2023 Black Friday Bullion Deals


Black Friday Bullion Deals from online dealers is an annual tradition where retailers provide significant discounts to kickstart the holiday shopping season. Many of the leading online bullion retailers participate by offering discounts and deals on various precious metals items. This typically include offers for both investors and collectors.

In previous years, APMEX has offered a variety of doorbuster deals, offering discounted premiums, including any quantity pricing along with several spot price deals.

Pre-Black Friday Bullion Deals

The end of year is the perfect time to stack extra precious metals as a way to set aside some funds and be prepared next year and several dealers are already showing price drops for the upcoming Black Friday week sales.

SD Bullion

SD Bullion has begun their pre-Black Friday sale, with a deal for Silver Kilo Bars on sale for as low as 79 cents over spot per ounce in quantity. For individual bars, the premium is around $1.39 per ounce, by far the lowest available premiums for silver kilos.

For gold buyers, SD Bullion has a special offer on Johnson Matthey 1 oz Gold Bars. The premium for the first bar is just $9.99 over spot, with additional bars available at the discounted premium of $29.99.

Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is showing prices as low as $0.70 Over Spot per oz on Italpreziosi 100 oz Silver Bars. These bars are also offered at a discounted premium through the Bullion Exchanges eBay store, which includes all credit card and PayPal fees and may be eligible for rewards points, cashback and other offers. They are also offering similar pricing on Germania Mint 100 oz Cast Silver Bars.

Bullion Exchanges has posted offers across all price points. From 5 oz Silver Bars from the Argentia Mint, to discounts on monster boxes and tubes of American Silver Eagle coins.

A variety of gold bars are on sale, ranging from as small as 5 grams to multipacks of 1 gram bars and 1 oz gold bars.

For those looking for lowest premiums should check out the variety of 100 ounce silver options available at Bullion Exchanges. These include lots of twenty 5 oz silver bars, lots of ten 10 oz silver bars, various bundles of 100 oz in silver rounds. If you’re looking to make an even larger investment, Monster Boxes with 500 oz of 1 oz silver rounds are also available.

Check out the Bullion Exchanges Black Friday Deals page for more details.

Monument Metals

Monument Metals has announced a special deal on Nadir Refinery 10 oz Silver Bars. Purchase two 10 oz silver bars and receive the second at spot price! They have created a special page on their website that includes the discounted pricing.

Be sure to check out the Monument Metals Deals page for more Cyber Week offers.

Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint has announced a variety of discount offers. Deals are available on Scottsdale Stacker Bars, 1 oz silver rounds, 2 oz silver coins, fractional gold bars and more. Check out the deals page on their website for more information.

Silver At Spot Price Deals

This year, numerous dealers are expected to offer silver at spot deals with limited quantities available.


APMEX has announced a variety of offers to start on Black Friday and continue through Cyber Week. These will include several deals at spot price and site-wide “any quantity” pricing, which is typically reserved for bulk quantity orders.

They are offering an addition 10% back in rewards for holders of the APMEX Bullion Card Visa Card.

APMEX is offering Poured Kilo Silver bars at spot price! You can also download the APMEX App from the deals page to get early access to APMEX Black Friday deals.

SD Bullion

The Doc has added additional offers to the early Black Friday Sale. The best deal so far, is the silver at spot price deal on their 10th Anniversary 1 oz Silver Rounds.

27 of the best 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on Silver, Gold & Platinum

2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

Many of The Black Friday sales with online precious metals and bullion deals are live and that means plenty of deals on silver and gold bars, rounds and coins.

The best online bullion deal for 2021 is the American Eagle Silver coin at spot price from BGASC.

The Black Friday deals offered this year are comprised of a variety of sales on silver, gold and platinum discounts on dealer premiums. Some highlights include offers an American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin at Spot Price from BGASC.

Financial uncertainty around rising inflation and higher gas prices continue to weigh on the minds of holiday shoppers throughout the United States this year.

Holiday shoppers are seeking out discounts on popular items. Below are some highlights of some of the better deals offered by online bullion dealers in 2021.

Head over to our list of all theĀ best Black Friday bullion deals.

APMEX chose to utilize their mobile app for their best deals this year.

Several spot price deals were offered with limited quantities throughout the day.

JM Bullion offered very little discount offerings for Black Friday this year. Some on social media have been speculating as to the reasons.

Top Black Friday Deals on Silver, Gold & Platinum Bullion



APMEX has raised their threshold for free shipping to orders over $199 dollars.

JM Bullion

JM Bullion has raised their threshold for free shipping to orders over $199 dollars.

JM Bullion has discounts on some products. However, offers from some other online retailers for similar products are better.

Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges continues to have one of the lowest minimum order thresholds to include free shipping for orders over $99. There are many great Black Friday deals offered from Bullion Exchanges.

Money Metals Exchange


Silver Gold Bull

SD Bullion

SD Bullion continues to deliver some excellent deals for Black Friday

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