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Liberty 20 Double Eagles

Quick Facts About Liberty 20 Double Eagles

Liberty $20 Double Eagle gold coins are a part of American history that were minted from 1850 until 1907. They were circulated during a time before the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, giving them historically significance.

During this era, many countries were operating under the gold standard, including the US Mint. The $20 Double Eagle gold coin was primarily a trade coin and a savings vehicle for the wealthy. Although many coins were lost during the gold confiscation in 1933, many coins have been stored for decades in European vaults.

Today, these coins are a trusted store of wealth due to the intrinsic value of the gold content. Each Double Eagle Gold coin was minted with .9675 troy ounces of 21.6k gold, or .900 purity. A small amount of copper was added to add strength for circulation. As a tangible investment, Pre-1933 gold coins are highly liquid. The market for these coins spans both investors and collectors.

Millions of Liberty $20 gold coins were melted down after 1933 when the U.S. government recalled gold. The ones that have survived, carry some numismatic premium due to their rarity, especially those in higher grades or with specific mint marks or low mintage years.

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