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Review Date : January 30, 2019 Reviewer : BidbyB
Ya gotta say no complaints in my dealings with them though to be honest that has been limited. However I clearly remember being highly pleased with the services rendered and that says a lot.

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Review Date : April 16, 2018 Reviewer : FP
I ordered the money metals exchange starter kit. it arrived a few days later in a discrete padded envelope signature required. The first thing I noticed was that neither the return address nor anything on the outside of the package indicated that it was precious metals inside, which was a nice start. Inside the package was a lot of promotional and marketing materials about their precious metals IRAs, investor kits and other stuff along with a zip lock bag that contained what I really wanted. The zip lock contained 3 plastic flips. One had a 2014 Silver Eagle and a 2011 Maple Leaf. Another contained a 1 oz generic round and a 1/2 oz round. The third flip had the 5 1/10 oz rounds. The generic silver rounds were their own brand which was a bit of a surprise but they all tested as expected. It was a little more than buying 4 generic rounds but the Eagle, the Maple Leaf and the fractional pieces are worth the small premium. I think I paid around $72 with free shipping.