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Precious Metals Dealers in Mississippi

Mississippi Local Coin Shops, Precious Metals Brokers, Pawn Shops, Gold Stores and Numismatic Dealers

Mississippi Precious Metals Sales Tax:

Coin and precious metals purchases are subject to 7% sales tax in Mississippi.

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Dixie Coins

North Mississippi Coin Co

Bode Gold

Ej's Coins

Graves Coins

Mississippi Bullion Dealers

Bullion dealers focus on buying and selling precious metals, such as gold and silver bars and coins. Some have physical storefronts. Many are specialized coin shops that also sell a wide range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bullion. These shops may also offer collectible coins and numismatic items.

Some jewelry stores occasionally trade in precious metal bullion in addition to jewelry. Keep in mind that jewelry items might come with a higher premium due to craftsmanship.

Mississippi Coin Stores

Shopping at a coin stores in Mississippi offers several advantages for precious metals investors. While online stores boast vast inventories, local coin shops often have diverse, rotating stock, including rare or unique items not found online. Should you decide to sell or trade part of your collection, having a relationship with a local store can simplify the process. Returns or exchanges might also be easier and faster compared to dealing with online vendors.

Many new collectors and beginning investors have questions or concerns that can easily answered with a quick trip to the local coin store. A knowledgeable dealer can provide immediate responses, guide you through the basics, and tailor advice based on your specific situation. One of the most significant advantages of a brick-and-mortar store is the ability to physically examine products and have experts who can authenticate coins, providing peace of mind for new investors unsure about the authenticity of their purchases. This makes it easy for you to hold, inspect, and compare different coins or bars, ensuring you're getting exactly what you want.

Upcoming Mississippi Coin Shows

Coin shows in Mississippi are events where numismatists, dealers, investors and enthusiasts gather to buy, sell, trade, and view coins, precious metals, paper money, and related items and provide a great chance for collectors to meet and network with others who share their interests.

Some coin shows are locally organized events, featuring local coin shops and collectors from around Mississippi. Larger coin exhibitions often include various workshops, presentations, historically significant collections, and some even include professional graders from third-party grading services like PCGS and NGC to grade and encapsulate coins on site.

Jan 26, 2024 Vicksburg Coin Show
Knights of Columbus Hall
310 Fisher Ferry Road
Vicksburg, MS 39180
Feb 23, 2024 Memphis Coin Club Annual Coin Show
Landers Center
4560 Venture Drive
Southaven, MS 38671

Coin shows provide an opportunity to see and experience many different coins under one roof and learn from more experienced collectors and dealers. Collectors can find coins from around the world and from different historical periods all in one place. Buying and selling precious metals at a coin show allows you to negotiate directly with dealers, with many offering a better deal for paying with cash.

Best Places to Sell Gold and Silver in Mississippi

When looking to buy, sell or trade precious metals in Mississippi, local coin stores and specialized dealers often provide personalized assistance and guidance. Staff members are usually knowledgeable about coins, bullion, and other numismatic items, which can be especially helpful for new investors and collectors.

With only a handful of precious metals dealers in Mississippi, it may be a bit of a drive to get to your nearest local coin store. Many investors in Mississippi have the same issue, which has made shopping from online bullion dealers a much easier option.

Having coin shops and bullion dealers close by in Long Beach, Pascagoula and Corinth allows you to buy, sell and trade precious metals nearby. Visiting a local retailer usually provides you with immediate payment rather than waiting for online dealers to process and mail a check. Taking the time to visit silver dealers in Mississippi in person allows you to buy or sell precious metals on the spot, without waiting for online transactions to be processed and shipped.

Some companies specialize in buying gold and silver items from individuals. Precious metal refiners often buy scrap gold and silver for the value of the metal. Some of the shops in Natchez or Southaven may be worth a visit. Remember that prices for gold and silver can vary based on market conditions, so it's a good idea to stay informed about current prices before selling.

Getting top dollar for your precious metals investment is important when the time comes and you want to sell some off to raise cash. While many trusted and reputable online bullion dealers often buy gold and silver from individuals, local bullion dealers can sometimes offer you cash on the spot.