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20 Francs Swiss Gold Helvetia Coins

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Melt Value: 20 Francs Swiss Gold Helvetia Coins

This gold coin contains 0.187 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 20 Francs Swiss Gold Helvetia Coins is $433.41 based on today's gold spot price.

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20 Francs Swiss Gold Helvetia Coins

Vreneli is the informal name for a range of legal tender gold coins from Switzerland. These coins have a face value of 20 Swiss francs (CHF) and were minted in a millesimal fineness of 900.

The Swiss Helvetia coins are sometimes colloquially called "Swiss Miss" from the obvious obverse motif. Helvetia is the female personification of Switzerland and she is prominently featured on the obverse. The word "HELVETIA" inscribed above her profile.

The reverse of this gold 20 franc coin shows the Swiss Shield, featuring the Swiss Cross and a wreath of oak along with the denomination and year of issue. The coins from the Bern Mint are marked with a B.

The Swiss Vreneli or Helvetia 20 franc coins are designed to the same specifications as the French counterparts. Twenty franc coin minting was one component of the common gold-standard included in the Latin Monetary Union agreement. Millions were minted and circulated during the 19th century and into the first half of the 20th century.

Swiss 20 Franc Gold Helvetia Random Year

The 20 Franc Swiss Gold Coin is 21mm in diameter, roughly the size of a U.S. five cent piece. Each piece is 1.25mm thick. The gross weight of the coin is 6.45 grams. As a 90% pure gold coin, each contains .1867 troy ounces or 5.805 grams of gold.

The 20 Franc Swiss Gold Coin is among the most popular gold bullion coins worldwide because of its incredibly large mintages. As shown in mintage tables below, more than 60 million of these coins are known to have been minted. Due to their commonality and pervasiveness, investors can often buy Swiss 20 Franc Gold coins close to gold spot price. 20 Francs coins are easy to stack and make a great store of wealth.

Fractional gold coins, like the 20 francs are popular for gold stackers and preppers. The low premium over spot price helps keep dollar-cost averages low while having the financial security of physical gold.

Switzerland Helvetia 20 Francs Gold Coin Details:

  • Made with 0.1867 troy ounces of fine gold
  • Minted semi-irregularly from 1883 to 1949
  • Some coins may be restrikes
  • Face value: 20 Swiss Francs (CHF)

Swiss 20 Franc Gold Coin Mintages by Year:

Date Denomination Mintage
1883 20 Francs 400,000
1886 20 Francs 250,000
1892 20 Francs 100,000
1893 20 Francs 400,000
1894 20 Francs 121,000
1895 20 Francs 200,000
1896 20 Francs 400,000
1897 20 Francs 400,000
1898 20 Francs 400,000
1899 20 Francs 300,000
1900 20 Francs 400,000
1901 20 Francs 500,000
1902 20 Francs 600,000
1903 20 Francs 200,000
1904 20 Francs 100,000
1905 20 Francs 100,000
1906 20 Francs 100,000
1907 20 Francs 150,000
1908 20 Francs 355,000
1909 20 Francs 400,000
1910 20 Francs 375,000
1911 20 Francs 350,000
1912 20 Francs 450,000
1913 20 Francs 700,000
1914 20 Francs 700,000
1915 20 Francs 750,000
1916 20 Francs 300,000
1922 20 Francs 2,784,000
1925 20 Francs 400,000
1926 20 Francs 50,000
1927 20 Francs 5,015,000
1930 20 Francs 3,372,000
1935 20 Francs 20,009,000
1947 20 Francs 9,200,000
1949 20 Francs 10,000,000


More than 60 million coins are known minted from 1883 until 1949. Recognition as an official legal tender ceased in 1936.

Coins minted in years after dated 1947 and 1948 are restrikes and are the most common. Swiss 20 Francs gold coin restrikes are authorized by the mint and are produced to the same specifications and standards as the historic coins.

While these 20 francs gold coins are sold as bullion coins, they are also tangible link to the past. Some investors choose to protect individual coins with plastic or acrylic coin capsules. All 20 Francs Gold Coins are minted to the same specifications and fit into 21 mm coin capsules that are easy to buy from Amazon and eBay.

20 Francs Swiss Gold Helvetia Coins Specifications

Weight 0.1867 oz
Country Switzerland
Type Gold Bullion
Mint Swiss Mint
Year Random
Coins Series Latin Monetary Union - 20 Francs
Classification Vintage
Face Value 20 Francs
Coins Type Gold Bullion
Purity .900 fineness
Diameter 21.00 mm
Thickness 1.30 mm
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