Where to buy the cheapest silver rounds online?


Most people learn about precious metals investing from family or close friends. Growing up in the 1970s and 80s, there were always older family members around that had lived through the Great Depression, the banning of gold and the demonetization of silver. Many lessons were passed along through family, such as keeping a stash of scrap gold jewelry, old Pre-1965 silver coins, and maybe some silver bars.

With a lot of generational knowledge lost to the passing of time, new investors often turn to social media looking for advice, sales, trustworthy dealers and other valuable information.

One of the most frequently asked questions from first time investors is: where to buy the cheapest silver rounds online? The second most asked question: which dealer has the lowest price on silver rounds?

The first answer that most experienced silver buyers suggest is to start buying up the Silver At Spot Price deals that are offered by some of the top dealers. The availability of offers, and dealers offering them varies all the time. FindBullionPrices.com tracks the availability of silver at spot price deals from all of the dealers that offer them.

Sometimes the available offers include ten 1 oz silver rounds, other times the offers include 10 oz silver bars and other choices.

Generic Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are available in a variety of sizes, such as 1 oz , 2 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz. There are even kilogram silver rounds that are popular amongst collectors for their detailed designs and semi-numismatic value. For investors, one of the most obvious ways to get the best price possible is to buy silver rounds at the lowest premiums over spot price.

Silver rounds is manufactured and minted in multiple forms including bullion bars, rounds, coins and collectible coins. Each of these products can, however, have some significant differences when it comes to overall premiums.

Silver Round Design

Rounds are produced by private mints. They are not legal tender like coins, nor do they have no face value and they are not government backed. However, the vast majority of the private mints that issue silver rounds have affiliations and certifications with various international organizations that adhere to industry related ISO manufacturing standards. Some are even approved “Good Delivery” providers on various international exchanges such as COMEX.

When buying silver bullion rounds, the cheapest silver rounds will often be labeled as generic silver rounds or secondary market silver rounds.

Generic Silver Rounds - Buffalo Design

Generic Silver rounds often have simple, well known designs. There are many cases where the design mimics those early 20th century coins. The most frequently available generic design is based on James Earle Fraser’s buffalo nickel, which features a standing buffalo on one side and an Indian head on the other.

This general design is manufactured by virtually every private mint and available from most dealers and local coin shops as generic silver rounds. These are usually one of the lowest priced silver rounds available.

Secondary market silver rounds can be virtually anything that the dealer’s have in stock. In most cases, secondary market silver rounds have been bought over the counter from investors that are liquidating their precious metals investment. Dealers buy these in bulk, usually at a discount below spot price. As a result, the premiums on secondary market silver rounds will typically be lower than newly minted rounds. The condition of these round will vary from dealer to dealer and may be scratched, tarnished or vintage. Secondary market silver rounds will often be the cheapest silver rounds.

Discount Silver Rounds

Silver rounds are one of the most popular precious metals investments because they are extremely liquid and easy to store at home. The high volume of sales allows most online dealers to offer various pricing tiers. With quantity pricing, dealers offer better pricing when purchasing multiples of silver rounds, which allows for better pricing when buying in bulk.

For a given product, a dealer may set a certain price point for those buying 1-9 rounds, a slightly lower price for 10-19 rounds, and yet an even lower price for 20 rounds or more. The quantity and pricing tiers vary from dealer to dealer and sometimes from product to product. Buying coins or rounds in mint tubes or monster boxes can offer a significant savings.

Tube Silver Rounds

During the manufacturing process, the newly minted silver rounds are packaged into plastic tubes before being packed into boxes for distribution. The private mints in most countries have accepted that tubes of 20 silver rounds has become the industry standard and most common option.

Since 1 oz silver rounds are generally between 37mm and 39mm, each tubes of silver rounds is easy to store at home and they are an affordable way of stacking precious metals. The liquidity that is provided by holding tubes allows for the sale of one or more rounds, depending on the circumstances.

Large Format Silver Rounds

The pricing of silver rounds generally follows the principal that buying larger sizes results in lower premiums. While the most common size is the 1 oz silver round, larger sizes such as 5 oz and 10 oz are growing popular with investors.

These larger rounds offer a way to purchase silver in bulk, potentially reducing the premium over the spot price compared to buying the equivalent weight in smaller rounds. Many of the 5 oz silver rounds that are available carry the same design, but with much greater detail due to the larger surface area. It’s a good idea to keep these larger sizes in capsules to prevent scratches and fingerprints when handling or on display.

Compare Multiple Dealers for the Cheapest Silver Rounds

Since silver bullion is a commodity, most online dealers carry many of the same exact products. However, the price of a given product could be significantly higher from one dealer to the next. Shopping around and comparing prices along with dealer reviews is an important part of the buying process.

FindBullionPrices.com compares prices of over 1500 Silver, Gold and Platinum bullion products across dozens of online bullion dealers. Use FindBullionPrices.com to find the best prices on silver rounds.

Shipping and handling costs can be a factor in getting the lowest overall premiums for your investment. Many online bullion dealers will include free shipping with a minimum purchase. The free shipping requirements vary from dealer to dealer. There are many dealers that include free shipping with a minimum $99 purchase.

Payment Methods – Check/Wire, Credit Card, PayPal, BitCoin

Another way to save on the dealer premiums is to choose a payment method that will not include additional surcharges.

