are some of the most often available. In 2015, Asahi Holdings acquired the company and continues to produce 100 oz silver bars using the existing refineries.

100 oz Silver Bars Specifications

Weight 100 oz
Country United States
Type Silver Bar
Mint Various
Year Various
Classification Modern
Purity .999 fineness
Length 142.88 mm
Width 79.38 mm
Thickness 26.99 mm tracks prices from some of the most trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to help find the lowest prices on 100 oz Silver Bars.

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