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$2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle

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Melt Value: $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle

This gold coin contains 0.12 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one $2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle is $232.65 based on today's gold spot price.

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$2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle

$2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coin

The quarter eagle was a gold coin issued by the United States with a denomination of two dollars and fifty cents. It represented a derivative of the ten-dollar eagle coin. 

The name was described as part of the Coinage Act which became law in 1792.

The Liberty Head design was introduced in 1840. These coins were minted until 1907 with a similar Lady Liberty left facing effigy that was similar to the other circulating gold coins of the era.

The Liberty Head, sometimes referred to as the "Coronet Head" due to the tiara like crown upon her head, was created by Christian Gobrecht.

The coins were struck at the mints in Philadelphia, the Charlotte, New Orleans, Dahlonega, San Francisco. The coins you receive may contain one of these mintmarks.

Each quarter eagle gold coin contains .121 troy ounces of pure gold bullion. The gold alloy utilized for Pre-1933 gold coins is a mix of 90% pure gold combined with 10% copper.

Pre-1933 gold coins carry historical significance and reflect a time when gold coins were a common form of currency. Pre-1933 gold coins are not only valued for their gold content but also for their numismatic worth. Their rarity, condition, and historical context contribute to their collectible value, which can appreciate independently of the gold market.

Liberty Head $2.50 Gold Coins were minted from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Some years, often referred to as "common dates," are more readily available and therefore tend to have lower premiums over their gold content. These coins carry both the value of their gold content and a piece of American history. Each $2.50 Quarter Eagle Gold Coin contains approximately 0.121 troy ounces of pure gold. Investing in $2.50 Liberty Gold Coins allows you to hold a physical asset with a proven history of retaining value.

Pre-1933 US Mint gold coins are recognizable and respected globally. These coins have survived economic upheavals, wars, and changes in monetary policy and continue to retain their value. They are part of numismatic history and can be easily bought, sold, and traded around the world.

$2.50 Liberty Head Gold Quarter Eagle Specifications

Weight .121 oz
Country United States
Type Government Bullion
Mint US Mint
Year Various
Coins Series Pre-1933 US Gold
Classification Historical
Face Value $2.50 USD
Coins Type Government Bullion
Purity .900 fineness
Diameter 18 mm
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