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$10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade)

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Melt Value: $10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade)

This gold coin contains 0.484 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one $10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade) is $1166.46 based on today's gold spot price.

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$10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade)

The $10 Indian Head Eagle Gold Coin is an iconic US Mint coin that was produced continuously from 1907 until 1916 and intermittently until 1933. 

The $10 Indian Head Eagle gold coin is a significant piece of U.S. history. This coin is part of President Theodore Roosevelt’s initiative to beautify American coinage, often referred to as the Renaissance of American Coinage. Designed by the famous sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens. 

Cleaned $10 Indian Head Eagle Gold Coin Highlights:

  • Contains 0.4838 ozt of gold in an 90%/10% alloy.
  • Minted by the US Mint continuous from 1907 until 1916 and certain years after until 1933.
  • Designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.
  • Minted in large amounts for circulation during an era when the US operated on the gold standard.
  • Mint marks will vary.

Many Pre-1933 gold coins were converted into jewelry as a way to claim exemption following the gold confiscation that occurred during the great depression. Others have been cleaned of their natural patina. While these coins carry less numismatic value because of the condition, the intrinsic gold value remains.

The condition of these coins will vary, some coins will show evidence of cleaning, possibly some visible scratches from polishing. While others may have at point had a hasp or chain soldered onto the edge or rim of the coin as a simple way to wear gold coins as jewelry.

$10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade) Specifications

Weight 0.4838 oz
Country United States
Type Gold Coin
Mint US Mint
Purity .900 fineness
Diameter 27 mm mm tracks prices from some of the most trusted and reputable online bullion dealers to help find the lowest prices on $10 Indian Eagle Gold Coin (Cleaned/Jewelry Grade).

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