Should you sign up for a Bullion Subscription Box?

Over the past several years the number of companies offering monthly bullion subscription box products has proliferated into virtually every niche.

Is it any wonder that more than a few different monthly subscription services related to silver and gold bullion have been brought to market?

Not really surprising.

Are they worth it for the average precious metals investor?

What are the bullion subscription box services?

Several different bullion subscription services have emerged over the past couple of years. Each bullion subscription service allows for investing in silver, gold and platinum bullion at monthly intervals with a fixed amount of money spent.

The amount of bullion received in each monthly shipment will vary depending on the spot price of each of the precious metals as well as the amount each investor has chosen to spend.

Investor Crate

What is Investor Crate?

Investor Crate is one of the most popular bullion subscription services to have emerged over the past couple of years. InvestorCrate offers a variety of subscription levels that include gold, silver, platinum and constitutional or “junk” silver.

Their monthly subscription boxes start at $50 and go as high as $1,000 a month.

The subscriptions that they offer include:

50/50 Combo

This monthly subscription box contains a mix of Gold and Silver. The exact mix is determined each month based on availability and spot price. Though it’s hard to imagine what mix of gold and silver you might expect if you’re subscribing at the lowest level of $50.

The Big Bar Crate

This monthly subscription box is for those interested in just silver bars. The exact items, size and quantity of the silver bars in this box are going to depend a lot on how much you’re paying each month for the subscription.

For the basic subscription level of $50 the most one could expect at the current silver spot price would be around 3 troy ounces a month. As spot price rises the amount of silver each month will decrease.

InvestorCrate has several other varieties of combo boxes that you can subscribe to each month. They have a subscription crate that includes only items issued by the US Mint, such as American Silver Eagle coins and perhaps other special release bullion items.

Subscription prices range from $50 to $1,000 a month.

Money Metals Exchange

Money Metals Exchange offers a couple of different options for monthly subscription services for both gold and silver bullion. Their Monthly Gold & Silver Savings Plans offer the option to invest as little as $100 a month in silver, in gold, or a combination of silver & gold.

Instead of being sent a random box of bullion every month they allow you to choose your specific investments. The idea being their plan is based on the strategy of dollar-cost averaging. Dollar-Cost Averaging is an investment strategy that focuses on investing the same dollar amount at regular and consistent intervals.

In the Money Metals Exchange monthly savings plan you chose from a list of popular bullion items. The choices available include sovereign government backed coins such as Silver & Gold Eagles and Maple Leafs, as well as generic bullion bars and rounds in a variety of sizes and weights.

Subscription prices start at $100 a month.


GMRGold offers monthly curated bullion subscription boxes similar to those from InvestorCrate.

They offer three subscription levels, Basic Bullion Box, Advanced Bullion Box, and Elite Bullion Box.

The Basic Bullion Box costs $100 a month, the Advanced Bullion Box is $250 a month and the Elite Bullion Box is $500. They also offer an option for Custom Bullion Box for any larger amount.

Their expert advisors curate what is included at each level every month. Items delivered each month may include Gold and silver bullion, bronze and/or copper precious metals, and will be in the form of coins, bars or rounds.

Are bullion subscriptions worth the money?

Generally speaking, No. Bullion Box subscriptions aren’t a good value for the money. In each case the company needs to make money. With spot price changing on a constant basis it’s difficult for these companies to lock in prices that would compare to many of the larger dealers.

Most often, the items included in the monthly subscription won’t compare to just setting aside money every month and buying the items you want yourself. There are lots of InvestorCrate unboxing videos on YouTube that show what is included in their typical boxes and most seem disappointing for the cost.


2019 America the Beautiful .999 Silver Proof Quarters

The 2019 United States Mint America the Beautiful Silver Proof Quarters set includes all five 2019 America the Beautiful Quarters minted in 99.9 percent silver.

This is the first time ever that the US Mint has released Proof Quarters in .999 fine silver. You can buy these Silver Proof Quarters sets online for a small premium over silver spot price, which makes them great for stackers and investors as well as collectors.

The silver in these coins can be seen by comparing the edge of the coin to that of a standard clad coin. On a standard clad coin there will be a line of copper visible along the reeded edge, while on these quarters all you will see is silver.

The First Silver Proof Quarters in .999 Fine Silver

The 2019 edition of the United States Mint America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set is the 10th annual release of five quarters in the series.

2019 American The Beautiful Quarters Obverse Design

Each coin in this series has a common obverse (heads) with the 1932 portrait of George Washington by John Flanagan. Inscriptions on the obverse are “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” and “QUARTER DOLLAR.”

