Gold & Currency Heist Reported in Canada

Canadian authorities have reported a gold heist at Toronto Peterson Airport. Various news outlets report the amount ranging in value between $14.8 and $22 million dollars.

Al Jazeera reports a statement from the Regional Police said that a container carrying gold and other monetary items was stolen from a private warehouse after being unloaded from a plane at a nearby cargo facility.

The thieves are being compared by some media outlets to the characters in Hollywood stories based on mafia folklore such as the Henry Hill tales told through Goodfellas.

While others distract from facts by referencing other historically large gold heists in Canadian history.

The latest officially released figures estimate that 1.6 metric tons, the equivalent to 1,600 kilos of gold were included among the stolen stash.

“It did contain gold but was not exclusive to gold and contained other items of monetary value,” an RCMP Investigator told reporters.

Such a brazen burglary has authorities tight lipped about the other missing cargo. The Toronto Sun claims to have had access to confidential memos that suggest that the other cargo was a significant amount of currency bank notes as part of an intrabank transaction involving TD Bank.

There is still no word on the airline involved or the origin or final destination of the missing cargo.

In 2021, Canada was the 4th largest gold producer worldwide with roughly $21.3 billion.