Online bullion dealers charge roughly a 4% fee for payments via Credit Card or PayPal. This is due to the transaction costs from the merchant provider that are passed through to the dealers. The dealers pass this cost through to the end buyer.

Technically, they get around this by offering a cash discount price for those wishing to pay via Check, ACH or Wire Transfer.

Many dealers now accept BitCoin for payment through the BitPay gateway service. As a result, some dealers offer an addition discount tier when payment with cryptocurrencies.

However, to get the best prices, stick with checks, wire transfers and ACH.

The Basics of Silver as a Store of Value and Wealth


In an age where digital transactions and cryptocurrencies are the norms, the concept of precious metals as a form of currency might seem outdated to many. However, there’s a compelling case to be made for considering silver not just as a relic of the past but as a relevant and wise choice for long-term wealth preservation and financial security.

The Forgotten History of Silver as Money

For centuries, silver and gold have been the cornerstone of global trade and currency. Our grandparents carried silver coins in their pockets, and the coins in circulation prior to 1965 were minted from 90% pure silver. Many in America built their wealth based on gold and silver reserves.

This historical significance isn’t just a matter of antiquity; it’s a testament to the intrinsic value these metals have played for thousands of years across various cultures and civilizations, but which is often overlooked in modern times.

Ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Romans, and Chinese, used silver as a primary medium for trade. Silver coins were minted and used extensively for commercial transactions. Various countries, at different times, adopted a silver standard, a monetary system in which the value of paper currency was defined in terms of a certain amount of silver.

The Spanish silver dollar, sometimes referred to as “pieces of 8”, was widely used beyond Europe, especially in the Americas and Asia, with silver playing a key role in early global trade. With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, silver, like gold, began to be seen more as a commodity and an investment. The shift to paper money and, later, digital transactions, led to a decline in the use of silver as everyday currency.

Today, silver continues to be an important asset in investment portfolios and is still used in various forms of commemorative and investment-grade coins. The historical significance of precious metals as a medium of exchange and store of value remains an important part of the global monetary systems.

Why Silver is Relevant Today

In the world of digital finance, silver stands out because it is a tangible asset. It’s an object that you can own and keep as a store of value, like a savings account. Unlike digital currencies or stocks, silver is something you can hold.

Silver has historically offered protection against inflation. When fiat currencies like the dollar lose value due to economic policies and market fluctuations, precious metals often retain their value. There have been many examples in history where their value has even appreciated. This is because these commodities often have an inverse relationship with other investments.

Compared to gold, silver is much more affordable, making it an accessible investment option for young investors who are starting to build their portfolios.

Diversifying your investment portfolio is a fundamental principle of sound financial planning. Including silver can provide balance and stability, especially during times of high inflation and economic uncertainty.

Beyond its value as an investment, silver’s industrial uses are expanding in the tech and medical industries, potentially driving up its demand and value. For the environmentally conscious, silver offers a sustainable investment. It’s recyclable and plays a crucial role in various green technologies, including solar panels.

How to Get Started with Silver Investing

Start by learning about the history of silver as currency and its current role in the economy involves delving into various educational resources and platforms.

A good place to begin is with books focused on the history of precious metals as money and currency. Most of these well regarded books are available in Kindle and other eReaders, paperback and hardcover:

Stay updated with the current role of silver in the economy by following financial news platforms and blogs that specialize in precious metals. Websites such as Kitco, The Silver Institute and FindBullionPrice.com offer news, analysis, and data on silver markets.

Various online learning platforms offer courses in economics and history, some of which specifically offer courses that cover the use of precious metals as currency.

The CME Group, the company which runs and operates various commodities markets and exchanges include COMEX, offers a free self-guided Introduction to Precious Metals online class that provides an overview of various precious metals, how they are consumed by industry and why they are important investments.

YouTube also offers numerous educational channels where experts and influencers discuss the history and economics of silver. Documentaries and TV programs that focus on economic history or the history of money often cover the role of silver.

Social Platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other specialized online forums have communities devoted to precious metals, such as /r/Silverbugs and /r/Gold. These and other online communities can be valuable for discussions, resource sharing, and advice from experienced investors and enthusiasts.

Silver ETFs and Buying Vaulted Silver

Silver can be purchased in physical form (as bars or coins) or through silver Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). A silver ETF purchases and holds silver or silver-related assets in a trust. The value of an ETF share is thus linked to the price of silver, minus fund expenses and fees.

Investors can buy and sell shares of a silver ETF on a stock exchange, just like individual stocks. This provides a simple way to invest in the silver market without dealing with the challenges of physical silver storage and security while aiming to track the spot price of silver. This means that the ETF’s share price moves in tandem with silver prices in the global market.

Additionally, digital platforms like OneGold.com and Vaulted.com provide investors with a mobile application that enable quick and easy buying of vaulted allocations of physical silver, gold and platinum. These vaulted allocations can be easily redeemed anytime for secure delivery of physical precious metals to your home.

OneGold.com specializes in digital precious metals, allowing customers to buy, sell, and hold digital gold and silver without the need for physical storage. The metals backing digital investments are stored with well-known vaulting services, ensuring the security of the physical metals backing your digital investments.

