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About Liberty Coin

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Shipping InfoShipping costs vary by Item and are based upon value, weight, size and destination - please refer to each Listing for the item-specific Shipping cost.
Mailing Address2201 E. Willow Street, Suite AA
Signal Hill, CA 90755
Payment MethodsCredit Cards, Check/Money Order, Wire Transfer,

Liberty Coin is a renowned coin dealer and precious metals retailer with a long-standing history of specializing in rare and collectible coins, bullion coins, and commemorative coins.

They often have a selection of coins from different eras and mintages, allowing collectors to find pieces that align with their interests along with a range of silver and gold bullion bars in various sizes, from 1 ounce to larger sizes like 10 ounces and 1 kilogram. These bars are typically made of pure silver or gold and are a cost-effective way to acquire larger quantities of precious metals.

The team at Liberty Coin comprises experienced numismatists and experts in the field. They possess a wealth of knowledge about coins, their history, and their market value. Their expertise enables them to assist customers in making informed decisions and provide guidance on building coin collections or investment portfolios.

Liberty Coin specializes in rare U.S. coins, including key date coins, mint errors, and coins with historical significance. These can range from early American coins, such as colonial or pre-1800 coins, to rare and valuable coins from more recent decades.

Liberty Coin carries a variety of commemorative coins issued by the United States Mint. These coins are often released to honor significant events, historical figures, or important anniversaries. They feature unique designs and limited mintages, making them sought after by collectors.

Most recent reviews that have been shared by Liberty Coin customers

Review Date : May 29, 2020 Review Rating :
^This place is awesome. Very competitive prices versus the big bullion dealers.

Review Date : December 2, 2019 Review Rating :
I've used these guys for several 100 oz transactions with very good luck. The items have come as described, if not in better condition. They are very fast is processing orders, often same day.
Ralph B.

Review Date : February 7, 2019 Review Rating :
Fast shipping. But very arrogant staffing. Items are always as expected.

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