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2023 Debasement High Relief 2 oz Silver Round The Awakening Series

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Melt Value: 2023 Debasement High Relief 2 oz Silver Round The Awakening Series

This silver round contains 2.000 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one 2023 Debasement High Relief 2 oz Silver Round The Awakening Series is $55.88 based on today's silver spot price.

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2023 Debasement High Relief 2 oz Silver Round The Awakening Series

Currency debasement is the intentional reduction in the intrinsic value or purchasing power of a currency. This practice has been used by various governments and monarchs throughout history. A primary consequence of debasement is inflation.

As more money (whether coins or paper) circulates without a corresponding increase in goods or services, prices rise. If done excessively, debasement can lead to a loss of confidence in the currency.

Today, most global currencies are fiat, meaning they aren't backed by physical commodities like gold or silver but rather by the trust and confidence of the people who use them.

In the modern context, debasement can be equated with excessive money printing by central banks, particularly the Federal Reserve, which has had lead to record high inflation in recent years, along with a complete loss of confidence in the dollar abroad.

The debasement of the Roman denarius is just one of the significant factors among many that contributed to the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. The debasement led to deeper systemic problems. 

The debasement eroded trust in Roman coinage. People started hoarding earlier, more valuable coins, removing them from circulation. This "bad money drives out good" phenomenon is known as Gresham's Law, which we saw occur in the United States after the silver was removed from circulating coins in 1965.

The design of this high relief 2 oz Silver Round features a design that is based on two notable examples of historic civilizations that collapsed due to currency debasement. The Roman Empire and the Weimar Republic.

The obverse shows a right facing profile bust of Julius Caesar, the popular ruler of the Roman Empire. While his face appears worn, but normal, behind his crown his skin and flesh has disapeared, revealing the bones of his skull and spine. The design signifies the declining infrastructure and failed fiscal policies, while pretending that everything is fine, a satirical corollary about the state of our current government and decline of our society. 

Dominating the reverse is a once majestic horse in a rearing pose with the flesh rotting away, showing the exposed musculature and crumbling skeletal structure in intricate detail. 

The top half of the round's perimeter is inscribed with theme of the series, "THE AWAKENING" in capitalized letters. The lower half of the perimeter carries a phrase that reads, "YOU CAN'T WAKE A PERSON WHO IS PRETENDING TO BE ASLEEP." This aphorism implies awareness, realization, and possibly a call to action.

The pedastal beneath the horse shows the Latin phrase, "ANNUIT COEPTIS." This phrase is can be traced to lines by the Roman poet Virgil. When writing about Julius Caesar he said, "da facilem cursum atque audacibus annue cœptis", which translates to "give [us] an easy path and nod at our audacious undertakings."

Coincidentally, this phrase is also included on the Presidential Seal, although it's use there has a different interpretation which is said to be "He favours our undertakings".

The Awakening - Debasement 2 oz Silver Round Highlights:

  • Contains two troy ounce of .9999 pure silver.
  • High Relief Detail.
  • Arrives from the mint in custom-fit plastic capsule.
  • The obverse features a crumbling effigy of Caesar, with exposed skull and spine.
  • The reverse showcases a rotting horse, symbolizing the Weimar Republic along with the weight, purity and year-date of minting.
  • Eligible for inclusion in a precious metals IRA.
  • Minted in the USA by Sunshine Minting.

2023 Debasement High Relief 2 oz Silver Round The Awakening Series Specifications

Weight 2 oz
Country United States
Type Silver Round
Mint Sunshine Minting
Year 2023
Rounds Series The Awakening by Sushine Minting
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