Gold: $1942.30  Silver: $24.24  Platinum: $1037.50  90% Junk $1 FV: $17.33  Gold/Silver Ratio: 80.13

Free ShippingYes
Shipping InfoFree Shipping when you spend $199 or more
Mailing Address7301 Ranch Road 620 N Suite 155-194
Austin, TX 78726-4537
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, eCheck, Wire Transfer, Paypal,
At BOLD Precious Metals, our involvement in precious metals stretches back over 30 years to the influence of our grandfather, an avid coin collector. He instilled in our family an abiding appreciation for the beauty and historical significance of coins. As we grew up and pursued careers in various fields including engineering, finance, and technology we maintained that interest, first as a hobby and then as a means to invest in physical precious metals. Coin collecting became a fun and rewarding way to teach our own children about the history of the United States and introduce them to other cultures around the world.

BOLD Precious Metals Reviews

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These reviews have been submitted by BOLD Precious Metals customers

Review Date : January 19, 2023 Review Rating :
Amazing prices, little improvement required on shipping side, but prices are good for all products, especially kilo and 100 oz silver bars. Ordered fractional gold eagle and maple leaf. Thanks for nice packing too.

Review Date : January 17, 2023 Review Rating :
I just placed my first order with them, for 1 oz Gold Buffalo the prices seem competitive compared to others I always purchased from. I am very excited to see what come in

Review Date : December 31, 2022 Review Rating :
Put in order a few weeks before Christmas. Some items were gifts, and some were just bullion purchases to reduce taxes and shipping. Two days later I went to check the order, and it was canceled. No notification, and no reason given. I reached out to them and got a vague, useless response. I have an order outstanding with them that is paid for but a long time on shipping. After that, I will no longer do business with them. They seem like a good company but the support is bad and emails seem to get lost- there are many others to work with that are better and have similar pricing.

Review Date : December 28, 2022 Review Rating :
Was about to place my first order of two 1 oz gold coin. So glad I decided to read the reviews. Already purchased from APMEX, SDBULLION and BGASC and highly recommend them. Is sad that a company try to take advantage of the ones that keep them in business.

Review Date : December 8, 2022 Review Rating :
I was about to place an order but then saw that this company does not provide Signature Required delivery receipt. In a world of porch pirates who would ever send something of value in the mail without requiring a signature receipt. Chose to order from a different dealer without the Hidden fees.
Precious Metal bug

Review Date : October 3, 2022 Review Rating :
Bold Precious Metals mis-leads potential customers by showing inventory "on-hand" and avaialble to ship. After you remit payment (wire in our case), they inform you they do not have the inventory and that they will need to order the product. They will also not give you a shipment date. When we tried to call Bold, they answered and then hung up the phone on us after we gave them the order number. They will not return calls or emails. Only recourse now is legal. Be aware.
Randall Powers

Review Date : September 20, 2022 Review Rating :
Tried to check out as a guest to purchase one 10 oz bar but each time I clicked comtinue butten after filling in name and address section their system added 1 to the quanity I was ordering. Ultimately gave up after trying many times by clearing item and starting over. Beware this seller!
john anderson

Review Date : September 11, 2022 Review Rating :
Ordered five different times, two separate orders cancelled by site after an hour. Contacted BOLD, they said must be on my end. I order metals from several online dealers and have not had any issues....So I am going with it's on BOLD end. It will take a long time for me to try them again.
Bill H.

