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Centenario 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin - Various Years

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Melt Value: Centenario 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin - Various Years

This gold coin contains 1.206 troy ounces of bullion. Based on the metal content and weight, the intrinsic melt value of one Centenario 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin - Various Years is $2961.77 based on today's gold spot price.

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Centenario 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin - Various Years

Mexico Gold Centenario 50 Pesos

The Centenario de Oro was first minted to commemorate the centenial of the Mexican independence from Spainish colonial rule in 1921. Banco de Mexico minted the first Centenario 50 Pesos Gold Coin celebrating Mexico's first 100 years of independence. It is also known as the "Centenario de la Independencia" or simply the "Mexican Centenario" and is iconic in the world of numismatics.

With gold investors, the Centenario is one of the most sought-after and recognizable gold coins in the world. Each coin has a weight of 37.5 grams (approximately 1.2057 troy ounces pure gold) and a diameter of 37 mm. The Centenario is made of 90% pure gold (21.6 karats) and 10% copper to increase durability. With the additional copper alloy, the an overall gross weight is 41.67 grams.

These vintage bullion coins were minted during the era when most of the world economy adhered to the gold standard.

50 Pesos Centenario Coin Design

The Centenario coin was designed by engraver Emlio del Moral with an obverse design featuring a rendition of "Winged Victory", El Ángel de la Independencia. The monument, located in downtown Mexico City, was erected in 1910 to commemorate 100 years since Mexico's War of Independence.

The background field highlights two of Mexico's famous volcanos, Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl that appear to rise from the desert. In the lower left of center, the dates of 1821 is shown, and 1921 to the lower right of center.

The reverse design of the Centenario gold coin features the Mexican coat of arms. The depiction features an eagle with a snake in it's talon perched on a cactus in a lake. 

One of the most stunning design features of the gold Centenario 50 pesos coin is the inscriptiton around the edge of the coin which reads "INDEPENDENCIA Y LIBERTAD", which translates to Independence and Freedom.

It is minted of an alloy that contains 90% pure gold combined with 10% copper which gives the coin its distinctive orange hue and makes it more durable that 24k gold coins.

Gold 50 Peso coins are ideal for gold investors due to their commonality and low premiums. While the Centenario is considered a bullion coin, its a coin with a rich numismatic history. Rare and well-preserved Centenario coins from certain years can command higher premiums due to their numismatic value. Many investors and collectors appreciate the dual appeal of owning a gold investment coin with a rich cultural background.

Mexico 50 Pesos Centenario Gold Coin Details:

  • Minted by La Casa de Moneda
  • Contains 37.5 grams of gold (1.2 troy ounces)
  • .900 fine gold
  • Diameter: 37mm
  • Thickness: 2.69mm

50 Pesos Centenario Coin Mintages

Year Mintage Amount
1921 180,000
1922 463,000
1923 432,000
1924 439,000
1925 716,000
1926 600,000
1927 606,000
1928 538,000
1929 458,000
1930 372,000
1931 137,000
1943 89,000
1944 593,000
1945 1,012,000
1946 1,588,000
1947 309,000
1949-1972 4,449,554 *


Originally minted from 1921 until 1931, production of the 50 Peso Gold Centenario coins was suspended because of diminished demand during the Great Depression when many countries removed gold coins from circulation.

From 1933 until 1974, during the time when gold ownership was illegal for regular citizens, 50 Pesos coins were exempt from the ban due to their historic value as numismatics. The numismatic clause allowed for gold investors to become coin collectors as a way to bypass the prohibition on gold ownership.

Minting resumed in 1943 and continued through 1947 as demand for gold increased due to the second World War.

Production of restrike coins began in 1949 with all coins minted continued to bear the 1947 date. 1947 Centenario restrike coins continued to be minted through 1972.

In 1996, the Mexican Mint began another production run of restrikes and minted at least 7,954,777 coins. These restrike coins are commonly available in the market as investment-grade gold bullion coins.

Centenario 50 Peso Mexican Gold Coin - Various Years Specifications

Weight 1.2057 oz
Country Mexico
Type Sovereign Bullion
Mint La Casa de Moneda de Mexico
Year Various
Coins Series Mexican Gold Pesos
Classification Historical
Face Value 50 pesos (50 MXP)
Coins Type Sovereign Bullion
Purity .900 fineness
Capsule Size Capsules are available from Amazon: Red Capsule Tube & 20 Air-Tite 37mm Black Ring Coin Holder Capsules for 1oz Silver and Gold Philharmonic by OnFireGuy - $24.95
Diameter 37.00 mm
Thickness 2.80 mm
Edge Lettered
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