OneGold.com was founded as a partnership between two of the biggest names in the precious metals industry, APMEX and Sprott Metals. Founded in 2000, APMEX is a leading online retailer of precious metals. Founded by Eric Sprott, a renowned investor in the precious metals sector, Sprott Money is known for providing valuable insights into the precious metals market with articles, reports, and analysis that can help investors make informed decisions. They also offers investors a variety of services including options for precious metals IRAs and other investment accounts.

Vaulted.com is an online mobile web app that allows investors to buy and sell allocated silver and gold. Each client is provided with an advisor who offers a personalized approach to investing in precious metals. Vaulted stores its precious metals in the Royal Canadian Mint, which provides investors with a high level of security and assurance. With Vaulted, you can buy, sell, and even request physical delivery of their precious metals for a small transaction fee for buying and selling and a low annual maintenance fee for storage and insurance.

Buying Silver Online

Buying silver online offers numerous advantages, including convenience, variety, and competitive pricing. As a tangible asset, silver provides security and privacy, similar to real estate, but with greater liquidity.

Online dealers offer a wide range of silver products, from coins and bars to specialty and numismatic items, providing more options than what might be available in your local coin stores. Many online dealers offer products from a variety of international mints that aren’t available locally. With lower overhead costs compared to brick and mortar stores, online dealers can offer lower premiums over the spot price of silver. Several dealers also offer silver at spot price deals catered specifically to new investors that offer a low risk way to start.

Buying online allows you to easily compare prices and products across multiple dealers with many providing a variety of educational materials, market analysis, and investment guides. Most of the trusted and reputable online dealers are have customer reviews and ratings on third-party websites, helping you make an informed decision based on other buyers’ experiences.

Online transactions provide various payment options, including credit cards, bank transfers, and even a large assortment of cryptocurrencies through platforms like Bitpay. Combined with purchases being delivered discreetly and securely to your doorstep, this level of privacy, discretion and convenienceis not be possible with in-person transactions.

FindBullionPrices.com provides comprehensive price comparisons for various physical silver coins, silver bars and silver rounds from a wide range of online dealers and enables investors to quickly find the best available prices. By aggregating prices from dozens of reputable online bullion dealers, FindBullionPrices.com gives investors access to a broad market landscape from a single platform that saves time and effort that would otherwise be spent visiting multiple websites.

Our product listings covers a vast array of silver coins, bars, rounds, and even collectible and numismatic items. In addition, we provide access to a broad range of educational materials, analysis and detailed guides on investing in precious metals. These resources help buyers understand market dynamics, investment strategies, and other factors affecting precious metals prices.

The most popular silver investments include a variety of notable silver coins and bars. Top selling 1 oz coins like the American Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf and the Krugerrand are a mainstay for investors who prefer government backing or have a specific need such as a Silver IRA.

Private mint 10 oz silver bars offer a combination of low premiums, high liquidity, bulk discounts and unique varieties that are suitable for both long-term holding and short-term trading. Compared to smaller denominations like 1 oz coins or bars, 10 oz silver bars have lower premiums over the spot price of silver allow you to acquire more physical silver for the same money.

Silver has a high market demand and is recognized globally, facilitating easier buying and selling. Silver’s value is universally recognized, with prices updated daily based on global markets, enhancing its liquidity.

Unlike real estate or land, silver can be bought, sold or traded in smaller units, making transactions simpler and quicker. This liquidity, combined with its global recognition and ease of transaction, makes silver, along with other assets like gold and stocks, a preferred choice for beginning investors seeking liquid tangible assets.

Like any investment, the spot price of silver constantly fluctuates. Keeping an eye on the market can help you make informed decisions. The “spot price” of commodities like silver and gold refers to the real-time market price at which they can be bought or sold for immediate delivery. The spot price of silver is influenced by various factors, including supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical events, market speculation, and currency fluctuations. For precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum, the spot price is typically quoted per troy ounce.

For beginning investors, especially Millennials and Gen Z, rethinking silver as a currency and store of value offers a bridge between the past and the future. It’s a way to preserve wealth in a tangible form that has stood the test of time, while also aligning with modern values of sustainability and diversification. In an ever-changing financial landscape, the enduring value of silver can provide both stability and peace of mind.

Storing Silver at Home


Silver bullion typically does not need special treatment when it comes to storing at home. Many people are able to store their silver in a basic hiding place somewhere around their house.

Finding a place in your home to store silver does not need to be complicated. Simple is better, most of the time.

Some common hiding places that people choose may include places where other valuables are stored. Such as the drawer of a nightstand or desk, a bookshelf or a lockbox.

There are many options for storing 1 oz silver rounds at home. One of the easiest option is a plastic storage tube designed to store silver coins and rounds that has the same (or similar) diameters as the coins. These are similar to the plastic coin tubes that are used by the US Mint for silver eagle packaging.

Storage tubes are made from molded plastic that is specifically shaped and sized to fit specific coins and rounds based on their dimensions.

Many of the modern 1 oz silver rounds that are released by private mints are 39 mm in diameter. You can measure the specific silver rounds in your collection to ascertain the specific dimensions.

Many reputable vendors sell their coin supplies and products through various online marketplaces to make it easy for collectors and investors to easily locate the items needed to protect your investment. Finding storage tubes and capsules that are the right size for your silver rounds is as easy as searching on Amazon or eBay.

Plastic coin tubes are also available in rectangular shape that are designed specifically to hold up to twenty 1 oz silver bars. The compact size and shape of these coin tubes make it easy to store up to 20 oz silver in a small amount of space virtually anywhere in your home.