2019 American The Beautiful Quarters Reverse Designs

The 2019 reverse (tails) is unique to each coin and honors these treasured sites with unique designs:

Lowell National Historical Park in Massachusetts
The design depicts a mill girl working at a power loom with its prominent circular bobbin battery. A view of Lowell, including the notable Boott Mill clock tower is seen through the window. Inscriptions are “LOWELL,” “MASSACHUSETTS,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

American Memorial Park in the Northern Mariana Islands
The design depicts a young woman in traditional dress at the front of the Flag Circle and Court of Honor. She is resting her hand on the plaque whose text honors the sacrifice of those who died during the Marianas Campaign of World War II. Inscriptions are “AMERICAN MEMORIAL PARK,” “N. MARIANA ISLANDS,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

War in the Pacific National Historical Park in Guam
The design portrays American forces coming ashore at Asan Bay, strengthening the number of troops on the island in the fight for Guam and its eventual liberation. Inscriptions are “WAR IN THE PACIFIC,” “GUAM,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

San Antonio Missions National Historical Park in Texas
This design depicts elements of the Spanish Colonial Real coin to pay tribute to the missions. Within the quadrants are symbols of the missions: wheat symbolizes farming; the arches and bell symbolize community; a lion represents Spanish cultural heritage; and a symbol of the San Antonio River represents irrigation methods and life-sustaining resources. Inscriptions are “SAN ANTONIO MISSIONS,” “TEXAS,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness in Idaho
This design depicts a piloted drift boat on the rushing river encompassed by the trees and rock formations of the Wilderness. Inscriptions are “RIVER OF NO RETURN,” “WILDERNESS,” “IDAHO,” “2019,” and “E PLURIBUS UNUM.”

.999 Silver Proof Coin Specifications:

Denomination:Quarter (25 cents)
Composition:99.9% silver
Weight:6.343 grams
Diameter:0.955 inch (24.26 mm)
Mint and Mint Mark:San Francisco – S

Each quarter in the set is minted from .999 fine silver which is the first time the US Mint has ever produced quarters in .999 silver. Each coin has a face value of 25 cents and weighs 6.343 grams (.203 troy ounces).

The complete set of five 2019 American The Beautiful Proof Quarters contains slightly more than 1 troy ounce of fine silver.

You can buy these proof quarter sets from various online bullion dealers and eBay and are perfect for stacking when they can be found for a low premium. They also make an excellent gift for investors, bullion enthusiasts, silver stackers and coin collectors.

UPDATE: Prices are rising 2019 Silver Proof Quarter! Prices and premiums may continue to rise as collectors and investors buy all that they can of these!

The Trap with the Golden Bait by Roman Booteen Now Available
Roman Booteen's Trap Coin Hobo Nickel

The “Trap Coin”, designed and sculpted by Roman Booteen is a uniquely designed and carefully crafted “Hobo Nickel” in 2017. The coin’s unique spring loaded finger trap contraption has caught the attention of coin collectors and art collectors and many more.

Roman Booteen trap coin replica side view

The coin sold at auction for over $10,000 and The Heads or Tails Coin Company purchased the rights to reproduce the design, complete with the fully functional trap mechanism. The reproduction trap coin is now available for purchase. The reproduction is limited to only 999 replica coins.

The coin’s bezel, jaws and trap are cast from .925 Sterling Silver. The obverse of the coin features a Morgan Dollar that has been domed to hide the mechanism of the trap.

The reverse features a Mexican Dos Peso Gold Coin and the spring-loaded trap.

Roman Booteen's Trap Coin Hobo Nickel

Trap Coin-Features:

  • Authorized reproduction of Roman Booteen’s original Trap Coin produced by Heads or Tails Coins & Collectibles
  • Unique and fully functional trap mechanism
  • Bezel, Jaws & Trap cast from 20 grams of 925 silver
  • Limited to ONLY 999 replicas
  • Individually laser-etched with serial number
  • The coin arrives in a collector’s box with its certificate of authenticity
  • Bas-relief sculpture on a hobo nickel
  • Includes an original Morgan Dollar
  • Consists of the original Dos Pesos .0482 troy ounce gold coin

Design Highlights:

  • Unique and carefully crafted sculpting and functionality
  • Obverse: A domed Morgan Dollar, highlighting the iconic bald eagle
  • Reverse: 1945 Gold Dos Peso Coin, surrounded by a spring-loaded finger trap
  • The trap opens and becomes a part of the border work
  • Around the circumference of the coin, there is an inscription by Sir Walter Scott reads, “AURUM MULTO MAGIS ANIMAS PERDIDIT QUAM FERRUM CORPORA CECIDIT. “- Definition of the Inscription: “Gold has killed more souls than iron.”
  • The “Trap coin” makes an excellent gift for any coin or precious metals enthusiast, investor or collector.

Find the best prices the Trap Coin and for Roman Booteen Coins For Sale.

Buy the Trap Coin for the best price from a trusted and reputable bullion dealer.


Buy Gold Bars on Sale from Money Metals Exchange
1 gram gold bars

Money Metals Exchange has special pricing on fractional 24k gold bars. With dealer premiums low now is a great time to buy gold bars, both for yourself or as a holiday gift for the people in your life.

Their gold bars are currently priced at some of the lowest premiums over gold spot price.

