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Perth Mint Lunar III Mouse Series

Australian Lunar Series III | 2020 Year of the Mouse | Perth Mint

The Australia Lunar Series from the Perth Mint follows the Chinese Lunar Calendar cycle with meticulously crafted gold and silver coins in various weights and denominations.

These coins are designed with the dedication, passion and commitment of the master sculptors from the Perth Mint.

The reverse design portrays a two rodents foraging on an ear of corn still attached to the stalk . The rodents appear to be satisfied with the meal they've encountered.

The obverse design features the popular Jody Clark portrayal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II that is frequently found on the obverse of legal-tender coinage from Australia.

The famous portrait became the 5th image of Queen Elizabeth II to be stamped on various coins beginning in 2015.

2020 Australian Perth Mint Lunar Series 3 Year of the Mouse coin series contains a variety of gold bullion coins and silver bullion coins. Various proof coins in both gold and silver are also produced with limited mintage quantities.

Perth Mint Lunar III Mouse Series Quick Facts

Lunar Year of the Mouse Coins

2020 is the Year of the Mouse according to the Chinese Zodiac Lunar calendar. Sometimes referred to as the Year of the Rat, or Year of the Rodent, the lunar year begins on January 25th, 2020, and ends on February 11th, 2021.

The zodiac sign Mouse is a symbol of intelligence, curiosity, generosity and resourcefulness. In Chinese culture, people born under the year of the mouse are known for their charm and charisma. These are hard-working people who are thrifty and good at storing wealth for later.

The Chinese Lunar Calendar follows a 12-year cycle featuring 12 animals. Each year of the cycle, and its associated animal, play a significant role in Chinese Culture.

As the Year of the Mouse, people born under this animal are clever, hopeful and optimistic for the future.

The series consists of gold and silver coins in different weights and denominations. Each coin in the series is legal tender in Australia and widely recognized worldwide. The mintages of each coin are limited. The Lunar Series III Year of the Mouse coins are sought after by investors and coveted by collectors.

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