At Home Safe or Lockbox

Over time, many silver investors will look for better, more secure storage for their investment.

Firearms owners may already own a safe to keep firearms secure. It’s a logical and practical choice to store silver alongside of firearms at home.

With most 10 oz silver bars being of a similar size and shape as a deck of playing cards, a couple of them can be neatly stacked alongside boxes of ammo.

Various other options are plentiful for those new to precious metals that may not already have a gun safe at home.

For a secure installation at home, a safe should be mounted to part of the foundation of the house. This is not always possible due to the many variations in construction. Many will, instead, use bolts and mounts to secure the safe to the floor or wall framing.

Some silver stackers may even set up a diversion safe or a honeypot in a spot that would be obvious to thieves looking for a quick score. While keeping the real shiny stashed away in a less obvious location or in a diversion safe of some sort.

Diversion Safes

Diversion safes come in a variety of disguises that look like ordinary household objects. Most often used as a clandestine way of storing herbs and other medicines, these are also a great way for investors to keep their investment secure without having to invest in a large safe.

One of the first things to come to mind for many is the simple soda can safe. They are a basic and simple way to store silver in your refrigerator.

Other options include picture frames, book safes, hanging safes, in-wall safe disguised as an electric outlet. You can find hundreds of simple and effective options for hiding a couple of ounces in plain site.

It is a good idea when storing silver at home to be prepared. It doesn’t take long very long to fill a small safe with shiny metal. So when you are investing in a safe it is a good idea to plan ahead.

After a while, most investors will develop some diversity to their collection that may include a mix of silver bars of different sizes, 1 oz silver rounds and coins.

Ammo cans, either metal or plastic are a good size for storing various size silver bars and coin tubes together. They are strong, durable, air-tight, waterproof, lockable and are easy to keep hidden away.

They’re also portable and easy to grab if you need to pack up in a hurry. However, they’re also easy for a thief to grab unless they are secured.

While ammo cans are a good option in some scenarios, they are still not match for a good safe.

When buying a safe, you should consider your future plans. How much silver do you plan to buy per week? per month? per year? Will you trade silver for gold in the future?

A good home safe can be a significant investment that you don’t want to find yourself repeating every six months to a year.

There are a variety of consumer-grade home safes that can provide adequate protection for most investors that can be suitable for storing up to a few hundred ounces of silver.

One Hundred Ounce Silver Bars


Precious metals have long been trusted by investors as store of value and wealth.  When looking for the most cost effective way to buy silver. For many stackers, 100 ounce bars are one of the most cost effective ways for investors hold physical silver.

These bars often have the lowest premium per ounce over spot price and are a great way to bring peace of mind during times of economic and political restlessness. A variety of both private and sovereign mint 100 oz silver bars are in stock and ready to ship from many online bullion dealers.

Comparing the features, dealer premiums and shipping costs of the many available options is one of the ways to find the best deal on what fits your needs.

100 oz Silver Bars 

Serious precious metals stackers choose 100 oz bars because they will often have the lowest dealer premium per ounce. This makes them ideal for adding weight to your silver portfolio when stacking silver.

Some leading private mint one hundred ounce silver bars include those manufactured by Asahi Refining, Scottsdale Minting, Royal Canadiam Mint, Valcambi, Germania and others. Some designs and manufacturers may offer some rarity and collectability which could have an impact on premiums down the road.

A 100 ounce silver bar is an investment vehicle that can be utilized to stack your wealth at home while taking up only a relatively small storage space.

Each mint works within the conditions of their affiliation organizations certifications, such as LBMA, to ensure that these silver bars adhere to the outlined specifications. There is no standard size for a silver bar of this weight class and the dimensions will vary between manufacturers.

However, each 100 ounce silver bar contains almost 7 pounds of silver!

Secondary market 100 oz Silver bars are circulated. Which means that they were at some point sold back to a bullion dealer, pawn shop, local coin store or other exchange. Secondary market precious metals, sometimes refered to as “Dealer’s Choice”, typically have lower premiums than when they were newly minted and make an ideal choice as a store of wealth.

All hundred ounce silver bars are stamped with their weight and purity and include the manufacturers hallmark.

Industrial Demand for Silver

Precious metals and other commodities are always in demand by many industries. They play a significant role as components in many of the things that are part of our everyday lives.

Silver is one of the most efficient conductors of electricity. Many everyday electronic devices, such as cell phones, computers, solar panels and electric vehicles are all made various amounts of silver embedded in the circuitry. There is roughly 1/3 of a gram of silver (0.34g) inside the average iPhone.

While each device only has a small amount, considering that Apple has sold over 1.5 billion devices since 2007. When added up, that’s 510,000,000 grams or 16,396,881 troy ounces of silver.

In perspective, iPhone manufacturing alone has consumed more than 464,843 kilos of silver.

Already, more than 5.3 billion discarded smartphones that have been piling up in landfills as e-waste. With at least another 151 million being thrown away each year. The majority of that silver will likely never be recovered and is likely gone forever.

Today, advanced wound dressings and ointments are compounded with elemental silver and silver ions. The anti-bacterial properties have been used to treat severe burns and other skin ailments for more than 6,000 years.

Silver also plays a prominent role in medical imaging, x-rays and other radiographic imaging.

According to Statista, the jewelry industry consumed more than 202 million troy ounces worldwide in 2022 alone, more than 6,250 tons.