Review Date : August 6, 2022 Review Rating :
A 10 oz RCM Bar in the stack and BOLD helped make it possible with the best price you can find as usual !!!
Martin D. Tennessee

Review Date : July 13, 2022 Review Rating :
B for Bullion! , O for Online!, L for Lead!, D for Dealer! BOLD! From a Queen's Beast Coin to Constitutional. BOLD has consistently had thee best prices for me since 2020. Thank you BOLD Family. thee B for Best! prices
Martin D. Tennessee

Review Date : July 9, 2022 Review Rating :
BOLD Precious Metals tried to double-charge me, then kept my money. >Each month, I buy about $1500 of silver bullion from whichever dealer is selling it the cheapest (according to >I used BOLD's website to add items, fill up the cart, checkout, and pay (like any website). I paid using echeck. >The funds were removed from my account. >Then BOLD emailed me a new invoice telling me to pay again using PayPal. I didn't feel like paying double (and my money was already gone), so BOLD cancelled the whole order. >They have been telling me to expect my refund "within 1-2 days" for the last week. Beware of BOLD Precious Metals

Review Date : July 2, 2022 Review Rating :
Great prices and fast shipping. All of my experiences with BPM have been very positive. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Review Date : May 30, 2022 Review Rating :
fantastic deals and lowest prices for all new my 2022 tudor beast 2oz ...

Review Date : March 16, 2022 Review Rating :
DO NOT PURCHASE! they will take your order hold it for after it clears an than refund when they cant get the product, use another dealer!

Review Date : February 11, 2022 Review Rating :
I only go to BPM for *one* product; which they a lot of actually. And it is fun to see how many of this *product* they have compared to other dealers. I a tab open to compare the prices. Silver Proof / Gem Proof are a niche corner. Thanks.
Michael C

Review Date : August 31, 2021 Review Rating :
Wow! Super-fast processing and delivery. Placed an order on a Thursday morning, and order was shipped Thursday afternoon from Texas. Arrived at my door in California on Monday. Product was as expected and communication was great throughout the process. Bold seems to be having some great deals right now. Don't hesitate to do business with them.

Review Date : August 28, 2021 Review Rating :
No Problems using checks for Lowest Price. Quick delivery after Check Clearance ! Quality of Coins has been Good on BU ! Some of the Best Prices and Availability ! One of my Top choices for Online Buys.

Review Date : August 2, 2021 Review Rating :
As I would expect with any other reputable bullion seller, I noted BOLD Precious Metals claim to ship every order fully insured. I placed an order exceeding $1,500 and waited for the payment to clear, only to find on, that BPM opted to rely on the minimum coverage provided by USPS Priority mail of $100. I have purchased from SD Bullion, JM Bullion and SilverGoldBull, all of whom ship fully covered. BPM does not, and it goes against their very statement to do so. Fully insured packages are noted as "Insured", not "Up to $100..." Signature required does nothing to account for the damage to valuables during shipment! I DO NOT recommend BPM, as they are risking the customer's investment to the already-shaky business of the USPS!

Review Date : May 6, 2021 Review Rating :
want 2/ 1000 oz bars $
James Makris

Review Date : April 16, 2021 Review Rating :
just received my first order. coins were well packed and all coins were as advertised. order arrived late but that was not bolds problem. bolds prices were very compeitive and i will be ordering again.
dan o

Review Date : March 13, 2021 Review Rating :
No complaints here. Can't imagine why these complaints are here. My contact with them has been fantastic.

Review Date : January 27, 2021 Review Rating :
Purchased 1oz Maple on Jan 15 with 15 left in stock. Expected delivery was Jan 26. On Jan 26 I noticed they had switched my purchase to pre-sale with a March 1 expected delivery. The reason I purchased from Bold was because it was a in stock item. My last purchase from Bold
Tom W

Review Date : January 15, 2021 Review Rating :
I have ordered more than a dozen times from BOLD and have been pleased with their service every time. They have a great selection of the coins I am looking for and their prices are always competitive.
E. Bratcher

Review Date : June 27, 2020 Review Rating :
Great prices and Excellent service .....One of the best in the business

Review Date : April 23, 2020 Review Rating :
127% premium! You've got to be kidding.
Hal M.

Review Date : March 29, 2019 Review Rating :
I have purchased many times from bold precious metals , I find they have a good inventory and competitive prices. When you call they are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone interested in Precious Metals.
Larry newberry

Review Date : February 7, 2019 Review Rating :
1 star for the weak inventory. Seriously does this company have anything of good value to sell? I can not find it.