27 of the best 2021 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals on Silver, Gold & Platinum

2018 American 1 oz Silver Eagle

Many of The Black Friday sales with online precious metals and bullion deals are live and that means plenty of deals on silver and gold bars, rounds and coins.

The best online bullion deal for 2021 is the American Eagle Silver coin at spot price from BGASC.

The Black Friday deals offered this year are comprised of a variety of sales on silver, gold and platinum discounts on dealer premiums. Some highlights include offers an American Eagle 1 oz Silver Coin at Spot Price from BGASC.

Financial uncertainty around rising inflation and higher gas prices continue to weigh on the minds of holiday shoppers throughout the United States this year.

Holiday shoppers are seeking out discounts on popular items. Below are some highlights of some of the better deals offered by online bullion dealers in 2021.

Head over to our list of all the best Black Friday bullion deals.

APMEX chose to utilize their mobile app for their best deals this year.

Several spot price deals were offered with limited quantities throughout the day.

JM Bullion offered very little discount offerings for Black Friday this year. Some on social media have been speculating as to the reasons.

Top Black Friday Deals on Silver, Gold & Platinum Bullion



APMEX has raised their threshold for free shipping to orders over $199 dollars.

JM Bullion

JM Bullion has raised their threshold for free shipping to orders over $199 dollars.

JM Bullion has discounts on some products. However, offers from some other online retailers for similar products are better.

Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges continues to have one of the lowest minimum order thresholds to include free shipping for orders over $99. There are many great Black Friday deals offered from Bullion Exchanges.

Money Metals Exchange


Silver Gold Bull

SD Bullion

SD Bullion continues to deliver some excellent deals for Black Friday

Gainesville Coins

Buy Gold Bars on Sale from Money Metals Exchange

1 gram gold bars

Money Metals Exchange has special pricing on fractional 24k gold bars. With dealer premiums low now is a great time to buy gold bars, both for yourself or as a holiday gift for the people in your life.

Their gold bars are currently priced at some of the lowest premiums over gold spot price.

  • 1 Gram Gold Bars – From Random Manufacturers, Sealed in Mint Assay Packaging for around $48.
  • 2.5 Gram Gold Bars – In Mint Sealed Assay Card, Random Manufacturers, less than $110
  • 5 Gram Gold Bars – Pure 24k .999 Fine Gold, Random Mints in Sealed Assay Cards for around $215
  • 10 Gram Gold Bars – Sealed in Mint Assay Cards from Random Manufacturers based on availability, priced around $419, under $42 a gram

Combine the purchase of some fractional gold bars with their Silver Starter Kit for around $66 or with any items from their Holiday Gift Guide to receive free shipping on the entire order. A Victorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife with 1 gram PAMP Suisse gold bar inlay makes a great holiday gift for any bullion investor.

These low premiums on fractional gold bars are not going to last long. When you buy gold bars you are investing in an asset that is meant to preserve wealth.

Tiffany Sterling Silver Lego vs. MPM “Lego” Fine Silver Build Blocks


Famed jeweler, Tiffany & Co, has a newly released Everyday Objects collection that contains a variety of Sterling Silver items. Items include a Sterling Silver clothespin, a silver “tin” can, a sterling silver flower pot, and of course, a ten piece sterling silver lego building block set.

Earlier this year, Monarch Precious Metals released a silver “lego” building block set made of .999 fine silver. How do the two compare?

The Tiffany & Co set consists of 10 sterling silver blocks that each contain a walnut base. The amount of sterling silver in each piece is not listed on their website.

The Monarch “lego” building block set contains 12 blocks, each block in the set contains 1 troy ounce of fine silver.

The Tiffany & Co set costs $1,650 for 10 sterling silver and walnut blocks.

The Monarch Precious Metals “lego” building block set costs a small premium over spot price, currently below $225.

Bullion Holiday Gift Items include Free Shipping From Money Metals Exchange

Diversion Safe Book
Money Metals Exchange has been around since 2010. Many people have avoided buying from them because they charge shipping for orders under $1,000 or because it often seems like they are just “silver pumpers” pushing metals because of the coming economic apocalypse.
In any event, they have decent pricing on a lot of things but due to the shipping cost. For smaller orders a $9.99 shipping charge means an extra $1.00 per ounce premium for 10 ounces.
As a holiday special they are offering free shipping on all orders placed through December 20 that contain an gift item from their list of gift ideas.
Gift items include:
Additional items are available on the Money Metals Exchange Bullion Gift Ideas page.