Generic 100 oz Silver Bars

The price of silver is driven by the spot futures markets. Those markets are where brokers for various industries buy silver with the expectation that it will be mined, refined and delivered by a specific future date.

Many modern industries are responsible for consumption of silver that will never be recovered or recycled. This will compound and effect the rarity and availability of silver and drive prices up over time.

Value investors look to the secondary market when searching for the lowest premiums on 100 oz silver bars. These are typically generic, private mint bars that have been bought and sold multiple times after being bought when they were freshly minted. Signs of wear, tear and patina can be indicative of its age and it’s common that most of these bars will have some dings, dents and scratches.

Some investors looking to preserve spending power consider generic 100 oz silver bars to be the perfect investment item. It’s often used as a hedge against high inflation because they maintain their intrinsic value.

Saudi Arabia Taking Active Steps to End Petrodollar Dominance


Saudi Arabia is showing the world that it is taking active steps to end the dollar’s hegemony across the global economy through a multitude of political and diplomatic moves and financial investments.

Saudi Aramco, officially the Saudi Arabian Oil Group or simply referred to as Aramco, has announced the investment of more than $10 billion dollars to finance the construction of a new refinery and petrochemical complex. The construction is expected to take three years and when finished it will have the capacity to produce 300,000 barrels of oil per day.

The world’s largest oil exporting country has also opened dialog about joining the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), a regional trade and security organization dominated by Russia and China.

In recent months, many more countries have expressed interest in joining the BRICS trade organization, which largely represents the global south in an effort to provide open trade and financial empowerment to developing nations.

CNBC reports that much of the rush to dump the dollar is largely seen as repercussions of the weaponization of the dollar to suit the foreign policy whims of the Biden administration, citing the financial sanctions imposed by the G7 following the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the decades of financial hardship placed on the people of Venezuela.

Central Banks continue to diversifying assets and dumping Treasury bonds and other dollar based assets in favor of commodities and growing currencies like the yuan. Globally, goods and services sold in dollars are going to get more expensive as the yuan and BRICS agreement picks up steam.

As the impact of the ongoing banking crisis begins to be felt at home, many Americans are shifting their priorities to protect their financial assets. This means we will continue to see a rapid shift of excess dollars into hard assets like gold, silver, land, ammunition and firearms and food in the coming months as more people prepare for further economic hardship.

COMEX silver and gold inventories are dropping as insiders ramp up the draining of physical precious metals from the vaults.

Some market analysts are predicting inflationary conditions to get worse as devaluing of fiat dollars accelerates following the Saudi decision to begin selling oil in other currencies. This is likely to lead to a ripple effect that will cascade to many other countries that rely on the dollar for settlement of global trade.

Last October, CEO of JP Morgan Chase Jamie Dimon, the nation’s largest bank, warned investors that the country is heading into a recession this year that will be far worse than any in recent memory.

In December, he reiterated his warning, adding that the main risks to the economy may come from abroad, citing threats to the fracturing supply chain, high inflation, rising prices of commodities and the ongoing proxy war with Russia.

Last year, numerous executives and precious metals traders were convicted from JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank and other large institutions in a long-term, ongoing price manipulation scheme that was intended to trick the markets and investors into wrongly believing that price movements in the metals markets were organic.

JP Morgan Chase, often cited as to be too big to fail, is reportedly holding massive gold derivative short positions that are potentially greater than the bank’s total assets. If the price of gold continues to rise, JPM may be forced into a situation in which they will need additional leverage to cover the shorts.

Price manipulation, corruption and unfair representation in the LBMA and other G7 controlled commodities market were just some of the many grievances voiced by Russia last year during the announcement of the Moscow World Standard.

Casual investors are beginning to see that one of the best ways to protect their long-term financial assets from the Federal Reserve imposing a consumer CBDC is to diversify their cash holdings and other liquid assets into silver and gold bullion.

Mainstream media has been reporting on the rapid dollarization occurring with varying attempts to denounce genuine fears as a conspiracy theory.

The Chinese Renminbi or yuan is the currency that would benefit most from removing the dollar as the reserve currency.

JPM Now Sole Custodian of SLV ETF Holdings


iShares Silver Trust (SLV) is a bullion backed electronically traded fund that seeks to reflect the performance of the price of silver. The fund originated in 2006 and holds physical silver bars held in custodial vaults.

In a statement released recently from JP Morgan, they currently hold 459,485,125.800 troy ounces of fine silver on behalf of the silver trust.

According to recent shareholder reports from Blackrock, the fund is backed by 458,887,710.00 troy ounces of silver which is 597,415.8 less than what is reported by JPM.

That amount is divided between three of JP Morgan Chase’s vault location in London and New York.

Earlier records have shown that the custody of the silver bars that back the SLV investment trust were spread out across various companies and vaulting locations for diversity of holdings.

Precious metals investors frequently buy shares in the SLV as a way to hedge other investments that are typically thought to be riskier endeavors. By moving all of the silver bars into the possession of a single custodian, the trust may be exposed to some additional risk.

The best way to use precious metals as a hedge is to buy physical gold and silver and store it in your home where you know it will be safe, secure and there when you need it most. As the saying goes, if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

Silver futures have been trading down roughly 3% since the start of the year.

