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Hero Bullion Customer Reviews

For investors, customer reviews serve as another source of information when making purchasing decisions by helping to gauge whether a particular bullion dealer aligns with their needs and preferences. While highly subjective, customer reviews can be helpful in understanding how online bullion dealers handle customer service, particularly when issues arise with regard to payment, shipping or delivery.

The reviews below have been submitted to us by Hero Bullion customers based on their individual experience and ordering with the company with the most recently shared reviews displayed first.

Hero Bullion Customers Reviews

The reviews below have been submitted by Hero Bullion customers.
Review Rating :
Review Date : January 1, 2024 Reviewer : T Thiessen
My first order with Hero bullion was the night of the past coin from the Germania Mint. I ordered the coin on December 28th I received the coin on December 30th. The coin was packaged very nicely as to prevent damage. This was one of the easiest transactions I have had 5 stars for Hero bullion I will do business with them again.

Review Rating :
Review Date : September 19, 2023 Reviewer : Barry H
I have been ordering from Hero for years and have placed almost 20 orders with them. I always pay with ECheck, and have NEVER had any issues with pricing or shipping. Their prices are better than almost any other online dealer, and shipping is faster than almost anyone. I will continue to deal with them…..

Review Rating :
Review Date : August 26, 2023 Reviewer : Notjoe Brandon
I've made several purchases and made plenty of extremely ignorant requests for information and have been totally pleased in every instance. I pay via ACH and the delay from the time of order through funds verification and then shipping has always been great. Every order takes about 20 minutes to unpack as Hero seems to make "bulletproof" a priority when packaging.GREAT COMPANY!!!

Review Rating :
Review Date : April 14, 2023 Reviewer : Jake M
Terrible customer service and make you do all the leg work

Review Rating :
Review Date : February 17, 2023 Reviewer : MT
Sales and quality were good. If you purchase from them prepare to be hounded with sales calls. They are high pressure insisting to pound you with what you NEED to be interested in and why you SHOULD buy.The calls started the first day of my first purchase. Immediately I informed them I wanted no calls from them.They assured me I would be taken off the call list...yet they continued. A call yesterday finally ended with me hanging up. If they continue I will pursue a legal route.

Review Rating :
Review Date : November 24, 2022 Reviewer : Dr. Jim Roberts
Best of the best!!!

Review Rating :
Review Date : October 14, 2022 Reviewer : GMan
My first order from Hero was delivered fast and 100% accurate. They had the best price on the product I was shopping for. Will definitely buy from Hero again.

Review Rating :
Review Date : September 25, 2022 Reviewer : DGun
Have made multiple purchases from HERO and have been nothing but delighted with the transaction end to end. Their selection is not as vast as the biggest online dealers but prices are always very competitive for what they do have. Shipping is done quickly and always arrives in a very reasonable time. Packaging is always done very very well.

Review Rating :
Review Date : July 2, 2022 Reviewer : James
This is a terrific company. All of my experiences with Hero Bullion have been very positive. Very competitive prices and good shipping practices. I will definitely buy from them again.

Review Rating :
Review Date : May 7, 2022 Reviewer : Silver Chief
HERO is highly confused pertaining to taxes on Copper. Arizona has a law NO TAXES ON COPPER PERIOD!!.. located HERO charges TAXES on copper sales when mailed to Arizona, No other bullion dealers charge taxes on Arizona sales of copper gold silver Go check ebay NO TAXES ON COPPER...I called and all hero did was say im wrong and confused.. HERO IS WRONG AND CONFUSED!!.. NO TAXES ON COPPER as per ars statutes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE LAW !!!!!!!!!!

Review Rating :
Review Date : April 20, 2022 Reviewer : Silver Cheif
I can't say enough about Hero Bullion surpassed all shipping..great customer service..and selection for all taste..the lowest lows on pricing to the highest highs on quality. any coin nugget or bullion ...ILL BE BACK

Review Rating :
Review Date : April 3, 2022 Reviewer : Trey O
Have placed several orders from Hero Bullion and never had a problem. Excellent customer service. Low shipping cost and every item arrived within 3-5 days. Highly recommend this company!

Review Rating :
Review Date : March 21, 2022 Reviewer : Travis G Koehler
Excellent service great bullion prices FAST shipping!!!!

Review Rating :
Review Date : October 11, 2021 Reviewer : Greg Reynolds
Found Hero through a mention from Silver Seeker. Thought I would give them a try and now have made several purchases! Every contact they have been awesome to deal with and with 99.00 free shipping why not! Placing another order this week!

Review Rating :
Review Date : August 11, 2021 Reviewer : Alex Butler
The best customer service hands down. I am on several fb metals groups and have always enjoyed sharing HERO BULLION's selections and sales of their inventory with the groups. I hope to see more of HERO BULLION on this site's page for metals

Review Rating :
Review Date : July 9, 2021 Reviewer : Chris W

Review Rating :
Review Date : May 18, 2021 Reviewer : Randy Reynolds
This was our first purchase of silver. As I have learned more, I now see the silver we bought from them was way overpriced.

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