  • 1 Gram Gold Bars – From Random Manufacturers, Sealed in Mint Assay Packaging for around $48.
  • 2.5 Gram Gold Bars – In Mint Sealed Assay Card, Random Manufacturers, less than $110
  • 5 Gram Gold Bars – Pure 24k .999 Fine Gold, Random Mints in Sealed Assay Cards for around $215
  • 10 Gram Gold Bars – Sealed in Mint Assay Cards from Random Manufacturers based on availability, priced around $419, under $42 a gram

Combine the purchase of some fractional gold bars with their Silver Starter Kit for around $66 or with any items from their Holiday Gift Guide to receive free shipping on the entire order. A Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife with 1 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar inlay makes a great holiday gift for any bullion investor.

These low premiums on fractional gold bars are not going to last long. When you buy gold bars you are investing in an asset that is meant to preserve wealth.

Tiffany Sterling Silver Lego vs. MPM “Lego” Fine Silver Build Blocks

Famed jeweler, Tiffany & Co, has a newly released Everyday Objects collection that contains a variety of Sterling Silver items. Items include a Sterling Silver clothespin, a silver “tin” can, a sterling silver flower pot, and of course, a ten piece sterling silver lego building block set.

Earlier this year, Monarch Precious Metals released a silver “lego” building block set made of .999 fine silver. How do the two compare?

The Tiffany & Co set consists of 10 sterling silver blocks that each contain a walnut base. The amount of sterling silver in each piece is not listed on their website.

The Monarch “lego” building block set contains 12 blocks, each block in the set contains 1 troy ounce of fine silver.

The Tiffany & Co set costs $1,650 for 10 sterling silver and walnut blocks.

The Monarch Precious Metals “lego” building block set costs a small premium over spot price, currently below $225.

Bullion Jewelry Is Smart and Sound Holiday Gift
24k gold jewelry - 1 troy ounce bracelet

During the holiday’s many people give the gift of jewelry to their loved ones. Fine jewelry is typically made of allows of gold, platinum or silver and often carries a very high premium over spot price when factoring in the purity and weights. Bullion jewelry is a smarter choice for anyone interested in wealth preservation.

Setting aside the cost of design and manufacturing of jewelry products, the cost of the precious metals used to make jewelry is still a commodity. And when the karat or purity of the precious metal is diluted with other alloys it further commoditizes the jewelry.

When buying traditional jewelry the markup above the cost of the precious metals is enormous. This is normal of products bought through the retail sales chain.

What is investment grade bullion jewelry?

Investment grade jewelry is fine jewelry that is manufactured with higher purity metals, up to .999 fine gold or 24 karat. Investment grade jewelry holds it’s value much better than alloy jewelry and not only makes a great holiday gift for your loved ones, but provides for a better investment.

Major online bullion dealers provide a variety of investment quality bullion jewelry. There are a number of products available in 22 karat and 24 karat gold that can be bought with a low premium over spot price that have a similar cost to traditional 14k or 18k gold jewelry products purchased through typical retail environments.

Buying 24k gold jewelry for investment purposes has become quite popular. So popular, in fact, that several companies specializing in high purity 24 karat .999 fine gold jewelry exist to fulfill the demand.

What are the benefits of buying investment grade bullion jewelry?

Other reasons why Bullion Jewelry has become a popular investment options for discerning buyers.

  • It is a portable store of wealth. Bullion investment jewelry can be transported and carried easily and often discretely.
  • It makes it easier to give your loved ones a gift of wealth that is more straight-forward than traditional inheritance or transfer of wealth.
  • Gold bullion jewelry carries much lower premiums than traditional jewelry.
  • It can afford you more privacy and reduced reporting complexity with regard to tax reporting.
  • Gold bullion jewelry is an asset that you can hold yourself, entirely outside of the regular banking system.
  • The value of the jewelry will follow the price of gold. As the price of gold rises the value of your jewelry will increase as well.

Where Can I Buy Bullion Jewelry?

One popular company, Menē, has established itself as a market leader in 24 karat jewelry. They produce their own product lines that include 24k gold charms, rings, chains and other speciality items designed to be a vehicle for investing in precious metals while being able to enjoy the luster of wearable jewelry.

Another company, Auvere, is focused on the fashion aspects of gold jewelry with the side benefit of wealth preservation.

Investment grade bullion jewelry can also be purchased from a variety of trusted and reputable online bullion dealers such as APMEX, Money Metals Exchange, Silver Gold Bull and Bullion Exchanges.

One of the most popular bullion jewelry item during the holiday season has been a 1 troy ounce 24k gold wearable bracelet from Money Metals Exchange. The bracelet is 8 1/2 inches long and comes in a natural yellow gold color with a hammered finish. The premium over gold spot price for the bracelet is comparable to buying a 1 oz American Gold Eagle coin.



Bullion Holiday Gift Items include Free Shipping From Money Metals Exchange
Diversion Safe Book
Money Metals Exchange has been around since 2010. Many people have avoided buying from them because they charge shipping for orders under $1,000 or because it often seems like they are just “silver pumpers” pushing metals because of the coming economic apocalypse.
In any event, they have decent pricing on a lot of things but due to the shipping cost. For smaller orders a $9.99 shipping charge means an extra $1.00 per ounce premium for 10 ounces.
As a holiday special they are offering free shipping on all orders placed through December 20 that contain an gift item from their list of gift ideas.
Gift items include:
Additional items are available on the Money Metals Exchange Bullion Gift Ideas page.