Meanwhile, central banks continue stockpiling gold during the first few months of the year as more nations around the world are trying to join the BRICS treaty while oil is now trading in currencies other than the dollar.

China bought up an additional 15 tons of gold in January bringing their total central bank holdings to over 2,025 tons, according to reports from gold.org.

With more and more pressure from climate change advocates on US industries to reduce fossil fuel dependence, Saudi Arabia is expecting China and India to become the largest buyers of Middle East oil.

Over the last two decades, a greenwashing propaganda campaign has been thrust upon the country to label the use of fossil fuels as the leading cause of pollution and worldwide climate change.

In recent years, the rhetoric is amplified by activist infiltration of hedge funds and other large financial institutions under the guise of the ESG movement.

As dedollarization continues throughout the world, financial experts remain bullish that precious metals will remain the basis for much of world trade and gold will play a large role in the BRICS currency basket.

Understanding Silver Toning: Causes, Effects, and Cleaning and Value


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One of the more mysterious properties of silver is that it is prone to tarnishing when exposed to air. The oxidation of sulfur-containing compounds in the air.

The process can occur rapidly, such as with artificially toned coins, or gradually, with some beautifully naturally toned numismatic silver coins selling for much higher premiums than cleaned coins.

Silver is prone to tarnishing and many investors of silver bullion, coins, and sterling silver antiques often have questions and want to learn more.

The tarnish that forms on the surface of silver is a layer of corrosion that can affect the appearance and luster of the shiny metal.

Why does silver tarnish?

Tarnish and toning are caused by a chemical reaction that occurs naturally when silver is exposed to air and moisture. The chemical reaction occurs when the environment contains trace amounts of sulfur substances.

The reaction produces a dark compound that forms on the surface called silver sulfide. This reaction can occur faster in humid environments or when silver is exposed to other chemicals such as chlorine.

Silver-sulfide is an inorganic chemical compound that is a dense black solid. The compound has a variety of uses, such as an ingredient in anti-microbial and anti-bacterial agents and as a photosynthesizer in photography.

It is a normal and natural process that occurs even in environments deprived of oxygen such as those found from shipwrecks like the SS Gairsoppa.

Some modern collectors prefer to buy toned silver coins because of the colorful beauty and history.

Artificial toning is becoming more common as stackers experiment by sealing silver coins in airtight containers with sulfur-containing foods like eggs.

It’s important to have silver coins evaluated and appraised by an expert to determine if there is added numismatic value.

Other factors can contribute to the formation of tarnish in unique patterns such as with tab-toned coins which are from long-term contact with rubber bands, cardboard templates and tape.

Physical contact with items containing large concentrations of sulfur-rich compounds can cause silver to tarnish at a faster pace.

A common question amongst new investors comes from strange tarnish patterns that happen from storing silver coins in soft plastic “coin flips”. The soft plastic contains PVC compounds that interact with the silver oxidation process and can produce black marks that are unsightly.

It is common to clean silver bullion coins and rounds that have no numismatic value. It will not effect the value. Silver bullion coins will always retain their intrinsic value whether they are tarnished or cleaned. Some investors prefer cleaning silver bullion coins to maintain the alluring luster.

E-Z-Est is a product widely used by both numismatists and bullion investors alike that can quickly restore the luster to silver coins. It is easily available from Amazon.com or from most local coin stores.

UV rays from sunlight have also been shown to speed up oxidation. Simply leaving a silver coin in the window can accelerate toning.

Toning vs. Tarnish?

Toning is natural as the silver reacts with various environmental factors, such as air, humidity, and light and can result in a wide range of colors on the surface. Some numismatic collectibles like Rainbow-Toned Morgan Silver Dollars show an incredible range of blue, green, purple, and gold hues that add significant numismatic premium. Natural toning is desirable in antiques and collectible silver coins as many see it as an enhancement to the beauty and value.

Artificial Toning

Artificial toning is achieved through various methods such as excessive exposure to sulfur, heat, and UV light from the sun or artificial sources.

There are a variety of tutorials online that demonstrate the use of commonly available chemicals such as potassium sulfide and liver of sulfur to create some unique and colorful toning that looks amazing.

Anodization is a process that uses electrolytic chemistry to accelerate the thickening of the silver-sulfide layer. Some collectors may use toning solutions or sprays to tone their silver items artificially.

While artificial toning can create an attractive appearance, these methods do not add numismatic value and are often considered by some collectors to be damaged coins.

As such, it is important to be cautious when purchasing toned silver items and to only buy from reputable dealers who can verify the authenticity of the toning when you are shopping for numismatic coins.

Whether toning increases or decreases the value of silver depends on the item and the market. In some cases, tarnish is seen as a patina that shows the authenticity and provenance, which can add significant premiums to historical coins and antiques.

Cleaning Tarnish from Junk Silver Coins

Circulated junk silver coins commonly show patina that can be unsightly in appearance. There may also be ugly gunk that builds over the many decades of circulation.

Junk silver has no numismatic value and cleaning it won’t harm the intrinsic value. Though most investors prefer to buy 90% silver coins with the original patina and may be skeptical when it comes to buying cleaned coins. Which could make it more difficult to sell.

It is common to come across BU condition 1964 silver quarters among 90% silver lots. The shine really stands out and there are some methods to clean junk silver in ways that won’t effect the underlying intrinsic value.

There are some readily available silver coin cleaning solutions such as E-Z-Est and polishing creams. These work best for small amounts.

One of the easiest at home methods uses only hot water, baking soda and aluminum foil and takes just a few minutes.

Silver Toning

Natural toning is highly desirable collectible coins and for antique silver items. It can enhance the beauty and value of silver. However, toning can also be a concern for those investing in bullion or coins.

In general, toned Silver can increase in value over time. A natural silver tarnish is considered good as it can enhance the uniqueness, rarity and desirability of silver.

Researching and seeking reputable dealers who can provide you with authentic, naturally toned silver items is important.

Understanding the causes and effects of silver tarnish is essential for those who invest in silver bullion, coins, and antiques. The main cause of tarnish is exposure to elements which leads to a chemical reaction producing silver sulfide.

Other factors, such as contact with certain materials and exposure to sunlight can also cause tarnish to form. While tarnishing can detract from the shiny appearance, many investors see it as an enhancement to the beauty and value of silver.

Largest Silver Nuggets Ever Discovered


Large gold nuggets have been discovered all over the world. However, large silver nuggets are much less common and are rarely discovered. Argentum ore deposits are often found mixed with other metals such as gold, copper and lead. Pure silver deposits in nature are very uncommon.

Smugglers Mine, Aspen, Colorado

Silver was discovered in the Smugglers area shortly after Colorado became a state in the 1870s.

The largest documented silver nugget was discovered in Aspen in 1894. It weighed 1,840 pounds, roughly 834 kilograms and assayed as 96% pure silver.

The year prior to the discovery was one of the worst financial crisis in American history, the Panic of 1893, which had driven precious metals prices to record lows. Historical records from the St Louis Federal Reserve show that the average silver spot price in 1894 was $0.64 per troy ounce which would make the nugget worth roughly $17,160 to the mining company. Before it was melted down, a 12.5 pound section of it was removed and is currently on display at the Denver Museum.

During its years of operation, an extensive system of tunnels was dug by miners that extends more than 1,000 feet underground and below the city. During the height of mining activity the mine was responsible for nearly 20% of the world’s total silver output.

Silvery Slocan 125 ton Galena Boulder

The Kootenay region is is known today for snowy peaks, hot springs, Arrow Lakes, and the headwaters of the Columbia River. In the 1880s, rail lines were extended north and this the part of the Rocky Mountains was the site of one of the largest silver rushes in North America.

During this time, men unearthed a boulder containing 125 tons of galena, which is a naturally occurring alloy of lead, sulfur and silver. Although the percentage of silver in galena is small at just .05%, the sheer size of this boulder yielded 6,250 kilos of pure silver.

The largest silver mine in the world today is the Polkowice-Sieroszowice mine in Poland. In 2018, the mine produced 196,000 tonnes of copper and over 428 tonnes of silver.

“Big Boy” Nugget – 417.8 pounds – Miami, AZ

In 2018, three gigantic silver boulders were discovered in Arizona, along with an assortment of large silver nugget specimens. The largest of the silver nuggets weighing 417 pounds was found in an arroyo. It is believed that at one time these large boulders broken free from a vein outcropping a short distance away.

Intaglio Mint Silver Rounds


The Intaglio Mint creates unique and thoughtful designs that inspire thinking. For 2023, the Mint is releasing a variety of silver rounds that encompassing a wide array of thought provoking artwork that includes modern feline house cats, mythical creatures from folklore and literature as well as patriotic and military themes derived from ancient latin philosophical proverbs.

These silver medals are available from bullion dealers with incredible high-relief compositions that are minted in limited quantities of pure .999 fine silver.

Latin Allure Silver Rounds

The Latin Allure silver medallions incorporate phrases and quotes from ancient philosophers into unique modern works of collectable art. The coin series is popular for its military and patriotic themes around honor, death and life.

For 2023, the series includes both 1 oz and 2 oz silver rounds with intricate high relief designs that are only minted in limited quantities.

Morte Prima di Disonore Silver Round

Memento Mori Silver Round

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat Silver Round

Amor Fati Silver Round Silver Round

Cryptozoology Silver Rounds

Crytozoology is a pseudoscience that studies, searches for and catalogs unknown, legendary, or extinct animals whose historical existence is disputed or unsubstantiated with modern evidence. It is more closely related to the investigation of cultural folklore as opposed to the science and study of animal species.

For 2023, the Intaglio Mint has created designs of creatures that have been part of the folktales for decades, sometimes even centuries.

  • Unicorn Silver Round – The unicorn is a mystical and powerful horse or goat-like creature that is said to have magical healing powers and the ability to produce drinkable water from poison. The sculptures and artists from the Intaglio Mint capture the spirit of the unicorn that has a storied history across countless cultures.
  • Jersey Devil Silver Round – The Jersey Devil is thought to have lived in the Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey in the United States. The legend dates back to the 1700s. Sitings of the monster are still regularly reported and it has been blamed for the slaughter of livestock and other horrific events.
  • The Kraken Silver Round – The Kraken is a legendary enormous sea monster that is said to have lived off the coast of Norway around Scandinavia. The creature has a giant squid-like appearance with strong tentacles capable of grabbing onto a ship and pulling sailors to their death on the ocean floor.

Sleeping Cats

The Sleeping Cat silver round collection features the lovable and adorable feline companion enjoying one of their favorite ways to pass time. When asleep, cats will tightly wind themselves into a ball as a way to conserve body heat and keep warm. You can often find them curled up and cuddled together.

Available with three high-relief obverse images of felines posed in various sleeping positions. These rounds are minted from .999 fine silver and are available in limited mintage amounts each weighing either 1 troy oz and 2 troy oz.

The series consists of three silver rounds that are an homage to one of our most loved pets.

The reverse shows curved radial lines emanating from behind the center hallmark logo with inscriptions included for the weight and purity.

Intaglio Mint is a boutique private mint that was established in Sedalia, Colorado in 2010.  They are an innovative manufacturer of coins, tokens and medallions commemorating events, places and historic remembrances. They also mint silver rounds with their own unique and creative designs that feature incredibly detailed and highly collectable themes.

Greek Mythology

The current year of the Greek Mythology coin series from Intaglio includes three fresh designs based on venerable gods and goddesses minted into 1 oz silver rounds.

Scylla Silver Round – In ancient Greece, the Scylla was a female creature with six-heads each with a mouthful of shark-like, razor sharp teeth. She walked on twelve feet and the heads of six baying dogs are said to extend from her loins.

Aphrodite Silver Round – The goddess of love, beauty, desire, and all aspects of sexuality was capable of seducing both gods and men gods and men with her incredible and whisper in the ear.

Bellerophon, Pegasus and the Chimera Silver Round – The Chimera was described by Homer as flying monster with the head of a lion, the body of a goat, and the tail of a serpent or snake that could breath fire. Bellerophon was a hero of the ancient Greeks for capturing and taming the Pegasus and riding it in battle against the Chimera.

Preparing for the Impending CBDC Crisis


Throughout the pandemic, the federal government’s ongoing dictation of seemingly bad policies was an intentional effort to upend the normal everyday lives of millions of people.

As has been pointed out, it is not a conspiracy theory to believe that the central bank intends to control the spending behavior of people using central bank programmable software tokens instead of currency.

The general manager of the banking cartel explicitly announced it to an audience of other central bank leaders during their annual meeting in 2020.

The Bank of International Settlements is an organization owned by its members, the Central Banks of 63 member countries, and acts as a self regulator.

The BIS is creator and establisher of the rules for banks to operate in the global ecosystem of international trade. They also have control over the SWIFT banking network, foreign currency exchange and other major parts of the global economy.

During the group’s annual meeting in 2020, the General Manager of the organization explained to the audience how CBDC will give the central bank absolute control over the rules, regulations and policies that will dictate how money is used down to the transaction level.

During the recorded videoconference he discusses how CDBC technology will be used to force changes in spending behavior amongst consumers and enforce consumer spending policies on behalf of the government.

Last year, Biden signed Executive Order 14067 in order to advance development of CBDCs to skirt push forward without Congressional approval. As usually, there has been a total lack of accountability or transparency.

So far, Federal Reserve and US Treasury have been working in relative secrecy, publishing only a small amount of vague and high-level papers and studies with several quietly announced project trials in conjunction with notable large global banks. Most of the press releases have come during times when other stories were the major focus of the mainstream media, such as the collapse of FTX.

At least one bill has been drafted by Congress in an attempt to prevent the Federal Reserve from weaponizing CBDC against US citizens. However, the rollout of central bank digital currencies is likely to happen soon if and when the Biden administration can attach it to a banking crisis like the failure of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB).

More recent announcements show that the Fed and Biden Admin intend to roll out a CBDC even without the authority of Congress.

In a speech to the Atlantic Council, Treasury undersecretary for domestic finance told the attendees that a CBDC Working Group consisting of policy makers from a variety of agencies is developing an initial set of findings and recommendations to support the Biden administrations agenda.

Make no mistake, the central banks have made it crystal clear that they are coming for your money and will tell you how you can spend it. The move into CBDC in lieu of traditional currency is a political power grab with the goal of having further control of your life.

Nigeria’s Failed Experiment

Initially, the Nigerian government tried several soft approaches to encourage the adoption of CBDC. These included financial incentives such as offering discounts to taxi drivers and passengers to encourage use and adoption. All of which failed.

The government quickly turned to coercive measures once it became clear that the people weren’t interested.

The largest measures include the introduction of a new currency and devaluing the old currency along with adding restriction on cash withdrawals throughout the country. The plan included the issuance of new currency notes, but only enough to cover 85% of the current naira while promoting cashless transactions by limiting the use of cash for businesses.

Beyond banknote swap, the banking regulators placed policy restrictions limiting cash withdrawals from banks and ATMs to reduce the amount of cash in circulation. With limits of $225 on individuals and $1,110 on businesses to force CBDC adoption.

Central Bank of Nigeria Governor Godwin Emefiele said, “The destination, as far as I am concerned, is to achieve a 100% cashless economy in Nigeria.”

The central bank began devaluing in the months before the switch while removing old notes from circulation leaving millions of Nigerians with no money or food.

Nigerians have violently rejected the new digital currency and cash restrictions as protests and riots have broken out outside of banks and spread throughout the country.

The war on cash and some form of crisis will bring on the introduction of CBDCs.

Precious Metals Stacking for CBDC Insurance

Gold and silver are the oldest and most trusted form of money. With all of the uncertainty in the economy, gold is safe haven from fiat and digital currency tokens.

Investing some of your cash in buying physical gold and silver bullion can help keep you in control of your financial future.